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    Given that the season just started, I thought I open a thread for it. The first free practice is done already, Audi dominated occupying the first 4 place, best BMW is 5th, best Aston is 14th.

    Official results of Free Practice 1:

    Best laptime: 1:30.476 by Nico Müller (Audi RS5 DTM)

    As a comparison, the best qualifying laptime for the 2018 season opener at Hockenheimring was 1:32.264 by Gary Paffett in his Mercedes-AMG C 63 DTM. As such, the new Class 1 machines have already a 2 second advantage and this was only the first practice.

    Further comparison from other series from 2018:
    Porsche Carrera Cup (911 GT3 Cup): 1:40.781
    ADAC GT Masters (911 GT3 R): 1:38.481
    ADAC F4 Championship: 1:41.205
    FIA Formula 3 European Ch.: 1:32.284
    Formula 1: 1:11.212
    W Series (2019): 1:38.650

    YouTube playlist for the Hockenheimring round including the upcoming live streams:
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    So, after almost like a week :) I still haven't seen the races due to geoblocking... The cars look still great but of course, I'm a shill when it comes to Audi (I drive an A3 Sedan) and BMW (my favorite car ever is the M Coupe, yes, the clownshoe) + plus I drove 4 times on the Hockenheim GP circuit, the only racetrack apart from the Nordschleife I drove on.

    Anyway, I'm happy that both BMW and Audi picked up a win, from what I gathered, Glock in the first and Rast in the 2nd race were truly great coming up from low placement.

    I do have some hopes for the rest of the season:
    • geoblocking going away asap
    • current-gen DTM (Super GT) cars showing up in games (due to personal reasons Forza 7 would be ideal)
    • nail-biting race together with Super GT
    Let's see what happens next!
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    Assuming you're in Germany, isn't it streamed on Sat1's website?
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    We used to live about 20 minutes away from Hockenheim but that's the past. Rocking the US East coast for quite some time now :)
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    I visited the DTM in Zolder yesterday, had a good time.

    Oh, i was waiting for the DTM to show up in Forza 7 or GT Sport for quite some time. It did not happen. In the end, i bought a new PC and got the URD T5 Mod for Assetto Corsa. I dont know if you're playing AC on PC or not but i can tell you one thing for sure: this mod will give you a premium-DTM experience you will never have in Forza, GT or propably anywhere else (although there are some older DTM cars in race room, i think)
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