AI-generated car creations thread

The new Dall-E 3 update has improved some of the car generation ability. The AI now follows directions better when blending together different styles of cars. This experiment specifically led to the below creation, a Challenger-based Jeep convertible in stock, Hellcat, Rubicon, and custom lowrider configurations.

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Holy crap I love this.
2025 Chevrolet S10 (I indicated in the prompt that it was to be a Ford Maverick competitor) (the AI gave a whole range of designs ranging from very retro to very cyberpunk; I personally like #2 and #4 the most)



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I was bored yesterday so I wasted my time with Bing's Image Generator and this is what happened
Aston Martin DB11 GT1

Maserati MC-20 GT3

Lotus Emira GT3


Honda Accord GT3

Hyundai Elantra GT3

Peugeot 508 GT3

Lamborghini Aventador GT1

Ferrari 812 GT1

McLaren P1 GT1

Ford Falcon FGX GT3

Holden Commodore VF GT3

Dodge Neon SRT4 GT3

1996 Mitsubishi FTO GT3

Alfa Romeo Giulia GT3

Honda NSX GT1
Hi, I wanted to bring this thread back on the count I decided to play with the Bing A.I. designer tool.

I typed in wanting to see the 4th gen Chevrolet Camaro as a GT1 race car and this is what I got. I kinda like both, though not fond of the back fenders on the 2nd images.


I also tried doing the same thing with the SN95 Ford Mustang.

I then entered a prompt trying to see if I could get a Ford GT90 GT1 race car. I got a race car based on the 2005-06 Ford GT instead, happy accident I guess.


I used deepai generator with cyberpunk style. I actually like the Laguna, it would fit into current lineup with few updates and it looks very Laguna but more agressive. tbh 2nd render doesn't look like 21 Nevada at all in any way but its fine, although Laguna or even R21 Alizee (hatchback version) would fit more. 3rd render that is more specified ICE version looks good. I like the roof idea but original Nevada is bigger, this feels more like a modernised (never made Golf Variant competitor) R19 Nevada or revived Japanese 80s wagon. A bit too 80s for my taste but that is understandable because its a cyberpunk style generator, which I find the most appropriate free generator for future cars.

2025 Renault Laguna E-tech

2025 Renault 21 Nevada E-tech

Renault 21 Nevada station wagon 2025
I thought i broke this on bing last night i got the message saying cant make any unless current job finished type of thing, looked it up and loads of people had it, just gone back on to try and seems to be working again...

It`s brilliant..