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    If I'm remembering correctly, it was said that they have no plans for planting another one in the same spot, mainly for safety reasons. Since it's a relatively low speed corner, it wasn't too dangerous and was fine since it was already there, but leaving something iconic that is already there is a lot different than deliberately placing something that will eventually become quite solid a few feet off of the edge of the circuit. Insurance companies generally have little interest in sentiment.

    I think another one was planted outside of the track though, and there was carving made in a piece of the original Oak Tree that was to be put where it used to stand.

    They also made keychains out of Oak Tree that you could buy, but I can't remember if they were only offered to the Driving Club members or if they were for public sale as well.

    I don't know if anything ever came of it, but they also had partnered up with Virginia Tech to attempt to clone Oak Tree and make saplings that they were going to give (sell?) to the community/fans so that you could plant your own.

    Edit: Ah, here's the story about the new oak tree being planted. It was actually grown from an acorn from the original, which is pretty cool.

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    Found this cool video of the current state of the pre-1970 Spa-Francorchamps circuit. It has commentary of Lucien Bianchi with English subtitles and an Aston Martin DB4 soundtrack taken from a 1962 film. He has some good tips there for those of us still learning the track in simulators. :tup: They apply best to 50s and early 60s F1 cars.

    Not much appears to have changed.
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