Open 1994-98 GT1 Championship | Starting February 2014

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  1. ZedMan1996

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    Well well well, its time to make my own...

    Say, I could do multiple series made for fun rahter than all serious, the following:

    Daily Lightweight Cup: 645kg @ 150bhp (any car) Boost on stonrg.

    World Hyper-GT 1200kg @ 550bhp (any race car) Boost on strong.

    I've been doing many onlijne lobbies for both of these racing series things, well, not an actual series, more of something to let people know when they're on so that they can join in.

    UI tired to keep this as close to the spirit of GT as I could, because as you've noticed, when you race against racecars in other GT games, its pretty much every racing catagory in one race, and its usually pretty even.

    Okay, now moving more onto topic, I want to sort out a GT1 racing series, just give me time, and it'll hopefully happen.
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  2. Manasseh257NSX


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    Haha I knew we were thinking the same thing! You set up the event, let me know, I'm signing up for it! :D
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  3. iName


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    Hosting a GT1 series gets you banned, apparently :sly:

    For BoP, use the CLK & F1 as benchmarks. Just a tip :D
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