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We already know one change for the '24 schedule as Fontana will not be on it and might even be absent for '25. I really wish they would just scrap the reconfiguration as these cars clearly are not meant for short tracks and last year's Fontana race was great. That's of course presuming it actually happens and they don't just say screw it and turn the track into Amazon warehouses.

With NASCAR being in "throw everything at the wall and see what sticks" mode it will be interesting to see what fills the vacant slot. Presuming the reconfiguration actually happens the 2 year window is a perfect opportunity to try something like an Iowa or a race in Canada/Mexico since if it fails they have a convenient out. They've also floated the idea of doing a points race at the Coliseum but I can't imagine that would go over well, it works as an exhibition event but that's it.
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2 heats in and this is already more fun than last year.
Heats all finished and Almirola, Truex, and Byron look like the cars to beat. Bubba looks strong in traffic as well.
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Roush Fenway Keselowski Racing will miss the feature for the second year in a row.
Gotta say, it's both super encouraging and super weird seeing Kyle Busch fight for the lead in something that isn't in a Gibbs Toyota.
Wiz Khalifa’s halftime performance was miles better than whatever Cypress Hill was doing before the race.
Halfway in and Bubba Wallace and Truex look to be the cars to beat.
I didn't get to watch last years Clash, but was it as caution heavy as tonight's race?
Not this bad from my memory. The drivers seem to be more at liberty to drive the cars in deeper.
Martin Truex Jr. has won The Clash!
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NASCAR probably avoided a disaster there. The fact the LCQ drivers started the race on less fuel than the rest of the field is a bit unfair.
You need help man.
The help came and left. Lost cause.

If there is any truth to trying to get this as a regular season race in 2024, NASCAR should try to see if there is another location that can hold the Clash.

I'd have the slightest bit of sympathy for him if he was honest and said he was worried about the cartel violence in the area. It would still be an insanely stupid thing to do considering a single handgun isn't going to do anything against the cartel but guarantee your own death but it sounds better than admitting you are insanely careless with your firearms in a house with 2 small children.
Add another ex-Indy driver to the 500 lineup. Connor Daly to attempt to qualify in the 50.

With Zane Smith running multiple Cup races for Front Row, including the Daytona in the 36 and the rest in the 38, that makes at least two teams going home after the Duels.
As of now, it is 2. The 36, 13, 67 and 84 are 3rd cars for Front Row, Kaulig, 23XI and LMC. Unless they've changed the Provisional Rules (do they even have it anymore?), the 84 is likely to make it.
As of now, it is 2. The 36, 13, 67 and 84 are 3rd cars for Front Row, Kaulig, 23XI and LMC. Unless they've changed the Provisional Rules (do they even have it anymore?), the 84 is likely to make it.
Not in Cup since the charter system came into existence. In the other 2 series, the last spot is a past drivers' champ/past winner (driver, not team) provisional in this order:
  • Most-recent past champ if that champ ran a race in the series in the previous season, had won his most-recent championship in the last 10 years, and declared to run for points in that series (assuming the team entered the driver by the entry deadline).
  • The winner of a race in the current/previous year in the vehicle highest in owners' points (again, assuming the team entered the driver by the deadline; unclear whether that driver has to be running for points in that series that year).
  • A non-winner in the vehicle highest in owners' points.
We haven't heard from Team Hezeberg or NY Racing, both of which attempted the 500 last year.
We haven't heard from Team Hezeberg
I would be shocked if they were able to make an attempt since the Reaume Brother's shop that runs the program had a pretty significant shop fire a couple weeks ago and seem to be running their Truck program out of the Hattori shop for now.