2023/2024 Ford Mustang

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I owned 2 XR4tis! Those are like Cats, it's better to have 2 than 1. Although in the case of cats, you're not typically dismembering one to complete the other...
Ah yes, good old malaise era quality... Always liked the Merkur though.
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These interior shots are already a couple months old but I'm surprised they haven't been shared. Looks like the design and finishes will get a slight premium boost.


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I'll reserve judgement for the finished product, but it looks really chunky for a Mustang and the interior looks like what everyone else is doing. Seems like the dual symmetrical binnacle design is out...this looks like a throwback to the foxbody almost.


I bet you @05XR8 would agree.
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Oh wow, you ain't kiddin'. May as well make the steering wheel a two-spoker.

Hmm, does look like they went a few steps backward. Probably cheaper for the screen size, than to mimic a classic '66 dash.
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Now, should we ever question the idea that the double binnacle design was ever actually a good design? Imo it doesn't strike me as a particularly useful design as most other cars have never implemented it despite it being a vintage American design feature that virtually all American OEMs used at some point. Why is it such a Mustang thing when so many cars used it pre-airbag? I personally have always thought it was hideous and forced a weird outdated feel, poorer visibility for the passenger, and in general was an unnecessary limitation.

I'm glad it's gone. The Mustang has long suffered from crappy interiors and it's time to fix it. Lincoln attempted the retro double binnacle for a generation of cars and found out that everybody hated it and it made their cars feel old. Surprised the Mustang kept it, but then again Mustang loyalists tend to have exceedingly low standards for what a decent car should be.
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To go along with the above article

When CEO Jim Farley told Wall Street analysts in Ford Motor Company’s second-quarter earnings report that an all-new Mustang would be unveiled at the Detroit auto show next month, he left unanswered whether it would include a much-rumored hybrid version.

The answer, according to industry sources is “no,” but a battery-electric Mustang based on the Mach-E’s platform will make its debut about mid-2028 to replace what will be the last internal-combustion model.

AutoForecast Solutions report that last ICE Mustang begins production in March 2023 as a 2024 model—a similar timeline for the departing Dodge Challenger and Charger. The Mustang Mach-E, which is sold out for the 2022 model year, easily offsets the ICE Mustang’s carbon emissions, so there’s no need for a hybrid.


The full-EV Mustang, probably a 2029 model, will be based on the Mach-E’s platform. CEO Farley told investment analysts in late July’s Q2 conference call that Ford is not developing dedicated EV platforms like General Motors’ Ultium battery architecture.

While the Mustang Mach-e is assembled in Mexico with a Chinese-built battery pack, the current Mustang’s Flat Rock, Michigan, assembly plant is the expected factory for the last ICE model and first BEV model, according to one source, who says the plant would not have enough capacity to build both versions at the same time. However, we’d expect low-volume, high-performance ICE Shelby Mustangs to be built toward the end of 2028 production and hit showrooms late in the year.

the previously rumored AWD hybrid Mustang has been cancelled due to the Mach-E's sales. This upcoming Mustang will be the last ICE which then followed by an EV built on the Mach-E's platform
Kinda surprised they didn't keep at least that one car ICE. That's the essence of it. You'd think they'd keep things like sports cars and pickup trucks ICE because frankly they're better and more appropriate than EVs for the jobs they do, and sales of HD trucks and sports cars are relatively low compared to crossovers and other commuter cars so it wouldn't hurt economy averages that badly. Maybe the regs don't favor economy averages in that way.

Welp, luckily I should have a payday job coming soon so I can actually enjoy something, anything that I desired as a child before my reality is turned upside down and the car enthusiast in me gets bound and gagged.
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I think it looks nice. Definitely 100% better than whatever the hell Chevy decided to do with the non ZL16th gen.... Here's to hoping it has the tremec from the Mach 1....
I was going to say, I Audi were to make a USA Sports Car…., but I dunno, it’s a Mustang with a Camaro interior? Can’t wait to see the (V8)Supercars reveal and to see them in person next year.
What's up with that black lipstick around the grille? Other than that, the front looks pretty nice. The side looks Camaro-ish somehow? The rear is nice, but I prefer the rear of the current gen. The interior, while modern, seems generic to me.
I honestly really like the rear. It has a really nice, clean look. But the front, is so weird. It's weirdly squared off and the black accent around the grill is super weird. I honestly hoped it would look more like the Mach E
The rear looks more classic '67/'68 Mustang. I dig that.

edit: still not sold on that interior just yet. Ditching the double hump may not have worked this time. The early eighties dash is not working for me either. Will see it in the metal, at some point.
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The Mustang was definitely not one of those cars I'd expect to adopt a full digital dash, esp. not one that stretches into the center screen. Kind of wild to see such a feature paired with your traditional manual gear stick.