Fortnite Set to Add Ferrari to Latest Season

Barely a year after famous mass conflict title Fortnite Battle Royale added its first driveable cars, one of the biggest names in the automotive world is set to join the roster: Ferrari.

The information was first teased across social media on Tuesday, with various websites reporting an accidental mention of the Ferrari name within the patch notes for the v17.20 update the same day.

However things have got a little more overt since then, with the official Fortnite Twitter account posting a close-up shot of a part of a car, centered on the Ferrari shield, showing the Fortnite Battle Bus in reflection:

It’s not entirely clear which Ferrari is coming to the game, or even if it’s just a single car or many. The image appears to show a Ferrari SF90 Stradale in Rosso Fiorano, though it remains to be seen if this is the case.

The appearance of Ferrari in Fortnite is unusual for both brands. Epic Games only added driveable cars to the title back in May 2020, and the vehicles added are exclusively fictional. Meanwhile Ferrari has rarely appeared outside of driving games — and other than occasional Need for Speed entries, more serious driving games at that. It seems incongruous for it to appear in a battle royale title.

Nonetheless, it appears that Fortnite players will soon be able to whip about the island in some fancy Italian supercars. There’s no word yet on when this may be though: Season 7 has already started, and the relevant update is live as of July 20.

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Comments (11)

  1. matrix_gt1

    I don’t think it’s gonna hurt the brand at all lol. I mean when I was a kid, I used to play with Ferrari hot wheel cars and sometimes smash em and stuff. Fortnite is kinda like a huge sandbox these days, so I really think it ain’t gonna do wrong.Sure Enzo wouldn’t be happy but all due respect to the guy… his elitist attitude nearly killed Ferrari multiple times.

    1. PJTierney

      That depends.

      Everyone that knows cars knows what Ferrari is.

      Fortnite has a very young audience, and exposing them to the Ferrari brand now could mean that should any of these people grow up to become rather successful, they’ll remember Ferrari and may desire to own one.

      It’s not too dissimilar to people who played Gran Turismo 20+ years ago growing up wanting a Nissan GT-R, Mistubishi Lancer or a Mazda RX-7.

  2. L8 Apex

    Can you imagine how Enzo would respond to this if he was still around?
    “Commedatore, there is a video game company that wishes to license our products.”
    “I see. Kunos? iRacing? Polyphony? Turn 10? Someone new?”
    “Epic Games, signore…”
    “Ah, they’re doing a racing game?”
    “No, the license would be for ‘Fortnite Battle Royale.'”

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