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Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 5' started by Mike Rotch, Oct 24, 2011.

  1. Mike Rotch

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    With the release of Downloadable Content (DLC) for GT5 upon us, there is bound to be a lot of questions about the how, where, what and why.

    This thread aims to consolidate all the information we have at our disposal - please search for your answer here before creating a new thread. It is highly likely that what you want to know has already been asked :).

    What is the DLC? (pack 1)
    PD have release 4 items of DLC. They can be bought separately, or they can be bought as a single pack. The latter options works out cheaper per unit as you get a small discount on each of the four packs. The four released items are:

    - a Track pack, consisting of 2 new tracks (Spa-Francorchamps, Spa-Francorchamps/ Change Weather and a new Karting track)
    - a Paint pack, consisting of 100 new paint chips
    - a Car pack, consisting of new Premium Touring cars
    - a Racing helmet and Suit pack, consisting of limited edition collectors helmets and suits.

    What is the DLC? (pack 2)
    It is a car pack only, consisting of:
    - 2011 VW Golf R
    - 2011 VW Scirrocco
    - 2011 Mini Cooper S
    - 2012 Nissan GT-R

    What is the DLC? (pack 3)
    There is a car pack, consisting of:
    - Nissan Leaf G 2011
    - Aston Martin V12 Vantage 2010
    - Volkswagen [Beetle] 1200 1966
    - Jaguar XJR-9 LM Racecar 1988
    - Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 2011
    - Mini Mini Cooper S Countryman (R60) 2011

    Pack 3 also has the option of a test track, named Route X Oval, which can be purchased separately.

    How do I buy DLC?
    The process is simple: you need to purchase it off the PS Store located in the XMB on your Playstation. In order to do this, you first need to log into the PSN account you wish the DLC to be allocated to and you either need to have a credit card or you can purchase a PSN voucher from your local gaming store. To activate the voucher, all you need to do it find the 'activate code' option in the PS Store to 'give yourself' the amount of money on the PSN voucher within PSN.

    With your credit sorted, you then locate GT5 within the PS Store (via the search or theme's section). Once you have decided if you will buy the complete pack or any individual item, simply select the item by pressing 'X', confirming you want to purchase the selected items, and it's done!

    Can I use any DLC on my 2nd account?
    Yes - but only if you download the "GT5 Family Pack" from the PSN Store. If you download this, and install it into GT5 via the "Downloadable Content" icon, you'll be able to access DLC across all PSN's on that console.

    How do I activate DLC once I have bought it?
    Load up your copy of GT5. Before going to the GTLife home screen, select the "Downloadable Content" icon located at the rightmost of the available options. A new screen will load indicating the DLC you have purchase - simply select it by pressing the 'X' button on your controller and the DLC will be allocated to your save game.

    Where is my DLC content! I can't find it in the game!
    You can find your DLC in the following locations:

    1) The Car pack will deliver your new cars to your Delivery Truck icon, located in the lower left of screen. Only in December with the implementation of a patch, will purchased car's be found in the Dealership.

    2) Paint and Suit packs can be located in your items list, as per normal.

    3) Your new tracks are available in Practice, Arcade and in Online Lobbies.

    Once I use a paint chip, is it gone?
    Yes, you only have one chip for each colour. Paint chips cannot be duplicated in the normal fashion.

    But how will I know what it looks like before I use it - I mean it's only one chip per colour!
    Some very industrious members (started by Whitestar, added more by Monatsende) have kindly spent a lot of time painting their cars so you can see what most colours look like once applied.

    I want multiple examples of each new car, so I can customise them. How?
    Install the Family Pack, and this will place the DLC cars in the dealership and allow you to buy as many examples as you like, with in game credits.

    If I don't buy the Track pack, can I race on someone else's online?
    No - this is a recent change with 2.02, if you do not have the track pack, you will not be able to use someone else's online, even if they select it.

    What cars do I get? What are their specs?
    The following cars are available in the Car pack 1 (thanks Sharky):

    - Impreza TC - 439bhp/1140kg PP 574
    - X TC - 412bhp/1115kg PP 547
    - R32 TC - 483bhp/1145kg PP 575
    - R33 TC - 542bhp/1115kg PP 598
    - R34 TC - 578bhp/1130kg PP 615
    - R35 TC - 621bhp/1215kg PP 631
    - Miata TC - 197bhp/795kg PP 472
    - Prius TC - 193bhp/1035kg PP 467
    - CR-Z TC - 190bhp/910kg PP 452
    - Challenger TC - 573bhp/1285kg PP 584
    - RX-7 TC - 460bhp/975kg PP 584
    - X2011 - 1510bhp/545kg PP 977

    Can I 'share' DLC cars with my friends?
    No. Its the same as the Stealth, Chromeline and Edge DLC, your friends can't borrow the cars (thanks darren200cook).

    How do I change time on Spa-Franchorchamps?
    You cannot (at least at the moment), there is no change-time version of this track currently available.

    What happens if I lose my game data?!
    Throwing away all your gamedata (not your save game) from the XMB and reinstalling/repatching the game does not affect DLC at all. No need to even redownload/reinstall it. After reinstallation it will simply be there already. Just make sure you keep your savegame. (thanks NLxAROSA).

    Is DLC region locked?
    Yes, it is. That is, if for example you buy DLC on a European PSN account, you cannot use it on your American copy of the game.
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  2. Calamari100

    Singapore Singapore

    You may want to clarify the region-specific issues with the DLC.

    Nice OP, very informative/concise !
  3. GTP_Gearhead

    United States Florida

    Excellent! Thank you.
  4. RockRoadKid

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    What time will it be available in the store?
    Or is that known yet?
  5. Duke999R

    Australia Down Under

    Nicely written and formatted.

    The process described is exactly how it went for me WHEN I SCORED THE DLC LAST WEEK! ;P
  6. Furinkazen


    Thank you, great thread. So DLC cars are going to be added to dealerships at Christmas, is that not true?
  7. Hun200kmh

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    Good job Mike Rotch! I'd just like to add that if you use more than one PSN ID account stored in your PS3 to play GT5 (as I and other persons of my family do), until December you have a way to play the tracks with all of them. Just set that track as "default track" in your online lounge, and make sure al your secondary accounts are friends with the main account (the one that actually got the DLC).

    My example: the account that "has" Spa is GTP_Hun. However, GTP_Hun is currently doing endurance races so - between saves - is locked out from normal play. This weekend I had a online meeting with buddies, and I used my Hun200kmh account. And guess what, we started by doing Spa, in good ole friend GTP_Hun's lounge, he left it there for us :D

    PS - And it's still there so if any of GTP_Hun's PSN friends wants to try it out, just go to his lounge and play at your heart's content. :tup:

    Netherlands Under your bed

    Perhaps worthy of mentioning: Throwing away all your gamedata (not your save game) from the XMB and reinstalling/repatching the game does not affect DLC at all. No need to even redownload/reinstall it. After reinstallation it will simply be there already. Tried that this morning. Just make sure you keep your savegame. :tup:
  9. glw

    United States CA, USA

    Great Post!

    I thought that... Until the December update you could buy the DLC again and you'd get another set of cars. After the December update, buying them multiple times is unnecessary since the cars will be available in the New Car Dealership.
  10. bass264

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    Very good post, thank you! :tup:
  11. Coxis

    Mexico GTP_Coxis

    I don't know the answer to this question, but I think it should be added.

    What if I buy a second PS3 (or am forced to do so after my current one breaks), will I be able to transfer my already purchased DLC to the new console, or will I have to buy it again?

    In other words, is the unlock code one time use only?
  12. Hun200kmh

    Portugal Lisboa

    Didn't try it but the unlock codes are DLC. And, according to Sony's own rules, the same account is able to download any DLC up to 5 times, on 5 different systems (Consoles).

    So the logical answer is yes. But it will always be the same account, and the DLC will always remain locked to be used in that account, in all the PS3 where it is downloaded to. Up to December, that is.
  13. Coxis

    Mexico GTP_Coxis

    Yes, this is for regular DLC. Pretty much any DLC out there, except for GT5's.

    If the GT5 DLC was the same as any other DLC out there, all accounts on a PS3 could use it, but this isn't the case.
  14. Hun200kmh

    Portugal Lisboa

    Coxis, what we know is that the DLC is account-locked within a PS3. Not that the same account cannot re-download it in another PS3.

    But next weekend, if not before, I'll test this. I have GTP_Hun (the account that purchaed the DLC) configured in a secondary PS3. I'll know soon if I can download the DLC to that PS3 or not.
  15. Coxis

    Mexico GTP_Coxis

    The community and myself would certainly appreciate that! :tup:


    As reported by NLxAROSA here, the DLC is apparently saved on your gamesave, which means it most probably is good for different PS3s, as long as you log in with your PSN account. :tup:
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  16. jgboy24


    Just to be clear, is it possible to race spa in split screen mode?
  17. Mac K

    Canada Ontario,Canada

    That's a good question, I'm going to assume(key word there) that it will be available around 11 PM Eastern time tonight(Monday) but don't hold me to it, but PD usually releases updates and new seasonals at 11 PM Eastern time the night before they're scheduled to come out, so I guess its safe to make that assumption.
  18. glw

    United States CA, USA

    ...but this is PSN content, not a GT5 game update. Wouldn't it be more reasonable to expect it at the normal PSN update schedule?
  19. Mike Rotch

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    Australia Down under

    Thanks NLxAROSA and Hun - additions made to OP :tup:
  20. Mac K

    Canada Ontario,Canada

    I guess we'll have to wait and see, and as far as I know, Kaz hasn't stated anything yet.
  21. BladeRunner4000

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    First post here! (but no time for proper introduction).
    Didn't know exactly where to post this and was about to start a new thread, but perhaps someone can help me here.
    I have a question regarding these DLC. My situation is as follows:

    I live in Argentina, but due to lack of local PSN/STORE support from Sony I use a USA account. So far I've had no problem with other DLC in other games because the discs which are imported into the country are northamerican editions. But I'm a bit stuck with my GT5 edition, coz I brought it from England so I cannot use the american STORE to buy DLC for the game (at least currently). Now I'm thinking of creating a UK PSN account and waiting for the december update so I can buy the english DLC and use it in my main (american) account.
    But as some of you may have experienced, you need a fake address if you're gonna create a foreign account, and once you've gone through that you have to use STORE CARDS coz when you try using your credit card the system checks the address with VISA (or whatever) and finds there's no match with your PSN address so your transaction is cancelled. So far that is my case with the US PSN, and US STORE CARDS are sold in game shops here.
    I don't know if I'm aiming at the right solution for my problem. With UK STORE I wouldn't know where to get a UK STORE CARD, or what method to use to finally get DLC into my English GT5. It's basically a region-locked content issue :(

    ANY help is very much appreciated!

    And forgive the long post! Please tell me if I should start a new thread instead
  22. Mike240SX

    United States Northern DE

  23. glw

    United States CA, USA

    You are right, he hasn't and probably won't. My take is that North American PSN dropped the ball and didn't prep the store in time for the GT5 DLC to be available on the originally scheduled date. Hopefully they've done everything needed so that the DLC will be available at their regular weekly update this Tuesday afternoon.

    PS: Including the Stealth NSX freebie!
  24. Coxis

    Mexico GTP_Coxis


    It may work; with the december update all accounts on your PS3 will be able to access the DLC, as long as the DLC origin and the disc origin match, which they do (UK). You can buy PSN cards online and have the seller e-mail you the code, just search hard enough on google and eBay.
  25. shewy92


    can you buy the paint chip pack more than once?
  26. LightningRedSTI

    United States Nashville, TN.

    That's exactly what I did since I have a uk account and game along with my us account and game. I got the WRC 2010 group b cars with it. Had 30 quid left in the account I got the gt5 stuff with it. I told my wife having two different region copies of the game was a good idea.
  27. LightningRedSTI

    United States Nashville, TN.

    I did along with the gear pack, it seemed to work for me.
  28. parabulla

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    Great thread, thanks :tup:
  29. pay2021

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    Can i share the DLC cars? i mind, with my friends who dont have the DLC.
  30. tigerzebra

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    I logged into PSN this morning looking for the DLC, and could not find it in the Playstation Store =( Is it still scheduled for release today?
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