Finished A couple of races on 2nd Nov - 5:30pm GMT

Discussion in 'GT6 Single Races & Time Trials' started by Lilium, Oct 22, 2016.

  1. Niku Driver HC

    Niku Driver HC

    That last part is going to haunt you for the next month or so. Truly a moment when the apprentice beat the master... Or when luck showed its kindest side to me, take a pick. :lol:

    As for post-Lupo situation, all I'll say is that such reaction was unnecessary and uncalled for. No more, no less, lest I spark more needless overreactions. It was a light-hearted series of races, not a mega-professional one.

    The Cube race is an interesting idea, but only two cars aren't enough to gauge that idea properly. Maybe at a later date a series of short races featuring slow cars and strong boost would work...? I don't know about the general opinion, but I would like to see more of that.

    All in all, a nice evening of racing, but the technical side of things could've been better. Oh well, #justgtthings!
  2. Harsk100


    Well, it was a great night today, despite of me not being able to appear in all races!

    At the Lupo Race, I couldn't appear on the race, because I was preparing the cars. So, I watched the last minutes of the race and then suddenly after the race, Ben Millard gets very angry with Lilium for unsporting behaviour and he leaves the lobby. :sick:

    In Mégane Trophy race, it was very good for me, as I managed to win ahead of Niku. At the Toyota 86 Race, however, I made several errors which dropped me to the 3rd behind Niku and Rallymorten. I watched your finish from the distance!

    Anyways, when I was going to race on the Willow Springs 500PP race, I suddenly got Disconnected...

    But anyways, it was still a good night race, so, I'm looking forward for more races in the future. :tup: