2014 Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix

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  1. Spurgy 777

    Spurgy 777

    You don't quite understand, the driver being forced off track has two options, hold his line and let the other driver run into him, or go onto the run off and back off. And avoiding contact is always better so they back off and the defending driver gets away with it.

    I completely agree with you that it's wrong and they should change the rules to force the drivers to give enough room on the exit. I was just explaining why we only see drivers forcing others off track in these specific situations and not being penalised for it.
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    Going off on the inside allows you to gain an advantage. You get to block the other driver and hold the tighter racing line on exit.

    Going off on the outside if you're behind gives no advantage. You can't accelerate off the run-off and onto the kerbs if the other driver has that spot. You have to slow down and slot behind him. No penalty for you.