Alpine VGT is now Released! Available on recent 1.17 Patch. Wallpaper from last video now available!

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Even though for instance, that Matra 660 you posted came after the A220 that this was partially inspired by? ;)

In fact, Matra's Le Mans cars came after Alpine's so it was Alpine that did it first.
While thats true, the look with the open top and twin tail still reminds me more like a Matra MS670 than a A220...



Those braking flaps are going to be a minor problem for people who depend on late braking to get an overtake.

I have seen someone else's (can't remember who right now) opinion on this; that these flaps could either give the car additional "invisible walls" that might cause you to hit the car or the other cars just glitch right through them (which isn't good looking). They might be a bit more than a "minor problem"...
Definitely not Nurburgring GP/D or GP/F, those tirewalls seem like Suzuka, but I think the Hitachi chicane at Suzuka 2014 has different coloured tirewalls
............It's a French car, so which track in GT6 is French? La Sarthe, Cote d'Azur, annnnnd......???
............It's a French car, so which track in GT6 is French? La Sarthe, Cote d'Azur, annnnnd......???

Those would be the only French tracks in GT6, my friend. Which begs the question: What French track looks like that in real life?

Guess none, according to sparkytooth. So we're back to square zero on this one.
Yup, just did a quick check looking for those specific tire walls and nada, not in the game. 99% sure it's a new track.
I did too, not a single world circuit (Which this track appears to be) has tyrewalls like this
Its similar to Bugatti... but its too angular... thinking its a course maker track.
It's identical to Bugatti, all that changes is the accuracy of the track map and the curve radii. However, it is flipped but that could be due to a number of things.
Yup and by several others. However there still seems to be some debate about it.

To be fair, I believe it is the Bugatti Circuit. It's not a 100% accurate map (due to the shape of some corners), but the general layout on both maps is the same. Now, if that is the circuit shown on that brief period in the video, that's a whole another story...