2019 NFL Season

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    The National Football League is primed and ready to take on a new season. Some fans are thinking this will be another wild season of action. Some others think it's going to be the same old same old that is making the league stale. We saw Patrick Mahomes come of age and have a baller performance at QB for Kansas City. We saw the Houston Texans go from an 0-3 start to reel off nine straight wins and eventually win the AFC South. We saw the controversy in the NFC Championship game where people thought the New Orleans Saints should have been in the Super Bowl LIII than the Los Angeles Rams thanks to a controversial no-call on Pass Interference. And ... we've seen those New England Patriots win yet another Super Bowl when they defeated the Rams (and LAR's beautiful blue and gold throwback uniforms) 13-3. So basically to some fans, the NFL will be flat out boring for yet another season unless some team finally dethrones the Patriots.

    Super Bowl LIV will be on February 2, 2020 in Miami Gardens, Florida. Which two teams will be playing for the Lombardi Trophy in the MIA? That remains to be seen.

    To give you an idea of what each team will be looking at heading into this new season, let's reflect back. This was how last season ended up. Bold teams made the playoffs:

    --- 2018 at the End of the Regular Season ---

    ! = playoff team
    !! = division winner
    !!! = home-field advantage

    --- AFC ---
    AFC EAST: New England!! (11-5), MIA (7-9), BUF (6-10), NYJ (4-12)
    AFC NORTH: Baltimore!! (10-6), PIT (9-6-1), CLE (7-8-1), CIN (6-10)
    AFC SOUTH: Houston!! (11-5), IND! (10-6), TEN (9-7), JAX (5-11)
    AFC WEST: Kansas City!!! and Los Angeles Chargers! (12-4 each), DEN (6-10), OAK (4-12)

    --- NFC ---
    NFC EAST: Dallas!! (10-6), PHI! (9-7), WAS (7-9), NYG (5-11)
    NFC NORTH: Chicago!! (12-4), MIN (8-7-1), GB (6-9-1), DET (6-10)
    NFC SOUTH: New Orleans!!! (13-3), ATL and CAR (7-9 each), TB (5-11)
    NFC WEST: Los Angeles Rams!! (13-3), SEA (10-6), SF (4-12), ARI (3-13)

    Have to wonder how this upcoming season will go. Can successful teams keep up their strong form? Can failing teams improve (and by how much)? We will see what happens as this upcoming season goes along.

    First real bits of news to share about the upcoming season... Kyler Murray chooses the NFL over Major League Baseball. Have to wonder what Murray can bring to the proverbial table in football. And also, the Cleveland Browns picked up Kareem Hunt after having been in domestic abuse trouble.

    So are you ready for a new season of NFL football? Let's get it!

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    Big news already with the Ravens trading Joe Flacco to the Broncos. I think he'll do fine there so good luck to him. I don't really know exactly the plan is here in Baltimore so unless we're going all in on Jackson I hope (or dream) that we pick up Foles if he really is going to be available.