Lime Rock Park 1.7

Detailed replica of Lime Rock Park with custom elevation

  1. NingDynasty
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    Lime Rock Park Version 1.7

    I'm very happy to announce this update. Thanks to the great GT community we have, @PR1VATEJ0KER, @Razerman, @eran0004, @tarnheld, @Mr Grumpy and anyone else who has pushed the development of the TPE, without you guys this wouldn't have been possible.

    Without further ado I present you with Lime Rock Park.

    Release Notes:

    • Addition of tents to give the track a race weekend feel. Also a few other scenery updates.
    • Change of physical location to get the interior of the track to match the real life topography slightly better.
    • Added curbing in small patches to emulate marker boards on the lead up to turn 1.
    Future Updates:
    • Addition of the layout with the uphill chicane as used by IMSA.

Recent Reviews

  1. MVP1953
    Version: 1.7
    Great job. Just as I remember driving it!
  2. SlantSix
    Version: 1.7
    One of the best tracks I've seen here. Very true to the actual track, which, going by the difficulty of replicating famous tracks with the track maker, is some achievement.
    1. NingDynasty
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review! Glad you're enjoying it.
  3. Draggon
    Version: 1.5a
    Love this track. I find no flaws in it whatsoever, its a pleasure to race on, and the chicane is great. I've put close to 100 laps on it over a few days. Well done!