101 USES and More for Gran Turismo by GTPlanet Users.

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  1. photonrider


    Please help me compile this list.

    I'll start out by roughly listing some uses and then we will eventually collate everything and post the list in the OP as numbered items.

    For now I'm just going to throw some ideas into the wind - and we'll sort it out later.

    Look through my list and see if there is more stuff to be added - I'm sure I'm not imaginative enough to uncover everything that we can do with this ever-evolving and unique automotive simulator.
    I'll sub-divide the major uses for now and we'll cut it finely later.
    And, yes . . . before you say it, we can use the disc as both a frisbee and a coaster - let's get that out of the way. :lol:
    I'm actually thinking of replacing a certain wall-clock's face at home with a GT4 Disc. Might look better than the bunch of numerals.


    The Various Uses by Category:


    - for play, learning, instruction, and of informative and usable(cars can be driven)material and connection to RL collection of cars/testing

    Automotive historical and technical base:
    - similar purposes

    Other automotive gear:
    - similar purposes


    - Learning tool, Art and visual entertainment, Documentary/reviews, Personal use - screens-savers, etc.

    - Movie-making, Demonstrations, Race and driving instruction, Entertainment (Races, chases) Data output through technical simulations.


    - Hot-lapping, Car and driver comparisons,


    Events. ??


    What are the different things we do here?


    (painting and wheel-swap simulation, etc?)

    What do we do here inspired by VGT?
    As well as regular cars?
    Do car designers use this? Students of car design?


    Recruitment into Motorsports
    Is there a way if recruitment into other areas - not only race=driving - e.g. engineers, crew, team managers, journalists - can this be used as a tool for that?


    - Track Familiarisation.

    - Historical races, Classic car races, Mixed vehicle/class races

    - Motorsport-related races

    - Street racing

    - Drag racing

    - Futuristic Driving/Racing - Vision cars

    - Futuristic Tracks

    - Driving/world-travel entertainment for the disabled - replays and real-time driving.

    - Virtual catalog of vehicles including exotic, iconic and extra-terrestrial and futuristic vehicles for use as reference tool.

    - Ability to create Tracks (coming)

    - Ability to race remotely (and/or directly) drive-bots online and off (B-Spec) - also purported to be coming - :scared: don't kill me, get back on topic.)


    - Test driving

    - Practise

    - Data analysis

    - Motec. ??Uses?

    - GPS - uses?


    - Clubs and leagues

    - Random Rooms

    - Feature-based rooms (e.g.'Dirty Nascar', COTW, etc.)

    - Automotive-based social net-working (meet, chat, cruise, race)

    - Role-playing: Track Days, Car Meets, Workshops, Police, Learner driver, etc


    So there we are, a mish-mash of possible scenarios - a multitude of uses for this app. What else can you think of?
    You may also pick one of the scenarios listed and expand on it, maybe you are doing something unique with Gran Turismo, and it may be something we'd like to try, too.

    Are there really 101 uses? I'm thinking it's quite possible; it's only up to our own imaginations. ;)


    Please bear with the construction in progress - lots of work to do in here. :tup:
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  2. TurismoBad



    Here's something unusual I was doing - drag racing your own ghost on SSRX.

    1. Stop before the start/finish line

    2. Try your best to have a clean launch and reach whatever speed you desire

    3. Finish the lap

    4. Save the "best lap replay"

    5. Choose another car or tune up the same car to see how much faster it becomes with X mod

    6. Go to SSRX and load the ghost

    7. Stop before the start/finish line

    8. Go!


    Try to beat stock supercars times on GT Arena using small tuned cars.

    Whatcha got in there brah ? A Ferrari ? Pffff :D
  3. YZF


    GT is a virtual car specs and comparison database. You want to know which car in real life faster: for example, Ford Focus with stage 2 tuned exhaust or VW Golf with ecu chip upgrade? Try it out in the virtual world!

    Or which car is faster around certain track? Try it out! No need to look for that info in the Wiki.

    This, ofcourse, does not apply to GT6, because of broken simulation physics (aero physics)
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  4. GranTurismo guy

    GranTurismo guy

    United Kingdom
    Oh god, don't ask this here :lol: everyone will just say throw it like a frisbee :lol:

    The car info means it's a good encyclopedia
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  5. Ridox2JZGTE


    Build replica and cruise or race or just do lap after lap until fuel runs out - enjoying the ride and the view. Wangan Midnight replica on cruise or wangan battle online lobby are good fun. Also this :

    A video magazine with real vs replica or just car reviews would be fun too.
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  6. eran0004


    I also race my ghost sometimes, but in a different way:

    Drive a lap and then turn around at the finish line as quickly as possible and drive a lap the other way.

    Objective: Try to reach the finish line before your ghost.

    Optional extra objective: Try not to hit the ghost when you meet it halfway around the track.
  7. photonrider


    Great idea. That would fall under the 'time-trialing' category under 'Racing Ghosts' - another use by itself, then.

    For sure. :tup:

    We have to work with what we have now - there will always be room for improvement in all areas. Wait till we have driver-less cars to play with. :D

    Already mentioned in the OP! :lol: However - that is a use for a disc, any disc, not just GT6.

    It definitely is. The amount of information available in it is overwhelming.

    Super ideas there, Orido, good stuff! Like, wow. :)

    Actually I was thinking the other day about stuff I don't use in GT6 and I fear I don't even use 50% of what this app provides. I mostly play the game! :lol:

    Back later. Keep those 'uses' coming. GTPlanet always amazes me at the speed and quality of responses. :tup:
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  8. VBR

    VBR Premium

    @photonrider - Under Free Runs, you need to include; Driving For Pleasure. I've done 2,500 or so miles on The Ring 24 Hour just for pleasure, 1,500 of which in my trusty KTM Street.

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  9. photonrider


    @VBR - I did this in GT4 a lot - almost an addiction. I loved driving the Ring at my own pace, imagining I was really out there on the real thing, checking out every tree and signboard.
    Then along came GT5 with the 'quantum-leap' in graphics, and I couldn't get enough of the Ring.
    I once even walked miles of it. Other times I would take a car and endlessly drive around, sometimes at blazing speed, other times dawdling, or to just stop and examine some piece of graffiti or intriguing building.
    I have never been to the real Ring, but when I do one day, the deja vu would be stunning.

    And now I'm just loving it in GT6, more improvements, as well as the significant improvements in physics make for an even enjoyable experience.

    Driving For Pleasure.
    That could be a whole sub-section of activities! :lol:

    We have all comments on record here, so I'll let the thread fill up a bit before working more diligently on the OP to organise all the different things we do with this . . . enigma, that we call GT6.


    Here is a stunning scenario:

    I buy an old AE86 and decide I want to throw some upgrades on it, maybe new wheels, even a paint job.
    I stand there looking at the car, trying to visualise how it would look in this color or that, or if the new wheels I chose would look gauche.
    So I drive the car down to my friend who owns a garage and say: "Hey, Costa, I bought an old fixer-upper and want to soup it up. What do you think?"
    Costa comes out, walks around the car, and he's nodding to himself with a gleam in his eye, and I think, well, that's good, he likes the car.
    I tell him I want new rims, tyres to suit, and a paint job but can't make up my mind.
    I want it a particular shade of pink, I tell him, but can't imagine what it's like. I just know there's a shade I want.
    "C'mon in," he says and takes me into the reception and boots up this 50 inch screen, and before I know it has my car up on the screen
    WTH? I'm thinking.
    Then he takes the car to some menu on the screen and starts throwing all sorts of shades on the car, this pink, that pink, another pink, till I'm aghast; I didn't even know so many pinks existed!
    Suddenly I see the pink I wanted. "That one!" I yell. "That's the one I want. That's got the sheen and tone I was thinking of." It looked great, the car already painted, though just on-screen.
    "No probs" he says, "I can do that for you. See? Now you can see what it's like before I spray it for real, hah? Okay . . . your wheels . . . "
    Now he goes to another part of this app and up comes my AE86 and all sorts of wheels.
    Before long I had the wheels I wanted on it and the screen now shows my Toy in all its glory.
    "That's the car I want," I say. "Do it!" I'm fully confident now about how she's gonna look.

    "That's a great app you have there, Costa," I said as I walked out with him and looked at my RL Corolla, all rusty, battered and dull. "Man, that saved me a lot of headaches just thinking about how she was gonna look."
    "It's not an app," he mumbles, "it's a game."
    "Wut? Wut?" I probe him, "What did you say?"
    "Ah! Nothing . . . just come back in a week, your car will be ready."

    Technology ...... :)
  10. eran0004


    I have about the same, but I've done the miles in my Porsche 911 replica :cheers:
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  11. dimassa19


    Under the nigth sky, at the Ring, slow, in your dream car, with your best soundtrack...and...searching for the shooting stars...(yes! easter eggs!) [ preferably in a real quiet night ]
  12. photonrider


    I've set it up sometimes to cycle day and night so that I go around the Ring in a day, and after doing this night and day driving for several days and nights, I stop and leave the console, and in RL I feel that I've not slept for days, just been driving and driving for days and nights in a row.

    Apparently if you scan say a championship skater's brain via fMRI and monitor their brains while they are imagining a skating run, it is the same circuits that are active when they are also doing the real thing.
  13. SomePlayaDude


    Here's my contributions


    'A haven for photo editors'

    No examples needed; there are so much!

    'Incentive to story writing, be it personal experience or a work of fiction.'

    For instance.. (SELF PLUG IS BAD)

    Willow Springs International Raceway, California. Midday.


    Appearing before the track is Sonny, wearing shades not for style, but due to the blazing sun heating the sands of the track. Unable to get a proper test run of his new SRT Viper on the way here, he sees that he has to reach a higher speed than usual on the deserts of his favorite track.

    Unlike many other racers getting names for each track they master, Sonny thinks otherwise. Why place a name on the face of one track? Why not be the one to place it all over the world? Being a master of many things is done harder than said. Sonny aspires to be the one that overcomes this limitation. Already proven himself over the Nurburgring for a second year, he refuses the right to be an official meister when the lap time he managed to reach with his Dark Horse Camaro is plainly just at 6:54.356, which is FAST.

    Why? To the many racers, being a meister would be an accolade of being the best over an overrated toll road. These roads serve as a benchmark, now losing its charm, but not by too much. Sonny doesn't want his name to be chanted on the Nurburgring. He wants it to be... the ultimate racing badass in the world... give or take 1 percent badass.

    As Kirk gets the car to the gang, Sonny inspects the Big Willow: the only portion of the track he normally uses. The big, speedy bends, mixed with the unforgiving change of height in some of the corners, and the large straight sections allow for a very unbiased result when a car's dominant specialty takes advantage in other tracks.

    Looking at the sky, Sonny peers around for a cloud of rain. The many spectators that know him, along with the track marshals wonder what he's up to. Sonny's not a warrior of the streets known for weather; it would go against his own persona.

    He then hallucinates as the great sun made a mirage. The sunglasses he wears ensures it's not really a strange moment.


    Sonny: "(These guys won't leave me alone, eh? Hmm.. f:censored: it!)"


    'Replica making (applies to detailing and car design)'

    The main culprit to this is RIDOX Replica Garage.

    'Opening up car potential, such as drivability, performance and all around usage.'

    Just like what it says on the tin.

    'Making a league race using a set setting for one or more cars.'

    Like the 'Praiano Rules Caterham 7 Challenge Club.'


    Making a certain car to your tastes.

    Didn't like how the NISMO GT-R came with only red and monochromatic colors? How would you like to see one in pink, for instance?

    Making a family of cars with relevance to each other (i.e a personal color, number, rims.)

    I'm not a huge fan of this (aside from giving my race cars the Number #1 respecting Smitty Werben Jaeger ManJensen), but it's like putting your cars in your personal race team.

    More to come?
  14. photonrider


    Oh! Yeah . . there seems to be a lot more to come now that we've opened the floodgates.
    Quite a bit of it is repetitive or closely related (though every scenario is unique.)
    For instance the Photography side of Gran Turismo alone is like an application on its own.
    The fact that the cars have to be earned (or bought via microtransactions) to use put aside, then just the ability to simulate photography of the car and even in 'add-on' locations gives studio and outdoor automotive cameramen a great tool for previewing before the actual shoot.
    Never mind using it for a score of other uses.
  15. mark wolf

    mark wolf

    I use gt as a training tool and here are some things I do to keep it interesting:

    - topgear style stig leaderboard to compare cars and how easy they are to learn to drive. Long tracks are the best for this.
    - Turning of driver aids and driving in the wet on cheap tires in dificult cars e.g. Lancia stratos.
    - timetrail benchmark on specific track with specific car like academy to track progress over a long time.
    - seasonal events and trying to beat my friends list and the world to track progress.
    - redoing licence tests to beat friends list.
    - racing online with some kind of disadvantage. E.g. Slower car or difficult car.
    - racing against my ghost using a different driving technique or style each time I beat it. Eg. left foot vs right foot braking.
    - driving a timetrial and trying to match that time every lap.
    - driving a timetrial and trying to decrease time by exactly one second each lap.
    - turning off all the onscreen hud and ghosts and timetrailing with no pressures or idea of how Im doing.
    - racing against ai on tracks that are difficult to overtake on with fast cars.
    - racing without sound.
    - trying to catch my ghost without ever braking.
    - rebull x1 enduro followed by a slow car on cheap tires.
  16. VBR

    VBR Premium

    Me too! That's practically all I did in GT4, I didn't like the rest of the game much.

    Here's a GT5 vs Reality video of The Nord, awesome!

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  17. photonrider



    I should sit down to watch that later - maybe several times. :)

    It's actually amazing the amount we don't do because we are so busy doing what we like to do. Sometimes we just concentrate on one tiny slice - and that is the whole game to us.
    And sometimes we want that little slice to be the whole game for everybody else, too. :lol:
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  18. kolio


    United States
    If you have a wheel with an H-Pattern shifter and clutch, learning to drive a manual is actually decent! I actually learned on GT5. :)

    Haha, I say that. You cannot completely learn, but it is somewhat realistic! The clutch movement is not perfect. However, the position of gears 1-5 is exact for your average car.
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  19. Thomas2012


    Mine have probably been said if so very sorry! But anything to contribute :tup:

    -Learn to adapt to a wheel after long time use of a controller
    -Beat you records on license tests to regain 1st out of your friends
    -Top Gear star in a reasonably priced car or Friend in a slow car challenge for me
    -Hot lap and learn different tracks
    -Customize to your liking
    -Create free roam lobbies to meet new friends, test cars or just straight up have fun
    -Quick Races & Seasonal events
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  20. photonrider


    There's always good stuff to be picked and chosen - and also even one little bit of difference makes another use.
    For instance we could say that getting accustomed to a wheel after long time use of a controller comes under 'learning' but that is yet another unique use.
    Can we do that with another game? Sure, but we can also do it with Gran Turismo, and some would say quite well, too. So we will eventually list them all - everything people do with Gran Turismo up in the OP.
    And every time someone confirms they are doing a similar activity that makes that particular use significant for many.
    Still early days. Thanks for venturing to contribute. :tup:
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  21. MonGnoM

    MonGnoM (Banned)

    I ince lost my car on the road (in real life) and i think if i didn't play Gran Turismo, i would not know how i should have reacted...
    I immediately countersteared, and i got it back.
    My friend was wondering how i got such fast reactions, because i had my driving license just since a few months...
  22. photonrider


    That's happened to me more times than I can remember now.
    As the event is happening, your neurons (having being programmed with what could happen via the simulation) are already familiar with the situation and are sending the right signals to the particular muscles that need to take action to save your life.
    It all happens so fast.
    Then you keep going thinking, 'Wow, I just saved my life there. :censored: !

    GT6 is a great 'what if' tool.
    What if this happened or what if that happened, in a automotive-based event.
    Then when it really happens IRL at least you are half-prepared.
    If not fully. :)

    Which gives me another idea:
    Authors who have no clue about Motorsports but need to incorporate a bit of it for some colour in a novel they are writing can use this as a reference tool.
    Even generating accidents to see what would happen so they can write somewhat realistically about it.
    The gaming part of the game puts the car back firmly on the road so that the game is not held up.
    But if the author wants to know exactly what the inside of some car looks like many cars provide that information.
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  23. tomcat66


    I like to do some "duplicating" of real life scenarios. For example when I read or see some car tests I am taking the same car(s) and look if I can reach the same conclusions like the testers.

    When they are racing on some tracks that are in GT (and publishing the lap times) it gets even more interesting: Can I reach the lap times in GT myself?
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  24. MonGnoM

    MonGnoM (Banned)

    My mom lost it once too, but she didn't know what to do, so there was no reaction.
  25. stormbringer


    Ok heres how ive used GT in a completely unrelated way.

    Back in GT5 when i had to grind for credits, i used to have GT on one screen and the tv on another to help with the boredom. Id use my right hand only to control the car i.e..R1 to acc, R2 to brake and right analog stick to steer.

    One day i popped in my Call of duty disc and realized my looking around accuracy had improved like 1000%. I maxed up the sensitivity to the highest number and i was still in control of where i was aiming. So i started using GT as a tool to improve my FPS gameplay.

    It worked like magic!
  26. FoRiZon


    Wasting time?
  27. RyanRacer


    I love using the sand dunes as ramps to launch my car into orbit at Willow Springs.
  28. photonrider


    I've seen this being done in an online room; a whole crowd gathered around watching, some parked in a row on the flat area just this side of the large dunes, watching, and everybody trying to see how far they could jump. They were also trying to jump into the fenced compound.
    This reminded me of TDU2 where players would try to jump into the fenced area by the Airport; there was a guy who used to do it in a Subaru - we'd all go up to the fence and stare at him racing up and down the strip inside the airfield.
  29. ironman44321


    So much this! Other than taking off using a racing wheel can really help learn how to drive a stick. When I learned how to drive a stick I didn't have much practice before I stopped for months. During that time I used the H-pattern on my wheel and when I went back in the actual car again I was stunned at how natural it felt.
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  30. lGNAl


    Saudi Arabia
    The AI definitely helps with real life defencive action on the road.
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