Feel the Rush in This Awesome Project CARS Oculus Rift Video

We’ve been witnessing a prodigious heat increase among gaming enthusiasts ever since Slightly Mad Studios announced the adoption of the Oculus Rift VR headset into Project CARS, introducing the breakthrough of virtual reality technology into the world of driving games. The tried-and-true method of comparing still images isn’t sufficient these days; here you have to monitor vehicles in motion to truly perceive the magnitude of this technology. We recently reported about Oculus Rift experiments on Assetto Corsa and DiRT Rally and now it is time to see how this virtual reality item works in conjunction with Project CARS.

Youtube user GamerMuscle openly shared personal hands-on impressions of the hardware and its utility in Project CARS. If you would like to see how open-wheel machines thrust through the air, all while the driver is being immersed in the action to an almost-unbelievable level, watch the video above.

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    1. David Talle

      Yes, some racing cars have sequential gearbox but still require to manually engage/disengage the clutch.
      Like on most road motorbikes as well.

  1. JacoJa

    I tried the Project Cars Oculus + motion similator at the London Motor show last weekend. It felt a bit odd for the first time in a Touring Car… I struggled to focus on the apex of each corner, and it was overall difficult to drive. My second attempt was on an F3 car on Nurburgring GP circuit, and it felt completely different with an open top car… Felt very realistic and natural. I’ll definitely be buying a VR headset when they come out… It’s completely convinced me now.

    1. TomBrady

      Maybe they did configure it quite right. Including the seating position. The default seating position in an open cockpit car would be okay, but in a closed cockpit you might need to adjust it.

    1. Johnnypenso

      To achieve a steady 90 fps in traffic would be tough with a 970 depending on your settings of course.

  2. techventage

    I got really dizzy couldn’t watch it :) I stop playing Project CARS because of minimum 2hrs race in LM. Wish I could adjust it for minimum 20m.

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