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  1. Stephen Vann

    Stephen Vann

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    Danz, I have watched quite a lot of the replay as well.
    I have to say that in my replay John was extremely jerky today.
    I don't think anyone can take the blame for lag? It is just there sometimes, and sometimes one guy gets the lag and sometimes another.
    John also bashed onto the back of me twice, once st the apex of turn 1 and o nearly spun.
    But when I watch from Johns car I can see he braked in correct place, so I feel there was no intent there.
    In the timing there is a little Nippon at 10th place. This usually means there is a bug in the lobby and that does not surprise me that there were issues tonight.
    Several people had terrible lag from time to time.
    But on looking Danz I can't see that Johns bump was with intent.
    In fact I am not sure he even knew he bumped you.
    There was a rather bad incident in turn 8 where delta went wide into the sand on entry to the fast chicane.
    That to me also looked like lag may have been the cause, however as delta crawled back onto the track, he went in front of Richie, who sadly hit delta and Richie ended up In the sand.
    Looking from delta car bonnet view it's not easy to see that Richie is coming, although he should have seen on the map. But that was rather a big hit for Richie.
    But I know delta as I do many of you all very well, and I know delta would not intentionally drive into Richie's path.
    I think had this been another race with more stewards then it would have an incident report. However it's the last rave and I am happy as it is as Richie had not made s report.

    I also bumped you a couple of times Danz.noy intentionally but I did, and I got no excuse.

    Danz you god very very well tonight .
    You were running battling for 2nd and 3rd for long spells and you didn't let pressure get to you.
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  2. RodeRuner1967


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    Congrats to Niss on the championship. :tup::cheers::gtpflag:
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  3. CrazyJohn


    I've never hit you in my perspective, you were lagging so much and I couldn't do anything -_-

    How about you pushing me off to overtake on the Schumi S? Turn 11.
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  4. Stephen Vann

    Stephen Vann

    United Kingdom
    Guys, it does seem that re due to connections, everyone seems to have seen and felt different things.
    Its really hard to lay blame when such random lag happens, and it not fair on anyone, again its just something we have to put up with, not ideal but life just aint perfect.
    What we must all try to do is remain friends and not have any bad vibes.
    We get lag, it does often have an effect on different drivers, but there it is.
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  5. Danny Burke

    Danny Burke

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    Yeah on mine is says i didn't lag once at all, but i lagged in other poeples perspective which is really weird, if it lagged it should of shown me, and in the whole race i never knocked you off the track once, well thats what it shows me anyway, but if its down to just connection then everything isn't a problem at all, i don't know we can prevent it from happening at all
  6. Stephen Vann

    Stephen Vann

    United Kingdom
    Danz, that is almost never the case that a driver lagging seems himself as lagging.
    Most of the time, when a guy is lagging, it seems to him he is ok, and that others are lagging.

    We did a second pace lap as someone did a huge amount of lagging on pace lap 1, in fact someone flew down the start straight and side swiped my car as we started away from the line, there was a lot of smoke, then they dissapeared and were ok again.
    It is all a mystery, but more reason to get saving for gtsport, as it is so aimed at online racing, i am sure they will have all this sorted out.
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  7. Stephen Vann

    Stephen Vann

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    Final Championship Points Standings

    :gtpflag:IRT_NISSMANR32 CHAMPION:gtpflag:

    podiumAMEND copy.jpg



    -1----1160----159-----G1-----SC430-----IRT_NISSMANR32 - £20 Amazon e voucher
    -2----1150----138-----G2-----GTR--------DELTAJULIETMIKE - £15 Amazon e voucher
    -3----1140----137-----G3-----HSV--------LOGICLINE - £10 Amazon e voucher
    -4----1130----112-----G3-----HSV--------GUEVEN - £5 Amazon e voucher

    Full Series Race Details & Results on Page 1
  8. mirial


    United Kingdom
    Apologies for pulling out of the race early on Monday. I gambled on a setup that was electric in Q conditions but untested, and unfortunately, unwieldy in the dry with the result that I had two half spins within a few laps...ah well. I was nearly going to pit on my out lap to change it, but was hoping it was freezing cold tyres...which it wasn't!

    Congratulations again to @nissman on another solid campaign....we're just glad you don't get fedup winning championships! And thanks to Logic for organising the series. Good job!

    I plan to do races here and there in the next championship, so I'll give you plenty of notice of when I'll be turning up.
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  9. Stephen Vann

    Stephen Vann

    United Kingdom
    Thats Cool Mirial,
    just go and sign up on the new thread.
    At least you will be one of the 20 entrants.

    At some point we may need to only take the fastest 16 in Q
    but at least you will be there.
  10. DeltaJuliet


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    This was a great series. Some massively close racing, and even though not directly in each race, the championship was mega close too especially 2,3,4 positions.

    Again my driving has improved because of this series ( only my 2nd online series ), but I guess the years of gt'ing offline are coming to fruition:cool:

    Anyhow, BIG credit to the event organiser , @Stephen Vann absolutely great job and listens and helps anyone and everyone. The series runs so smoothly because of this. But most of all... thanks for not scoring 2 points more ;) Haha.

    Cheers to all involved and hopefully see ALL of you for the next and final GT6 series :gtpflag:

    edit - talking c**p. ive done more than two online series, but still lol
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