2019 The Rally Trophy - Little Winter Cup: Zephan Richfield wins Little Winter Cup.

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Hi everyone! Welcome to the 2019 Rally Trophy - Little Winter Cup.
This is the 2nd edition of The Rally Trophy - Little Winter Cup, the first time in 4 years! This idea of creating a rally series started when I was competing into a rallycross championship on GT6. That took me to host a WRC championship, however, seeing that it was complicated, it ended on being a failure. But while my old PS3 was broken and that I was still waiting for a new one, I already was planning to revive the idea of doing my rally championship and make it sucessfull, as there aren't very much rally championships which are sucessfull.
In September 2017, Pedro Harsk has stepped down as a GORO steward which ended the cooperation between GORO and GRC. As a result, the Rally Senegal was the last GT6 Rally Round under the banner and in 2018, it became International Rally Championship.

The 2019 The Rally Trophy - Little Winter Cup will be a Mini-Rally Tournament held in December and it will also be acting as Pre-Season Trophy for the upcoming 2020 IRC. Unlike the previous edition of The Rally Trophy - Little Winter Cup, only the cars up to 545 BHP which have dirt tires will be allowed to be more fair.

With that rule in place, the rally championship will become more realistic and fair without having to worry about the Race Cars.

If you have any question, suggestion or feedback, please let us know. 👍

Enjoy! :cheers:

Past seasons:
2015 The Rally Trophy- Little CHRISTMAS CUP (2016 Global Rally Championship's Pre-Season) (Champions: Alexander Erhart, Suzuki and Portugal)
2016 GRO Global Rally Championship (Champions: Alexander Erhart, Suzuki, Portugal and HRSC Racing)
2017 GRO Global Rally Championship Season 2 (Champions: Dwyane Gable, Subaru, USA and Shadow Racers)- 2017 Season, Part 1
2017 GRO Global Rally Championship Season 3 (Champions: Pedro Harsk, Audi, Portugal and HRSC Racing)- 2017 Season, Part 2
2017 GRO Global Rally Championship Overall (Champions: Michael Bearpark, Subaru, England and HRSC Racing)
2018 International Rally Championship (Champions: Pedro Harsk, Ford, Portugal and HRSC Racing)
2019 International Rally Championship (Champions: Pedro Harsk, Portugal and HRSC Racing)*

*Season in progress.
1.1- The Sporting regulations are written to guarantee clean and fair play during the championship season.

1.2- In every round, the Sporting Regulations will be on effect.

1.3- Making insults, racism and accusing towards participants or organisers is extremly prohibited and there will be severe consequences if these of the breaches happen.

1.4- The Sporting Regulations document are not definitive, therefore, they are sujected to the change at any time, for any reason.

2.1.1- The championship will have 4 rounds, meaning: 2 rounds in Asphalt surface and 2 rounds in Gravel Surface. The purpose is to create a balance between the Asphalt rounds and the Gravel Rounds.

2.1.2- Each rally event will be lasting 1 week.

2.1.3- The Rally Event's deadline starts at Mondays at 00:00 GMT+0 and it ends at Sundays at 23:59 GMT+0, depending of your timezone.

2.1.4- The Rally Event's deadline may be extended for 1 or more days if there are not enough finishers for the rally events or then if there were issues such as Technical Difficulties.

2.2.1- There will be chosen tracks during the season for each rally event.

2.2.2- The rally events may contain from 1 to 15 Stages, depending of track Length.

2.2.3- Before the participants do the rally, they will be given a number of laps practise, meaning: One Practice Lap, One Timed Lap.

2.2.4- The weather conditions for each rally event will be based on the real life weather conditions.

2.2.5- The runs must be made in a Online Lobby.

2.2.6- The times of the 5 special stages will be added to the total Lap Time of the rally event. Here's an example of a rally Event result which will look like.
View attachment 791233

2.2.7- All drivers, who had started the “Race Event” in order to set the best lap time for each special stage, must save the replay, so the Series Organizers can add the lap times.

2.2.8- If the rally has started and if you have joined the lobby to do your runs, wait for your turn to do the rally. There are plenty of opportunities to do the rally.

2.2.9- During a Rally event, a specific number of laps will be given to a rally round, which will be acting as a Special Stages.

2.2.10- To be classified, a driver must complete the required number laps for each rally.

2.2.11- If you get disconnected during the rally, it will be classified as “Retirement”. They will be considered as a Mechanical Failures and they are unfortunate.

2.2.12- The drivers, who already have done their runs and submitted their lap times, are not allowed to submit new lap times. Doing that will result a warning or a penalty, depending of how many positions you have gained.

2.2.13- The rally Rounds lap times must be done on Racing Alone (1 by 1), to prevent a Driver from ruining other driver's lap times: that way would be a 2nd driver interference and a 2nd driver interference is not allowed for the rallies! The mode will be in “Race” Mode.

2.2.14- After the participants have submitted their lap times, they are not allowed to submit the new lap times. Ignore this rule will result a penalty.

3.1- The point system in the International Rally Championship will be as it follows:
View attachment 791234

3.2- Drivers who retire or finish outside of top 10 in a rally round will not score points.

3.3- If you quit from the rally round without telling us the reason, it will be considered as “Rage Quit” and you will not get any points.

3.4- The bonus points will not be awarded for the Championship.

3.5- There will be a Countries and a Manufacturer's championship, however, to prevent the disvantage from a manufacturer/country, only the highest finishing driver will score points for Manufacturer and Country Championship Standings.

4.1- The driver with the most points for the season will be crowned [2019 RALLY TROPHY - LITTLE WINTER CUP DRIVER/MANUFACTURER/TEAM/COUNTRY].

4.2- If two or more drivers finish the season with the same number of the points, the champion and runner-up will be decided on the following criteria:

4.2.1- The number of wins;
4.2.2- The number of podiums;
4.2.3- The number of retirements and/or disqualifications;
4.2.4- The number of attended rounds;
4.2.5- The average finishing position.

4.3- If the two drivers meet up with the same criteria, the Series Organisers may have to do an extra round to decide the champion.

4.4- If the two drivers have finished the championship with the same number of points and if they are on the same teams, they will be crowned as champions.

5.1- To sign-up, a driver needs to complete the following form. Here's my registration for the 2019 The Rally Trophy - Little Winter Cup:

Name: Pedro Harsk
PSN ID: HarskGaming96
Age: 23
Car: Ford Focus Gr. B Rally Car
Country: Portugal
Team: HRSC Racing
Number: #1

5.2- The numbers choices (#) aren't required for The Rally Trophy - Little Winter Cup and they are optional.

5.3- You can drive only 1 car per round, however, car changes are allowed during the season.

5.4- The types of teams are Factory, Semi-Factory, Non-Factory Teams, Independent Teams and Privateer Teams (teams without name). You can join a team or simply invent it.

5.5- The participants may invite other people to join the lobby, however, they must inform the host.

5.6- There are no limit of number sign-ups. Two or more lobbies will be created if neccessary.

5.7- Entries will be reviewed after the 2019 The Rally Trophy - Little Winter Cup has been completed, for the next season.

5.8- Lobbies will be private, however some of them might be Public in order to have more drivers for 2019 Little Winter Cup.

5.9- Drivers who compete in a Rally Trophy - Little Winter Cup Round will automatically score points for the Rally Trophy - Little Winter Cup.

6.1- Liveries can be done, as long as it doesn't breach the Community Guidelines;

6.2- IRC Logo isn't required for this Championship, as the Rally Trophy - Little Winter Cup is a Mini-Tournament outside of IRC.

6.3- The Obscene and Inappropriate Liveries are prohibited on IRC and will be automatically punished with race bans or penalties, depending of the severity.

6.4- No Tobacco and no Alcohol advertising is allowed for The Rally Trophy Little Winter Cup. Anyone being caught with it will be penalized. (Sadly it is necessary as it considered inappropriate by Polyphony Digital)

6.5- Each car livery does not need to have a specific class decal for this championship, as the Rally Trophy - Little Winter Cup is a Mini-Tournament outside of IRC.

6.6- There are no Number Font Type restrictions for the liveries.

7.1- The drivers, who do not adhere to the Sporting Regulations, may be punished with penalties, point losses and even, with round bans.

7.2- If a driver feels agravatted with the incident which happened during the rally, he must send a Private message to the Series Organiser (Harsk100) by PSN message or then by GTPlanet Private Conversation facility, so the Organisation can check the incident.

7.3- After the incident has been checked, the penalty will be discussed. Penalties will be given by the following situations:

7.3.1- Ghosting (pressing “START” button) to avoid damage is extremly forbidden and the penalties will be given if this incident happens.

7.3.2- Insulting, crictising, making racism and making fun of the drivers is disrespectfull and it will be considered as “Injury of Reputation and Honor”.

7.3.3- Bringing a overpowered car or going with a wrong car will not be counted towards 2019 International Rally Trophy - Little Winter Cup Standings and it will be awarded with a automatic exclusion from a rally round if it is found.

7.3.4- A driver may be disqualified from a rally event if he accumulates excessive penalty.

7.3.5- Repeated Violation of the rules will be considered as “Breaching the Sporting Regulations” and may result on the ban for the rest of the season.

7.3.6- The Series Organisers do reserve the right to exclude a driver or a team, at their discretion, from any round, at anytime and for any reason!

7.3.7- The drivers driving a Overpowered car or a forbidden car for the Series will be asked to change car. Failure to do that will result an automatic exclusion from a Rally Trophy Round.

8.1- The lobby Settings will be used as it follows:
View attachment 791235 [ View attachment 791236
1.1- All cars which are on the Technical Regulations are specified with a specific HP and kg using the Balance of the Performance Method.
All present technical Regulations for each class must be followed at all times! The non-adherement of these Following Technical Regulations will result in a penalty for each event or worse, possible exclusion from the rest of the 2019 International Rally Trophy Little Winter Cup Season.

1.2- The R1 Class consists on all Gr. B Rally Cars except the Audi quattro S1 Pikes Peak '87 and Peugeot RCZ Gr. B Rally Car. Tuning is allowed, as long as they reach the Power and Kg Limited, as per Regulations.

1.3- Any Car up to 545 BHP can be used, but only the cars which can have dirt tires fitted are allowed. This is to make it more fair.

1.4- The Group B Cars, including Audi S1 Pikes Peak '87 and Peugeot RCZ Gr. B Rally Car, are allowed to compete, as long as it meets the required BHP.

1.4- If you Race with the wrong Specs or with a wrong car in a Rally Round, you will be disqualified.

There you go guys.

After 1 week of Racing on Rally Trophy - Little Winter Cup, the results are finally in!

Congratulations to @ZedNinetySix, the 2019 Rally Trophy - Little Winter Cup winner. The British driver won 3 of 4 rounds, only losing the first place to Micro Olive on Round #3.
Mitsubishi wins the Manufacturers Title.

The complete Standings are now available for viewing!

In just 1 week, 33 drivers have competed in Rally Trophy - Little Winter Cup, with 10 drivers participating in all Rounds.

With that, the 2019 Rally Trophy - Little Winter Cup season is finished, but the Rally Organisation would like to see you on the track for 2020 season. 👍

Thanks to all drivers for participating on 2019 Rally Trophy - Little Winter Cup! :cheers: