AI-generated car creations thread



I put this
sports car cosworth evo honda mazda toyota lexus ford kia smart brabus huge wide bodykit hybrid huge tires speeding through night city slow shutter speed attached to car rear wide angle trails long exposure tires sparks light trails intense hyper speed trails explosion in sky fire trails on road dslr f3 rain water splash exhaust huge flames
What are the best AI generators that don't require account? deepai is decent.
A modern Ford Escort
This is very good creation for AI, one of best. It fuses the simplicity of first 2 generations, hatchback shape of 90s Escort while looking very clean like prettiest (IMO at least) 80s Escort. It uses new design cues from Ford very well. I like the starry night 'grill' better than modern Lexus or Peugeot does to their grilles with lots of unnecessary detail. This could be a good base for very good concept car, or EV. Designers and engineers could add 'soul' to this, and it could be a hit like Bronco revival.
opel omega 3rd generation 2026

vauxhall carlton 2026

From these generations, I get the impression that these look like heavily facelifted Omega A that would be produced for a long time outside of origin country, like 405. AI totally ignored modern design language of brand(s). Looking at these 2, I doubt it that designers will be osolete due to AI.