Alpina’s D5 S is the New Fastest Production Diesel Car

Prestigious BMW tuner Alpina has unveiled its latest creation — the D5 S. The 5 Series-based performance car will be storming the highways with two powerful diesel engines, depending on the market.

The UK market will get a tamer version of the 3.0-liter straight-six cylinder diesel engine. Two turbochargers allow the engine to boast 326hp and 516lbft of torque. In typical diesel fashion, maximum punch is available down low (from 1750–2500rpm). This allows the UK-spec D5 S sedan to hit 62mph in 4.9 seconds.

The real treat, however, will be reserved for the rest of Europe. The same 3.0-liter will draw its power from no less than three turbochargers. As a result, you can look forward to 388hp and 590lbft of torque. That chops a half-second off the 62mph dash, while twice that speed is accomplished in 17 seconds. The D5 S won’t run out of steam until 178mph.

If you need extra stowage, the wagon (“Touring” in BMW parlance) adds only 0.2s to the acceleration figures, and up to only 176mph.

These stats put the D5 S ever so slightly ahead of its in-house competition, BMW’s own quad-turbo (yes, like a Bugatti) M550d. That car has the edge on power (394hp) but less torque, and like most BMWs, is limited to 155mph. A comparative snail, then.

As much as the D5 S is fast when needed, it won’t drain the debit card. Alpina promises combined fuel consumption of 46.3 mpg for the UK model. Such a feat ensures seldom trips to gas stations.

In the interior, everything is up to a level of quality and elegance occupants expect from this class. Alpina promises a wealth of individual touches for customers to choose from. Meanwhile, a unique instrument cluster changes its appearance depending on the driving mode you select.

Outside the D5 S adopts discreet, but effective details. The car’s beefy tires (255/35 front, 295/30 rear) wrap around 20-inch versions of Alpina’s signature multi-spoke rims. These 20-spoke items aren’t just for looks, as they reduce unsprung weight by 25%. Quad exhausts and bigger front intakes round out the package.

Of course, Alpina will also offer sets of historic decals for the D5 S. “Deco-Set” stripes will be available for both front and rear sides of the car in either silver or gold. In addition to the usual BMW colors, you’ll be able to paint the D5 S in Alpina’s traditional blue or green tones.

Beneath the sleek body you’ll find electronically-adjustable dampers and an all-wheel drive system. The optional “Sport Plus” package adds rear-wheel steering and active roll stabilization.

First deliveries should begin early next year. Prices for the D5 S models will be €87,900 for the sedan and €90,400 for the wagon.

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