6/6/12 - A-spec: 500PP FR Challenge

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  1. Master Weasel

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    United States Georgia

    A-spec: 500PP FR Challegne

    This an expert level event using FR cars.

    Tuning is allowed up to 500PP, and tires are limited to Sports/Medium or less.

    The Performance Difference Bonus is in effect for this event.


    Cape Ring Inner

    Laps: 7
    Cr: 151,000

    High Speed Ring

    Laps: 5
    Cr: 177,000

    Autumn Ring

    Laps: 5
    Cr: 135,600

    Tokyo Route 246

    Laps: 5
    Cr: 201,700

    Aso (Pavement) 104A

    Laps: 7
    Cr: 179,000


    First Place in all Events: Gift Car Coupon Camaro SS '10


    Toyota 86 GT '12

    Honda S2000

    Fairlady Z 280Z-L 2seater (S130) '78

    Mazda Roadster RS (NC) '07:



    Mazda Roadster TC

    Honda Mugen S2000 '00

    Toyota Supra SZ-R '97
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  2. JDMKING13

    United States Edison NJ

    How do you do this so fast! :lol: I'm going to whip out the viper GTS for this one.
  3. Master Weasel

    Online Now!
    United States Georgia

    I have nothing better to do at 11PM. :p
  4. Cappachihngo


    Thanks for the quick update MuoNiula. Any OCD updates?
  5. HaylRayzor


    I predict the Opera S2000 will be the choice for this one.
  6. rev_hard

    United States San Diego

    ^^ GSX/R might contend too
  7. Leoni Dias

    Brazil São Paulo

    OCD updated with the following cars:

    Camaro SS '00
    Camaro Z28 Coupe 97'
    SSR 03'
    Camaro IROC-Z Concept '88
    Corvette GRAND SPORT (C4) '96
    Corvette Z06 (C5) '00
    Camaro SS '69
    Chevelle SS 454 '70
    Corvette Stingray L46 350 (C3) '69
    Corvette ZR-1 (C4) '90
    Corvette Coupe (C2) '63
    Silverado SST Concept '02
    Corvette Convertible (C1) '54
    Corvette Z06 (C2) Race Car '63
    Camaro LM Race Car
    Corvette C5-R (C5) '00
    Calibra Super Touring Car '94
    Formula Gran Turismo
  8. Doodle

    United States Maryland

    I just said this in the correct fourm :grumpy:
  9. DVNTST8

    United States USA

    Just won the first race easily on 2nd try (had to remember how to drive the track), BMW Concept 1 Series tii @ 451pp. 370,000cr approx performance bonus.
  10. HaylRayzor


    Nope. FR only.

    I ran the first race at 470pp with the Opera and won by 30+ seconds.

    PP bonus calculates to 5% for these events.
  11. Azura

    Canada Ontario

    Mazda Miata Touring Car [the DLC one] works great for this event, slowly detuning it, but I have it around 425pp right now and it beat the Series One by approx. 6 seconds. This has only been tested on the Cape Ring event so far.
  12. Doodle

    United States Maryland

    Most of the fast cars that can compete really well at less than 450pp are MRs. Most notibly the GSX, Elise, and NSX.
  13. Blitz24

    United States NJ/USA

    Took out the Callaway C12 for the first time ever at Mt. Aso. I seem to vaguely recall the track but it was a lot of fun until I realized that the lead 2 cars run away while the rest of the field are moving chicanes. Managed to take the lead on lap 5 of 7 and won by 10 seconds. PP was at 475 with dirty oil.
  14. HaylRayzor


    Yes but...

    The event is FR only. :lol:

    I tried the HSR event at 400PP in the Opera. I managed 2nd. Better than I expected for 100PP down at HSR. Bumped it up to 410 and won. I'm confident 400PP will be easy at more technical tracks.

    EDIT: I did the CR event at 400 and won by 13 seconds. Too easy. As usual the Opera is dominant.
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  15. Starking


    395PP 86GT at Cape Ring Inner, got first and won 950,000 with a 110% bonus. So 7 minutes for 1.7+ million credits, not bad at all.
  16. AJHG1000

    Mexico Tijuana, BC

    I was going to say it lol
  17. ghsnu

    United States Tucson, AZ

    Just did R246 in a 460pp C63. Finished 3rd with roughly a 365000cr payout. Note to self: C63 is a tankslapper no matter what.

    And a quick checklist:
    Proper FR event: check
    Fun and reasonable PP setting (no 650pp roadcar BS): check
    Same boring rolling start: check
    Same :censored: start in the back of the pack: check

    Yeah, I'm getting tired of this BS. Every event is the same - find a car that drives well, hit "start race", blast to 4th/3rd within a lap or two, and then try to hone in on the leader on the very last lap at the very last second. It's always the same, but with different cars, tracks, and restrictions. I hate it. BUT, it's the only way to make an actual profit since the A-spec races practially rob you blind.

    No wonder I'm itching to get a new Xbox (fyi, current Xbox is broken) - that way I can finally get some variety with cars and races. This isn't the '90s PD, this is the 21st century - get with the program.
  18. lldantell

    United States Westchester,il

    Is this another shootout
  19. shepzki

    England England

    You sure about those figures? I just did the same track, with the same car @ 390pp and I only got this:


    And that was with a 200% login bonus. :confused:
  20. Starking


    I earned roughly 950k with a 110% login bonus. So given the maths it should be about 1.72 million. Are you sure you won it? I did earn about 660k for second place at 390PP (With a 110% bonus.) I'm gonna go boost my login bonus and try again.
  21. Rob192005

    England Backstreets of Paisley

    I'mma try this but probably in an M3,what ya'll think my chances are? :lol:
  22. Santos i7

    Germany United States

    Got 532k at 2nd place at Cape Ring in a 405pp 86GT with some very mediocre driving. I could see some of the seasoned guys getting this at like 375pp. Maybe even lower than that.
  23. Rob192005

    England Backstreets of Paisley

    So that answers that then,okay something a bit slower.:sly:
  24. Killermiller24

    Switzerland Bern

    no, you calculated wrong
  25. ghsnu

    United States Tucson, AZ

    Tried it myself with a 395pp 86GT. Got about 1.086 million with a 200% bonus. Maybe your math is wrong? I *think* the game goes by multiplying your 1st place prize money by your daily bonus and then adds your PDA bonus.
  26. Starking


    I realized that afterwards, the login bonus doesn't work for the extra credits earned. It only affects the base amount.
  27. Santos i7

    Germany United States

    How disappointing. I was actually pretty excited for that 1.7.
  28. Rob192005

    England Backstreets of Paisley

    Okay,I got 5th (so nearly 4th) in my slowest FR which was the 409PP 300SL '54 Chromeline,the Shelby Series One won by nearly 30 seconds though...:boggled:
  29. Starking


    Ditto, I thought the login bonus also went through the PDA. Still, not a bad amount of credits.
    Try it with the M3 '04 at the front of the pack. It's roughly 10-15 seconds slower overall then the Series One.
  30. Rob192005

    England Backstreets of Paisley

    Said M3 just beat me by 0.431 in a 420PP RX-8 '07...:ouch: I think I can get him this time.

    Edit: Yep 900k better off,I won by 0.492.
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