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Dear Channel 4 (or should that be Channel 44?),

If you could stop saying the chamionship is a foregone conclusion every 2 minutes, that'd just be super.


I think I heard Max talking about it in an interview that the track was very bumpy this year.
Yep...yep...the soil here shifts around, not to quicksand levels but it's the reason why 1) Basements in homes are rare, as are stormcellars. 2) Every building without a 10 foot concrete foundation will have issues eventually. 3) it's one of three reasons our roads are forever under construction, the others being severe weather conditions and severely abusive loads from big rigs.

6-7 years is about the max for a road that isn't barraged by traffic, so COTA has started settling and shifting. Expect cracks to start forming within a year or two.

Now if someone could forward that to the NBCSN crew, they'd have an idea why the track is so rough.
I hope Hartley and his boytoy face get some points this weekend. Unlikely, but a man can dream. I'm also kind of curious what Kvyat is going to do. Imagine the scenes if he manages to accidentally bump into Sainz the first lap of the race. I think Helmut Marko will personally put him back on the plane to Russia if that happens.
Lewis with the Gran Turismo hat!
Awesome to see, I want a GT cap. I wonder what Nic thinks about that...

GT Cap.jpg
Talking about the track condition deteriorating, I thought it was odd that I was seeing the cars bounce/jump around entering the latter third of the esses. Can't recall them doing that so violently before, plus on top of that there's a new/heavier bump going up the hill into turn 1, and we've all seen the 'leveling' they did down the long back straight...

I want to pass some of it off on 'more downforce' and blah-blah-blah that's come with the territory of speed for the new cars, but hell, even just for sim-racing stuff I'd find that to be jarring in the videogames.
I missed qualifying and now I'm sitting here wondering how the heck Ericsson ended up in 13th place. O_o
He Qualified P16 and because of a couple of drivers receiving grid penalties he moved up three places. Max starts also from the back so we can expect (hopefully) some nice overtaking battles. He starts on supersofts and all the rest on ultra softs. Will a longer first stint give him that advantage to end in the top 5 or podium after all? They changed parts now with the knowledge Mexico and Brasil are coming.

All: Enjoy the F1 COTA today and for the Europeans: a nice race to end your weekend on Sunday evening.
I missed qualifying and now I'm sitting here wondering how the heck Ericsson ended up in 13th place. O_o

A good lap saw him qualify 16th, 0.007 off going through to Q2, and penalties for others bumped him up to 13th.

Edit: don't start writing a reply, get distracted and wander off or you get tree'd by 12 minutes :embarrassed:
I'm currently at the gate underneath a tent to get into COTA and it's a monsoon. Bunch of 🤬 idiots with chairs out and people outside of the tent getting soaked.
The rain should end by 10am.


Stroll, Max, and Magnussen all starting together- what can go wrong with that.:lol: Hartley should be in the points by lap 2.:P
"I'm gonna hit up early and stay there all day."

Yeah, that didn't happen. I'm getting food now, hopefully will be there before 11.
The track is an absolute snooze (never seen a good race here from any series) so the fact that Hamilton/Vettel is pretty much gone at this point will make this an even worse weekend.

I'm a Hamilton fan and I wanted him to beat Seb, but not like this. I can hope for some weird technical difficulties or something else of interest I s'pose.
The Formula 1 race in 2015 where it monsooned for practically every session but the actual race was a great race.
Well I'll take a 'green' track over something rubbered-in this time round, little more un-predictablity than 'lol merc cakewalk'.
There's a truck with some jet dryer in the back near T18/19 right now. Safe to say it's a dry track for today's race.
Just watching the Sky race coverage, loving Lewis's Gran Turismo hat! 👍

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