A-spec Expert Level Ferrari Challenge: Ascari Full Track

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    You make a lot of good points. A typical clean race have the following components:
    1. Clean passing with little to no contact.
    2. At least 2 wheels are on the track at all times.

    But but but because of the random AIs behaviors such as ramming into you and such. I add 1 more element to clean race definition:
    3. AVOID being rammed and rear ended by the AIs.

    That is crazy isn't it? What I actually do in a race is that, when I'm leading, I always look at my rear view mirror and monitor the distance between the chasing AIs and anticipate their movements. I end up yielding (even if i don't have to) or even get off my racing line and let them pass whenever they are about to ram into me. I will then re-pass them back in another opportunity. By doing this, I actually have a lot of fun racing side by side with the AIs.

    This is just my playing style to make the game more fun lol. I focus much more in driving and racing side by side than winning. However, winning almost always comes as a by-product of the enjoyment process.
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    I miss Ascari event :(

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