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Austin Cindric hits the wall and breaks a toe link. No caution.
Chris Buescher leads at the end stage 2. Followed by Chastain and Harvick.

Byron 4th
Blaney 6th
Larson 7th
Bell Out
Blaney has passed Byron for the champ 4 lead. 100 laps to go.
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Blaney tries to get aggressive with Chastain but isn’t able to complete the pass and falls back to third overall.
On the pitstop, Blaney loses position to Larson and Byron.
Blaney drives past Larson for the champ 4 lead with 20 to go
And with that, 2023 season is complete. The discussion thread for next season is now open. Will get to work soon prettying up the 1st post with logos and schedules. I wanna say thank you to everyone who participated in this years discussion.

Please continue to post in this thread for anything pertaining to this season as we transition to next year.
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Ryan Blaney is the 2023 NASCAR Cup Series Champion!
And with this, Ford sweeps all three series titles. What a weekend for the Blue Oval.

I'm pretty convinced this championship is either going to a Hendrick driver (Typical) or maybe yet another driver in a Yellow Ford gets to get a championship with little or no wins. Bell will be Gibb's best chance for a championship and it'll be by far the most hopeless.
Called it. Something in the back of my mind just said this was not gonna be his day.
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So happy to see my guy win the title, and also happy for Harvick getting a solid top ten finish to cap off his career.
I just had that feeling that Blaney was going to pull it off. He was top 5 at the Phoenix finale two years ago inbetween the championship contenders. Then I think he had the best car last year, but he played rear gunner to Logano and didn't contest him for the win and settled for 2nd. Then he went out and won last week, so he had a massive amount of momentum on his side.

I've always liked him. Congrats on the championship!
I asked the question yesterday: could Ford do the triple and win all 3 championships? Turns out I was right. Their stocks will go through the roof now.

Corey Heim penalized 25 points for intent wrecking Hocevar this past weekend. Moves him from 3rd in the truck series championship to 4th.
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If you haven't been following things, broadcasting legend Ken Squier is sadly in his final days. :(

If it wasn't for him the motorsports landscape in the U.S. would likely look completely different than it is now.