1.02 Update live!

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  1. nordberg3


    I have also been logging in every day, and the bonus is going down (5 days in a row, bonus @ 110%). I keep logging in with GT5 and the bonus is staying at 200%.
  2. nuclearfire


    - L1/R1 for menu working on DFGT but not on ds3 if plugged in together

    Why did they change this !?. all threw GT5 i used the wheel to race and the controller for the menus. Now with the layout with the dealerships and all(witch i like by the way) it was so quick and easy to get to a car you wanted to buy but now i need to use the directional buttons instead of going page by page. I know i can use the paddle shiftier on the my DFGT wheel but i like to not be stuck to the wheel when going around the menu's. i don't understand why they changed this.
  3. BWX


    I have had 200% bonus for a few days now. You need to make sure you log in after midnight.. that counts as the "next day"..

    If you log in at say, 11pm Mon., then log out, then wait till Wed. at 12:01am, you loose the bonus. If you would have logged in 11:59pm Tues., you'd keep bonus.
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