A Story by Speed: The Ballad of a Young Driver. Chapter 18: How's My Driving?

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    That's the reaction I was going for. :lol:
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    Chapter 13: Back to Reality

    "What do you mean I've been out for 4 days?"

    "I mean...You've been out for 4 days."

    Huh, I've been unconscious for 4 days.

    "How do you feel?"

    "Ugh, like I was hit by a dump truck at 130 miles an hour."

    "Close. Try a black Mark III Supra at 75 miles an hour."

    "Do you mean..."

    "Yep. The driver of the Supra you were racing against was drunk as hell. I'm not too familiar with the laws in America regarding alcohol, but apparently he had a 0.16 BAC."

    "Well, at least it wasn't the street gang trying to get their stupid RX7 back."

    "Yeah...Wait, what street gang?"

    "Don't you remember two chapters ago? We were trying to buy the RX7 from a gang and they kept on giving us trouble."


    "Yeah! We fought them and beat them down in 45 seconds flat! Shawn gave us an MG42 for protection!"

    "Greg, we bought the car from a used car lot. It cost $6000."

    "So there was no gang, no fight, and no MG42?"

    "No, no, and...what's an MG42?"

    "It was a mach- you know what, nevermind."

    "Damn, you must've had one hell of a dream!"

    "Yeah, I guess so. So, what happened during my 4 days of sleep?"

    "Well, the hotel we were staying at gave us a call. Apparently we owe the valet boy who parked the Chevelle a new set of trousers."

    "I told him to start in third...Wait! I just remembered something! Wasn't there a girl at the race?"

    "Oh yeah. Hey, Charlie! He's awake now."

    A tall man walks into the room. He's somewhat well built, and has Alpinestar gloves that look like The Stig's.

    "Hey, mate! That was a whopper of a crash, glad to see you're okay."

    He has a very deep accent. He's either British or Australian.



    "I saw the little line after mine. My name is Charlie Clarkson, I'm British, and yes, I do know Jeremy Clarkson, but we're not related, thank God."


    "I'd just like to start off by saying thanks a million for saving my cousin Elise's life."


    "That girl from the race. Ah, you know what? I just realised that you probably heard me yell out Amy. That's her middle name. Her first is Elise."

    "What, like the car? That's an awesome first name."

    "Well, there's a long story behind that, but that's for a rainy day."

    Then, it started raining.

    "Ah, well you know what I mean, don't ya Greg?"

    "Hey, how do you know my name?"

    "D'you know a man named Tony? Tall guy, 30, too much free time?"

    "Yeah. What about him?"

    "I'm a friend of his, and he told me to look out for you coming to Seattle. You're probably wondering how he knew you were coming here? Well, I'm sure you also know a Mr. Shawn Tanaka. I've known him since he was very young, and I also know his parents very very well."

    "Hey, my head feels like someone, well, drove a Mark III Supra into it. Could you slow down?"


    "Anyway, who's this girl?"

    "Oh, you'll meet her. I'm going to go get the doctor, and you need to rest."

    "See ya, man."

    "Wait, where are you going?"

    "Back to Charlie's house. It's, as you Americans would say, off da hook, playa!"

    The doctor comes in and tells me that All of the important bits of my head were okay, but the rest took quite a beating. Probably explains why I was talking in a Russian accent. They would have to keep me here for a few days to make sure I wasn't going to pass out and die.

    *A few days later*

    Ladies and Gentlemen, let me give the rundown of your local hospital: Food sucks, room sucks, TV sucks. It only had one channel, which was CNN...

    # Reporter: The Japanese Ground Self Defense Force has announced that the city of Tsukuba has been finally rebuilt after reports of mass destruction in the city came in last month...

    Which was very annoying, since it repeated the same thing every hour. I had a glorious roomate, a 67-year-old man with both high blood pressure AND asthma, all rapped together in a beautiful life support machine. I was wondering If I should just jump out the window, and then...

    Doctor: "Alright, everything looks okay. Just a few more minutes and you'll be able to check out!"

    After God knows how long, I was free. I check out, get my clothes back, and head into the waiting room and find PJ, Charlie and the girl who's known as either Elise or Amy.

    "Hello, you must by El- I mean, Amy. Good to meet you."

    "Thanks for saving my life."

    She then gives me a very, VERY strong bear hug.

    "Oh, god..."

    "Amy, sweetheart, I think you're choking the poor boy."

    "Oh, sorry!"

    Weird, this girl didn't have an accent. Oh well.

    "Alright, let's get to the car park. We have a present for you to say thanks."

    Once we get down to car park, my, my...


    "A present from Amy."

    "Wow! You did this?!"

    "Why? You hate it, don't you?!"

    "No, this is great, thanks!"

    "Oh, um, you're welcome."

    Wow, this girl knew how to fix a car! She was also very shy, so I better make sure I watch my charm aro-


    "Don't even start. The Dukes of Hazzard are more charming than you are."

    "You should've seen the oil in this thing. It looked like someone had mixed Skittles with oatmeal, yet it smelled like wet dog."

    "Good thing this story doesn't have Smell-o-Vision. Anyway, where are we going?"

    "There are some more of those horsepower-limited races going on at a track called Sears Point in California. The way they're set up, anyone can enter, but if you get the podium in 3 races, you get a very tidy sum of money."

    "So, will I be racing you?"

    "No, the Lancia blew its engine. Again."

    "How much is again?"


    "Well, you know Lancia is known worldwide for their cars being extremely reliable."

    "Aw sod off. We're wasting time, so we've got to go."


    "Is this your Integra? It looks much better in white."

    "Thank You."

    End of Chapter 13. So now there are two new charecters. Hopefully I won't screw up the rest of the story. :scared:
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    1. Yay, the RX-7's fixed! Now we don't have to deal with mad tyte camber all up in it!

    2. I like the bit about the oil. That should be a running joke in all of these stories. ;)

    3. It's about time Tsukuba got fixed. Poor city never even stood a chance.

    4. Giiiiiiiirl! I see a giiiiiirl!
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    1. Yep, hopefully it'll be a bit faster, too.

    2. It'd be quite a good one. :lol:

    3. Apparently.

    4. Yesssss! I knowwwwwww!
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    1. Doesn't mad camber cause fast tyre wear?

    2. I'm not sure it's a running joke in all race stories...I don't think Red-Line referenced it.

    3. That was Tsukuba?

    4. Don't forget to use protection.
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    1. Only on the inside of the wheel, so yes.

    2. Well, I said it SHOULD be.

    3. It was any of a set of cities in Japan that the Black Suns happened to visit.

    4. NEW! David Johnson strength condoms. Will last all night, even if you can't.
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    Oi! The story hasn't gotten that far yet! :lol:
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    Kevlar? :p
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    Carbon nanotubes.
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    Nice story so far, anyway.
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    Chapter 14: Changes

    "So this is the place?"

    "Yep. Welcome to Sears Point."

    "I thought it was called Infineon."

    "That too."

    This was a track I was somewhat familiar with. You see, the NASCAR Sprint Cup Championship has 36 races. Of those 36, two are on road courses, and this track is one of them. There's also a Sports Car portion that used to have Indycars and the American Le Mans Series.

    "Alright, I've already got you signed up for the first race this morning. It'll give you a chance to evaluate your 'new' RX7. I'm sure you'll like it."

    "Wait, I'm racing already? I just got out of the hospital."

    "Yeah, but you don't want to get rusty, do you?"

    He did have a point. However, I could tell by his face that he had something else on his mind. Whatever it was, I wasn't really interested.

    Before the race started...

    "Hey PJ?"


    "How'd you know what I was thinking when we were in hospital?"

    "What, about the girl? Well, you had this look on your face and I thought you 1)were taking a wee in your pants, 2) figured out how to revive Michael Jackson, or 3)were thinking that you were charming the girl. I opted for 3."

    "Hey, get on the grid! The race is starting."

    "Here goes something."

    I get on the grid and I was surprised. There was a Solstice, an S-spec Silvia with the R-spec bodykit, an Audi... I could basically walk all over these guys! Of course, the organisers put a radio in my car.

    "Man, this'll be easy!"

    #-"Well what d'you expect? That I would let you race in a Veyron?"

    "There aren't any Veyrons in the game."

    #-"What game?"



    The race starts, and my predictions are immediatly correct.
    S15 Driver: "Already?!"
    Yes, already.


    I pass the Solstice and the Lexus, and I'm loving this car. It's almost perfectly balanced. I'd even say it's even more balanced than my NSX. Amy obviously messed with the suspension, as It has near-perfect cornering and can apex the corners like nothing. It didn't have much power, so I had a hard time going fast. Despite this, the RX7 made use of it's power very well.


    Coming up to the last bit of the race I was on the Speedster's tail. I could tell it was the turbo version because of how fast it was.


    He holds on, but I pass on the straight and take the win.
    Speedster driver: "BUT I HAVE A TURBO!!!!"

    After the race, I go into the pits.

    "So, whad'ya think?"

    "This thing is great! I was going to sell It, but I think I'll hold onto it. Thank you Elise for tuning it!"

    "You're welcome...Wait. Charlie, did you tell him my real name?!"


    "Now you've done it..."

    After the race, and the yelling, the track is cleared up and a track day session starts.

    "Look, I'm sorry about that. I didn't think it would be a sensitive subject."

    "It's fine. Charlie told me what he said, so I guess you didn't know."

    Normally, I'd be my usual nosy self and ask why, but I decided not to.

    "Hey, you wouldn't mind If I borrow the Integra for the track session, would you?"

    "No, go ahead."

    I remembered how fast this car was in Seattle, so I wanted to see what made it that way. Before I went out, I went back to the RX7 and find something interseting in the trunk. Unfortunately, it wasn't an MG42.

    "NEW! David Johnson strength condoms. Made with carbon nanotubes, they'll last all night, even if you can't. What the hell is this?"

    "Umm, sorry those are for a mate."

    "Why would you...I won't ask. It's probably against AUP."


    Before I go out, there were some cars coming so I had to stop and wait. There was yet again a radio, just for saftey.

    "What's this thing do?"

    #-Crank dat Pikachu! (oh!) Crank dat Pikachu...

    #-"What are you doing with my car?!"

    Here I am sitting in this poor girl's car laughing my butt off and I can see her in the rearview mirror with her face as red as a tomato.

    "For the record, it's much, much better than the original song."

    I gather my composure and go out on the track with the front tyres spinning like crazy! On the first few turns, I understeer way off!


    I begin to get used to this car, but I'm not even going full throttle. Despite this, I look ahead...


    And see that I'm catching up to a black R32 GTR!
    R32 Driver: "An Integra?"


    This thing was amazing! It was probably the most uncomfortable car I've ever driven fast, and here I was, racing a guy who more than likely had 100 more horsepower!


    After two laps, I had the 2nd fastest time, right behind a blue R34 GTR. The way it was set up, I could tell that Amy, or Elise, had a very unique driving style.

    "I don't know how you drive this thing, but I like it. You must really have some talent."

    "Not really..."

    Then, two R32's, including the one I was racing, and a blue R34 pull up.

    "Who are you fool?"

    "That depends on who you're talking too. This guy over here might be who you're looking for."


    "Oh, a comedian! So funny man, are you trying to make trouble with the Red Badge Brotherhood?"

    "The who?"

    "We challenge you to a race, tommorow, in the Hollywood Hills! GTR's only!"

    "I accept."

    "I...wait, what now?"

    End of Chapter 14.
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    Ooh...this looks interesting. That R32 driver doesn't know jack-:censored: about how to drive a GT-R. :lol:
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    Just what we all needed!:dopey:
    This story is getting good, and mine will also have a lot of David Johnson references (like the one above. I need to ask StigNumbers first, since last time I did something like that I almost got kicked off another website...:scared:)
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    Chapter 15: Hidden Talent

    "What? No way, little girl."

    "Amy, what are you doing?"

    "You heard me. I accept your challenge! That's my car anyway, so it's only fair."

    "I ain't racin' no chick."

    "What? Are you scared you're going to lose to a 'little girl?'"

    At this point she did the most unusual chicken dance in the whole of man kind. Actually, saying 'in the whole of mankind' is kind of an understatement.

    "Alright, you wanna get beat, then that's fine. Remember, tommorow, Hollywood Hills. Be there!"

    The three GTR's then drove away with their RB26's howling.

    "Umm, what just happened?"

    "The Hollywood Hills are in LA. There's a small track there called Trial Mouintain. Don't worry about anything, I'll give you directions. All you have to do is be there tommorow."

    "But we don't have a GTR."

    "I said don't worry."

    Charlie had the look from earlier on his face, but I could tell that he was thinking something completly different. Whatever it was, I was now very interested.

    "You guys better go now, it'll be a long drive."

    Through the power of fictional writing (and Captain Planet and the Planeteers), the long drive turned into just a few words, and we arrive at the track. It was literally a track that was cut through the mouintain landscape. It was awesome for two reasons: It looked beautiful, and we could clearly hear the sound of the RB26's, as well as an annyoing, fanboyish sound.

    "So, are you ready to feel the force of the Red Badge Brotherhood?!"

    "Dude, you're an extremely minor part of the story. Just get in your car and shut the hell up!"

    ":censored: you, haters!"

    He finally went away. Good thing too, there was a half-empty bottle of Mobil 1 that I was ready to pour down his throat. Although, since I'm 18 that would probably count as manslaughter.

    "Hey, look who it is."

    "Is it badge boy?"

    "Who's badge boy?"

    "Don't worry about it, Charlie."

    "Where's Amy?"

    "Oh, she's getting ready to drive. She'll be on the grid in a couple of minutes."

    "So, who are these guys she's racing against?"

    "They're a group known as the 'Red Badge Brotherhood,' a reference to the Red GTR badge on the Skyline. They claim to operate by themselves, but each one of them is a memeber of the Nissan Driver's Club. They all drive Skyline GTR's and they are the textbook definition of fanboys. In fact, there are only two people in this race that aren't part of the group: Amy, and a Russian bloke in a silver R34. Ah, speak of the devil."

    On the final grid spot there is an old R32 in bright white. The driver revved it's engine, but it sounded very different from a normal RB26. I look in the car and see a familiar face.


    "Is that her?"

    "Yes, it is. Surprised?"

    In truth, I was surprised. This girl went from being extremly shy to I don't know what, but it was cool.

    "Hey, watch yourself Capitain Hormone! Keep a good eye on her during the race. The guy that challenged us is up in P1."

    "What makes you think that was what I was thinking?"

    "Cause you're a guy."

    He did have a point.


    "Oh, this'll be an easy win."

    Down the pits there are a group of guys chanting 'Red Badge Brotherhood' over and over and over...I was really starting to wish the MG42 wasn't a dream.

    "3, 2, 1, and go..."


    By the first corner, Amy get's into third, passing two vintage Nissans and a R32.


    Then it's the Silver R34. You could hear him over the radio shouting something in Russian, obviously a curse.


    Next it was the challenger in the brown Skyline. He was obviously much faster than the other competitors.


    For some reason though, she never passed, even though she had lots of chances.



    "Yeah! She's gone from last to second in no time at all. It's almost like Ayrton Senna at the 1993 European Grand Prix. In fact, some of her driving seems like Senna's."

    "Then hopefully you won't mind teaching her?"

    "Wait, what? Why? She's extremely fast by herself."

    "She's too fast."


    "See how much she's understeering right there?"


    "That's because the GTR has a special traction control device that I put in. Yes, Amy is an extremely fast driver, but without that device, she probably would've crashed already."

    "What makes you say that?"

    "She has an Integra because the FF layout creates so much understeer that she can't go flat out. She probably has the potential to be one of the greatest female drivers in the world. The only problem is that she's very reckless at high speed."


    "What does this have to do with me?"

    "While she is fast, you're much faster. I could tell when you drove the RX7 yesterday that you have a more careful driving style, but at the same time you balance it with an alomst perfect speed and handling. It's probably because of how much time you spend driving that NSX."

    "How'd you..."

    "That's not important right now."


    "Ok, this is getting boring."
    "C'mon little...wait!"


    "Bye, bye!"
    "Wait, why can't I catch up?!"

    "She has actually been in some serious accidents while racing. There were a couple that should've killed her, but they didn't. I want you to teach her how to balance care with speed. Not now, but soon."

    "Well, why can't you teach her?"

    "I used to race in the BTCC back in the late 80's and early 90's. I won the Championship twice. She's beaten me three times, so I'm too slow. Can you do this favor for me?"

    I don't know what I could possibly do, but I could tell that he was being very serious.

    "Ok, I'll give it a shot."


    "I won! I hope he was watching..."

    The race ends, and the white R32 comes by us.

    "So, what did you think?"

    "That was awesome! I'm sure those guys won't be bothering us. Look at them!"

    Out of nowhere, PJ whips the Chevelle out and blocks the brown R34. He gets out and starts talking to the driver, as well as his goons. Then for some odd reason, they start handing money to him. He moves, and they drive away.

    "What was that?"

    "I was getting tired of those guys talking, so I told them to put their money where their mouths were. Then, I proceeded to take the money from their mouths."

    "You put down a bet?"

    "And won! A total of around $3,000."


    "CHYORT!! I can't belive that I lost! I had the best car!"

    "You had the best car? You were racing basically against guys who had the same vehicle."

    "Yeah, but I had a Stage 5 Turbo from HKS!!!"


    "And what? I had 600 horsepower and I lost!"

    "You put a giant turbo on MY GTR and nothing else?! I'm surprised you didn't grenade the engine! I'll probably have to rebuild the damn thing."

    "Shut up, Nikoli! You and your whining!"

    "Master James?"


    "We must be heading to the South of France. The Monaco Grand Prix is in 3 weeks, so we have to start testing."

    End of Chapter 15
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    Alright, some GT-R fanboys had their butts kicked by a extremely fast girl. :p This stroy is getting good, anyway. I am a fan of the GT-R, don't thinjk I'm not, but people like those dudes are what I hate.
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    Hahah, nice story! I''ve read it from the beginning and the time just gone over unnoticed, true quality story! :tup:

    Also, I'm a little bit pervert, but women and cars only mean inumerous positions, and she even know how to work in the car... dude, this history has potential for the porn industry if you ask me. ;)
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    @FireEmblem10, I got the idea from the Xbox360/PS3 console wars, so that's what I was going for.

    @Dan_, as I said earlier, the story hasn't gotten that far yet! :lol:
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    I got caught in those wars... Man, that was a pain.
    If anything, there should have been a "Supra Heroes" club in the stroy or something like that with people who hate GT-R's and love Supras. I like both, so it doesn't matter for me.
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    Chapter 16: Corkscrewed

    "PJ, will you forget about it?"


    "It was just an accident."

    "Your 'accident' cost me all the money I just made!"

    "Hey, at least no one got hurt."

    "That may change for you in a couple of seconds."

    "Look, it was just a little hit."

    "The front bumper is gone! And the front of the Chevelle is covered in Mayo!"

    "Hey, don't hate on Mayo!"

    "Not now! I'll be surprised if this doesn't end up on the news!"

    "Well, then lets go back to Charlie's house."

    "Think of it this way, anyone that got caught behind us can now grill some hamburgers."

    "And this helps how?"

    "How should I know! I'm hungry!"

    "Oh for God's sake..."

    We get back to Charlies house, which is, as PJ said, off da hook! It has...

    "Hey! You can't tell anyone!"

    "Oh right, I forgot."

    "I hope the driver of that meat truck is ok."

    "So, what do we do now?"

    "There's one more race going on at Laguna Seca later today. It'll be your third race, so you'll be able to collect the prize."

    "Ok, that sounds good. I might as well go home after this."

    "Yes, especially since the State Police will probably be after us for causing the worst traffic jam ever on the 101 Freeway."

    "I hope you don't mind if we follow you guys to New York? I haven't seen Tony in quite a while. Might as well see the old fool while I have a chance."

    "Old fool? He's 30, and you were racing in the BTCC in the 80's. Wouldn't that make you older?"

    "And your point is...?"

    "Nevermind. Let's just go to Monterey."

    Laguna Seca is basically the most famous race track in America. Everyone races here, from Historic race cars to motorcycles to the American Le Mans Series. The thing that makes the track famous is Turn 8, known as the Corkscrew. It's called that because it's a downhill S-turn. Another thing this track seems to be famous for was that it was hot as hell.


    "Can you guys hear me?"

    #-"AHHHHH!!!!! Too Loud!!!!"

    "I'll take that as a yes."

    There was a 300ZX in front of me, probably has the NA engine. The hard ones would no doubt be the two Honds S2000's. I was wondering why there were two Legacy Station wagons, but I got my answer over the radio.

    #-"Ready to lose, loser?"

    It was the Legacy driver, who had a very high voice. I assumed that the two Legacy's were being driven by boys who just got their license and "borrowed" their parents' cars.


    The 300ZX understeers wide on the Andretti haipin.


    Then the two Legacys understeer.

    "Why didn't you block him?!"
    "Why didn't you?!"

    They then began to bang into each other.


    I had a suprisingly hard time catching up to the first S2000. Our cars were so evenly matched, I couldn't get past.


    I was trying so hard to find a spot to pass, that I forgot about the corkscrew.

    "Oh :censored:."


    Somehow I outbrake the S2000 and make it through without spinning out.

    "That was way too close."


    Now, all I had was the yellow S2000, who was also evenly matched

    S2000 Driver: "Wow, that's one fast RX7!"


    #-"You Ok? Looks like you had a scare back there."

    "I'm good, as long as I don't spin on that corner."

    #-"Well, here's some advice on the Corkscrew: Watch the curb."

    That's it?! How am I supposed to do that? Wait, I wonder if he means...


    "Oh, I see!"


    "He outbroke me!"


    #-"What are you talking about?"
    "Don't know, I saw it on Top Gear."


    I cross the line in 1st. After the race, We're approached by a race official.

    "I understand that you've gotten on the podium in three of our races."

    "That's right."

    "Well, as a reward, you get $15,000, and tickets to the Monaco Grand Prix. You can bring as many people with you as you like."

    "Wow, thanks! Hey, where are the two Legacy's?"

    "They DNF'd. They hit each other so much that they totalled both their cars. I'm sure their parents won't be happy."

    "So, Monaco, eh?"

    "Yep. The race is in two-and-a-half weeks."

    "Can we go back home, first?"


    "Finally, it's done!"

    "Yeah. I can't belive how complicated the whole thing was."

    "Well, it was co-developed by Ayrton Senna."

    "Do you think he'll like the changes?"

    "Nope, but he'll get used to it."

    End of Chapter 16
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    Nice chapter, nice bit of humour there with the two kids in their Legacys.
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    :O, looking forward to "see" the reworked NSX.
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    I'm back in school, which is why it took so long for this chapter to come up.

    Chapter 17: Reunion With The Beast

    "How is it that it took a couple days to get to the West Coast, but more than a week to get back?"

    "Cause the author is a lazy idiot who spends his time listening to Camp Lo and Black Moon."

    "Hmm...Well, it's better than that Soulja Boy rubbish that's always on the radio."

    "At least he's got taste in the old stuff. If this is what rap has gone to, then there is something very wrong here."

    "Umm, Guys? What are you talking about."

    "World Peace. Don't worry, we'll get back to the story."

    Home, sweet home! After what felt like an eternity in Washington and California, we were back in New York. After the past events, I decided to hold onto the RX7. Why should I let Amy's work go to waste? When we pulled up to my house, there was something strange. I couldn't put my finger on it but something felt very strange. I dismissed it as homesickness.


    "Well, we're home."

    "Wow, it's so pretty!"

    It has to be said, you do get a weird feeling when a girl describes the place you live as "pretty." When we get inside, I'm welcomed by the saddest sight in the history of man.

    TV: "Pedro, no te entiendo cuánto Te amo?!"

    (crying) "Come on man, don't you get it?!"

    "I know! It's terrible."

    "Shawn, why man? I thought you were tough! Sam, look at what you've done to the man!"

    (sniff) "Hey Greg. Good to see your back."

    "Don't talk to me..."

    "That's enough. In all fairness I sorta kinda forced him to watch. So how was..."

    She stops talking and looks over my shoulder.

    "Who is this?"

    "Oh, this is Amy. Amy, this is my sister, Sam."

    "Hi, it's nice to meet you."

    "You brought a girl from California?!"

    At this point, Sam immediatly runs up and begins asking more questions than one could probably understand. I ignore her and move towards Shawn.

    "Shawn, Why?"

    "Why what?"

    "Why do I have to walk into my house only to see you on the couch crying your eyes out to this crap? I don't know what to do about this."

    "Ok, but then you won't get your car back."

    "I mean, wha...wait, say that again?"

    "Look across the street."


    There it was, in all its red gleaming glory, my Honda NSX-R. I was feeling like Bill Cosby when he got his Shelby Cobra Super Snake. Hopefully, this car won't attempt to kill me when I start it up.

    "Is it really..."

    "Yep, it's fixed, and it's yours."

    "And I helped!"

    "Oh man I can't believe...Wait, say that again?"

    "I helped him fix it! Isn't it great?! Why are you backing away from it?"

    "Cause I think I'll need to call the bomb squad..."



    "Are you serious?! I did this because I thought it would be a good present, and you say that?!"

    "Damn, calm down! It was a joke!"

    If you value your life do not make her mad.

    "That'll sting tommorow."

    "Damn! where'd you come from?!"

    "Sorry, there was a slight delay at LAX. You know that extermley unprenouncable volcano in Iceland? There was some idiot in a red Toyota Hilux on the mouintain, so they didn't know if it would go off or not. So anyway, let us have a look at this car."

    I walk over to the car and open my door. The first thing I notice is...


    The roll cage.

    "OW! Why is there a roll cage? Wait, what happened to everything? Where's my A/C, and my carpet, and my GPS, and my gearknob?!"

    "Ah, yes. The body was so badly damaged that when the car was finally put back together, it was flexing a lot. So, we put in the cage to stiffen it up. Also, we took out the old gearbox and replace it with a flappy-paddle transmission. Everything else was taken out to save weight."

    "Shwan, the reason why I had all this stuff on here was so that It would be comfy. And you know the cage isn't street legal! If I get pulled over, the NSX will be impounded."

    "Then don't get pulled over. It was either a cage, or bright red scrap metal."

    "Wow, this is so cool!"

    I turn and find Amy in the passenger seat.

    "Ok, is there some kind of teleportation device that I don't know about?!"

    "What? It looks fast too."

    If you have a best friend that has a certain face when they get some kind os idea, that's what she looked like now.

    "Hey, Shawn? Do you have somewhere you can store some cars?"

    "Sure, which ones?"

    "The RX7, the RS200, and the Chevelle."

    "Not a problem."

    "Well, it's been a long day. How about we have a bit of supper and call it a night? Greg, why don't we go to the track tommorow and test out your 'new' car."


    After we all go inside and eat a crapload of fried pork, which tastes a lot like bacon, we all go to bed. The next morning, I get up and grab my keys. When I get downstairs, I find Shawn, Amy and PJ already there.

    "What are you guys doing here?"

    "I'm the sidekick, as usual."

    "Charlie says that you're my new teacher now, even though I don't need one!"

    (off in the distance) "Yes you do, Ms. Kenievel."

    "How'd he get in my house?"

    "Greg, I need to talk to you. Something weird is going on here."

    "What is it?"

    "Let's go down to the track and wait for the next chapter."


    End of Chapter 17. So, nothing much happens here, but things are going to pick up soon.
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    Yay the NSX is back!
    Quite a nice chapter. Even though there was nothing particularly interesting going on you pulled it off nicely.
  24. DK

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    I'm glad to see the NSX return, it's a beautiful car. It's my favourite Japanese car that isn't a Nissan.
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    Yay, it's back! And lol at the Spanish soap :p
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    Good to see the NSX is back. :D
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    Man, school makes everything worse. Except your brainstuffs.
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    Chapter 18: How's My Driving?


    I'm driving behind Shawn through downtown New York, which for som reason was surprisingly empty.


    "Shawn, where are we going?"

    #-"You know the Apricot Hill track they've been building for the last year? While you and PJ were away, they opened it up."


    I wasn't really sure what to make of the NSX. The flappy-paddle gearbox and weight reduction helped the acceleration, but I couldn't notice much past that.

    "What's with all the grandstands?"

    #-"The Formula GT held what could only be described as a surprise round during the weekend. Not many people knew about it, but it got very busy very quickly."

    "Who won?"

    #-"A Russian driver named James Volinski. You should've seen it! During the whole race it was a three-way battle between him, Rubens Barrichello, and Lewis Hamilton"



    #-*BANG, STATIC* "I'm OK!"

    #-"The bright red missile silo on your head says otherwise."

    "Was that 5 or 6 this time?"


    The ride, however, was slightly bumpy.

    "Wait. PJ, how'd you get in the car since it's a two-seater and Greg and Amy are already there."

    #-"Magic. Can we move along?"

    We get lost, twice, and eventually find Apricot Hill. It's a large track, with one of the more noticeable features being some downhill S-curves.

    "Alright, Shawn. What did you want to tell me?"

    #-"Look over on your left."

    I see the entrance to the track, and over to the side there are two black Mercedes. parked between the two is a Viper GTS, an Impreza STI, and a S14 Silvia, all being taken apart. By that, I mean, body panels, windows, suspension, they even took out the SR20 in the Silvia. The two of us get in the pits and park.

    "What's all this?"

    "These guys came out of nowhere and took over. The Same thing is going on at Autumn Ring and Deep Forest. They randomly take three cars every hour and strip them to the frame basically."

    "How long this been happening?"

    "You know how most of the Japanese Military was destroyed last month? They claim to be investigators for the United Nations, looking for any clues that may lead to the culprit."

    "The UN? Really?"

    "Yeah, but these guys are crappy liars. The UN officially ended the investigation a couple days ago because of a lack of evidence. Still, you and PJ better watch yourselves."

    At this point, the track was closed off for the next half-hour, so I decided that I would sneak by the new "security" and see how Amy's driving was.

    "Alright, ready to go?"

    "Yeah! Let's go!"

    She was a bit more hyper today, but I thought it was just excitement.


    I was mistaken.

    "Woah, don't do that!"



    Now, one of the first things I could quickly tell with my spidey senses was that sh wasn't used to driving an MR sports car. Although, she could enter corners faster than I would.


    At the cost of my tires.

    "Ugh, that sounds so annyoing!"

    "You do know you're paying for those, right?"


    Halfway through the lap, I could tell that she was getting more used to the car, and I was starting to see what Charlie was talking about.


    So did the motorcyclist.

    "Jeez, move!"

    "Hey, watch it, Sabine!"*


    (head out the window) "Four wheels are better than two!"


    Aprilla rider: "Who the hell was that?"


    "What was the time?"

    "1'35, Fastest lap of the day."

    "Do you think Greg likes those changes you made?"

    "Well, the girl is probably having a better time. I wonder what the ride is like."


    "Watch *BANG* the *BANG* road!"

    She got too aggressive, and coming up to the hairpin it happened.



    Thankfully, we don't submit ourselves, and an $80,000 sportscar into the wall.

    "Ok, I think that's enough for today."

    "Are you Ok?"

    "Yeah, I'm fine. Why?"

    "Because your nails have left marks in the door."


    "So, how was it?"

    "Ok, I'm going to be straight to the point. You're stubborn, you're too aggressive, and you're going to kill yourself. You can't go through turns without burning up the tires. You almost hit the guy on the motorcycle! I don't want to teach someone that was just inches away from vehicular manslaughter! My car is probably in pieces right now and..."

    I could tell that what I was saying was making her upset. I've been on this earth for the past 18 years, I've seen actual footage of World War II, but the one thing I cannot escape is the sad face. Ask my sister.

    "...however, you have a very quick driving style, and you became used to the car in no time, and I assume you've never driver an MR sportscar. You aren't completely hopeless, so I think this may work."

    In an instant, her face brightened up.

    "Really? That's great!"

    "Yeah. Say, why don't we come back tommorow."

    "Uhh, Greg."

    "Yea... OH :censored:!"

    The NSX had rolled halfway down the pits, leaving behind the exhaust system.

    "COME BACK!!!!"

    "Dont worry, I can fix it! Again..."


    "Sir, Phase 1 of the takeover is complete. What's next?"

    "Well, we might as well make our grand introduction now. The man and woman, kill them both."


    End of Chapter 18

    *Sabine Schmitz
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    Ah, the ring queen. Well, looks like the NSX is going to be a bit of a handful on those bumpy tracks.
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    Actually, I think it's Sabine Schmidt. Anyways, nice chapter, I like the inclusion of the Aprilla.