2023/2024 Ford Mustang

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They also revealed the Dark Horse.
Feels more or less like another refresh to me.

EDIT: I wish automakers would stop with the IPAD digital dash trope, it's lazy and uninspired. The car is a 5.0 out of ten for me.
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The base turbocharged 2.3-liter and aforementioned 5.0-liter engine remains as part of what, on the surface, appears to be a carryover powertrain lineup. But there’s more happening under the hood than it seems, despite Ford refusing to release horsepower, torque, or fuel economy for either engine. The 2.3-liter EcoBoost is “all-new” according to Ford, while the 5.0-liter represents the fourth generation of the popular Coyote V8, which now boasts twin airboxes and dual throttle bodies.

On the transmission front, the four-cylinder Mustang is now automatic-only after just 10 percent of customers raised their hand for the EcoBoost/six-speed combo in the final years of the sixth-gen Mustang. But while the 10-speed is now standard there, the manual trans will soldier on as the base gearbox in the V8-powered Mustang (it represents over 40 percent of GT sales). And as previously reported, both of those gearboxes send power to the back axle alone.

Alongside the revised powertrains, there’s new enthusiast-focused technology. One of the most amusing will likely be remote engine revving, which allows customers to start their car and rev the engine via key fob. The new electronic drift brake is only slightly more practical. Developed alongside noted Mustang fan and drift master Vaughn Gittin, Jr., it takes the appearance of a traditional mechanical hand brake, but according to Ford can make novice drifters look like professionals.

Ford will offer 12 different wheel designs, multiple caliper colors for the Performance Pack’s Brembo brakes, and the Mustang’s typically robust selection of exterior paints. A Bronze Design Series is a refreshing change from the usual black accent packages, coloring the badges and wheels in the rich hue.

The cabin adopts finer texturing and finishes on the leather and plastic, with a broader focus on material quality across the board. A variety of seat upholsteries, the option of colored seat belts or belts with asymmetric stripes, and available accent stitching add a welcomed dose of style. But the interior design sees even more substantial changes, with a flat-bottom steering wheel and a slab-style display taking center stage on most trims.

A 12.4-inch digital instrument cluster atop the steering column is attached to a 13.2-inch touchscreen that’s canted toward the driver. The software is a combination of Ford’s likable and quick responding Sync 4 system, but it runs the Unreal Engine. Like the GMC Hummer EV, Unreal grants the Mustang’s infotainment stunning graphics with excellent animation thanks to an impressive frame rate. Within the Sync display, there are new and more varied options for the MyColor system, and drivers can also move the auxiliary gauges there instead of keeping them in the instrument cluster.

The 2024 Ford Mustang will hit dealerships in the summer of 2023, while we’ll have our first crack at it in late spring of next year.

Dark Horse




The Mustang Dark Horse builds on that by including the otherwise optional peformance package as standard equipment. It features a Torsen limited-slip differential with a bigger sway bar at the back, complemented with a strut tower brace and upgraded dampers at the front. Beefier tires sit at all four corners, and larger Brembo brakes with blue calipers handle stopping duties.

Ford isn't ready to release horsepower ratings for any new Mustang models yet, but the Dark Horse will pack a bit more punch from its 5.0-liter Coyote V8 versus the GT. Specialized tuning with other upgrades add power to an engine that, according to Ford, is already more powerful than its predecessors. The previous-generation Ford Mustang Bullitt and Mach 1 pulled 480 horsepower (358 kilowatts) from the V8, and Ford is targeting 500 hp (373 kW) for the Dark Horse. Buyers can choose between the six-speed manual or 10-speed automatic transmission.

For those wanting something a bit more hardcore, there will be a Dark Horse S model aimed specifically at racing. It's a legit race car that comes with a racing seat, a quick-disconnect steering wheel, an FIA-approved safety cage, and a fire-suppression system all mounted in a gutted interior. Ford says it's the foundation for the company's Mustang GT3 racing program that will kick off in 2023.

Speaking to the crowd at the 2024 Mustang’s official debut, Executive Chair Bill Ford announced that the company would return to the famed 24-hour endurance race, following in the footsteps of such legends as the 1-2-3–finishing 1966 GT40. The new Mustang will race in the new-for-2024 GT3 class, which will replace the current Le Mans GTE field of cars.

The Mustang GT3 will be eligible in 2024,” said Ford Performance Motorsports Global Director Mark Rushbrook. “We look forward to seeing Mustang race there.”
I'm sure I'll really grow to like the design but honestly it's not nearly as curvaceous and muscular as I expected. The Mach E looks more like the Mustang than this. And the rear of this somehow looks more like a Camode than a Mustang, especially with the quad exhausts. Overall it's way less sculpted than I was hoping.



Compare either of these to the current Mustang which has the crease lines of stretched muscles, a notable duckbill spoiler, an a relatively large vertical fascia that encapsulates the tail lights.


The Mach E has much prettier and more organic looking muscle sculpting, like a real...wild horse lol.

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Nissan did a better job hiding their leftovers than Ford did. I'm sure they'll claim "95% parts are all new" or whatever like companies always do whenever it's this obvious.
It just looks so generic in all those press shots.

Also, that remote rev feature is going to be super annoying for some owners' neighbors.
It just looks so generic in all those press shots.

Also, that remote rev feature is going to be super annoying for some owners' neighbors.
Less than when they try to do it while sitting in the car and end up driving through their house.
I actually really like it! I definitely prefer it over the S550 generation and I think it’s a great last generation of the most iconic muscle/pony car of them all.

But if they don’t get Katy or at least the song for a marketing campaign or at least an ad, then the entire Ford marketing department can be thrown away.
Hmmm. To my eyes, it looks like a Camaro badged as a Mustang. Kind of sad- the current pony is instantly recognizable, and this is, well, kind of meh.
It's fine.
I was expecting the last generation of ICE Mustang to be Mustang af but I guess not lol. I'm sure it'll grow on me. To be fair, the colors they've chosen here are super lame, it's got no graphics, no flair.
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I still think Mustang would be really successful as a brand. Obviously the core of it would have to be a V8 ICE Mustang coupe. The rest could be EVs. Sports sedan, sports wagon, Mach E sports SUV. I think it's a great idea and it's right in line with the Mustang ethos of affordable, accessible, useable performance.
It doesn't look bad at all, but much too similar to the previous generation. If someone told me the S650 was just (another) facelift of the S550, I would believe it in a heartbeat.

Needless to say, this will definitely be the last V8 Mustang and likely the last Mustang in the traditional muscle car form. I predict that the Mustang as a muscle car will be cancelled once the S650 generation ends, probably in the early 2030s, and the Mustang will be merely the Mustang Mach E crossover. The reason why is simple. Mustang sales have been slumping over the last decade- just a mere 52,000 units were produced in 2021. For comparison's sake, Mustangs sold an average of 150k units per year as early as 10-15 years ago. Nothing particular about the new generation suggests sales will magically spark back up. This is not because the Mustang is some ugly or incapable or overpriced machine, but because unfortunately, there is a dwindling number of buyers that want a muscle car. Boomers, the muscle car generation, are quite literally dying off. Performance CUVs and rugged SUVs and trucks are, and what will be in vogue for who knows how long. And Ford US has shown no hesitation in terms of discontinuing passenger cars, even when they do turn a considerable profit like the Fusion, in the name of SUVs/CUVs outselling them. Purists and diehards raging at Ford for eventually discontinuing the Mustang as we know it is nowhere near of a sufficient reason for Ford to keep the Mustang alive for further generations. Whether we like it or not, the heyday of the Mustang, at least in it's traditional form, is over.
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I think Ford could have made the old double hump dash work.

driving solo or with passengers and if the above theories of a sedan were in the works, the dash is already done. if it looks like a Mustang on the outside, why doesn't it look like one from the inside?
Saw it in person in Detroit. It definitely looks better in person but the rear corner of the car totally looks like a Camaro lol. Also, I didn't notice it in the photos but I really dislike how they got rid of the black bar connecting the tail lights. That further helped identify and differentiate the Mustang from the competition so that's one more reason it resembles a Camaro or other more pedestrian cars. I feel like they went too basic with the design and it's lost some of its special unique character. It also has very strange fourth LEDs near the headlights but they point into the grille rather than act as headlights, although they don't act as running lights. I'm not sure what they're for but I assume they make the grille glow at night. Gimmick.

Overall I gotta be honest, I think the exterior design is a downgrade. It lost some unique Mustang features that have become traditional over the past three generations, particularly at the rear.
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Did you check out the rear window? It's supposed to have every Mustang etched on the screen.
They didn't have the cars on the floor close enough for us to inspect them unfortunately.

Blanchard Racing Team teases the new Mustang for V8 Supercars



Photos of the BRT Ford show that the build is relatively advanced, with the car able to come off the hoist and sit on its wheels.

It has also already been fitted with its 5.4-litre V8 engine.

However there are some parts missing, notably the rear wing which is yet to be formally homologated by Supercars.

As first revealed by Motorport.com earlier today Supercars is planning to test the Ford and GM prototypes this month, both at Queensland Raceway and also on a runway, to help finalise homologation and further alleviate concerns from Ford following VCAT testing late last year.

Once homologations is signed off, teams will be able to complete their builds ahead of a compact testing programme, which will kick off in late January.

According to BRT owner Tim Blanchard, being able to showcase BRT001 this close to completion is a major step – particularly as it is the first in-house build, after running what were effectively Tickford customer Gen2 chassis.
"Dark Horse." Appropriate, considering the styling makes this looks like the Nickelback of Mustangs.

It's so sad that, now that I see @Keef mention it, I do agree that the Mach E looks far better.
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Dark Horse will have optional carbon fiber rims




The 19-inch wheels are Ford’s first five-spoke, single-piece carbon-fiber rims. They’re also the first wheels from Carbon Revolution that feature the lug nuts between the spokes, like the Mustang’s classic five-spoke design. Ford and Carbon Revolution previously collaborated on the Mustang Shelby GT350R and the Ford GT.

Carbon Revolution will protect the wheels from brake heat by applying a ceramic and metal coating to the inside of the front rims. The carbon-fiber wheels have undergone more than 200 structural and environmental validation tests.

The front wheels will have a heat-shielding material made from metal and ceramic to protect the carbon fiber from the heat generated from the 6-piston front rotors. The wheels will only be available for buyers who choose an available handling package. According to Mustang product manager Jim Owens, they will be available about 90 days after the the car hits the market. Ford is still tuning the car for the wheels, but says they have already undergone more than 200 tests for structural and environmental validation.

With their lightweight material, the carbon-fiber wheels will save unsprung and rotational mass. Ford said they will weigh 37% less than the Dark Horse alloy wheels of the same size. That translates to about 21 pounds of weight savings in total.
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