Forza Horizon 5 Full Map Set to Be Revealed Today

The Forza Horizon 5 information onslaught continues today with another episode in the “Let’s Go” series, and this one is set to reveal the full game map.

Of course we already know a fair amount about the game’s setting. When Playground Games revealed FH5 back in June, it also announced that the game would be set in Mexico, as rumored. During that initial presentation we heard that the game would center on the 16th century city of Guanajuato, which is also a hub of sorts for the motor industry in the country.

Since then we’ve been treated to quite a bit more information. The previous episode of “Let’s Go” delved into the various “biomes” — regions which, through climate and geography, share common plants and animals — that the game setting takes in. Mexico’s highly varied landscape results in some remarkable biodiversity, which the FH5 version of the nation reflects.

The fictional version of Mexico will feature the highest point ever seen in a Horizon title, as players ascend the side of an active volcano. This also the only place on the FH5 landscape that sees snowfall, and as the game also includes both the Gulf and Pacific coasts, there’ll be the widest variation in elevation in the series’ history.

However the landscape itself is only half the picture. While you’ll be able to drive almost anywhere, the network of roads and activity hubs that make up the map will define how the game plays, and it’s a crucial piece of game design. According to a post on the official Forza website, the map itself is due to be revealed in today’s Let’s Go episode.

We do know that the map is roughly 50% larger than that of Forza Horizon 4, and while Playground Games has confirmed that there’ll be more racing both on- and off-road, the proportion will be roughly the same as the predecessor title.

Part of the game’s main plot will be exploration, with players hunting down new locations for the Horizon Festival and different types of festivals too. We’ve already seen one, called the Horizon Apex Festival, which appeared to center on high performance street cars, so we’re expecting a decentralized map with multiple Festival locations.

The episode goes live at 1700 UTC today, August 9, and you can catch it in full below:

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  1. QTheRacer_31

    The game looks amazing. It might get me to buy a Xbox Series S/X and a Drive Hub for my wheel. Mexico is definitely a very good choice for FH5.

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