Another Fanatec wheel arrives!

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by jonboy1066, Nov 17, 2008.

  1. jonboy1066


    My oh My these boys have been busy:


    So basically it looks to me like a good competitor to the G25 for a cheaper price.

    I'm curious to see if a simillar wheel will be made that is XBox 360 compatible

    @ Fanatec.......I hope you don't mind me quoting your blog but I thought that people would be interested who may not be able to stretch to the value of the PWT & PWTS
  2. Thomas, from Fanatec says that will not make a X360 version of this wheel.

    More pictures:




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  3. Hmmmmm... Nice!
  4. More features:

    · 4 steps adjustable damper strength, independent from game options, and the force feedback adjusment
    · Screw fixation of pedal unit

    I see in this wheel a very interesting product, considering its price (the same price range as the Logitech Driving Force GT).
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  5. I was debating between the Logitech Driving Force GT and this as my 2nd wheel, after comparing the specs I would go with the Fanatec wheel. Driving Force GT doesn't come with a clutch
  6. If it shares the same relationship as the 911 Turbo wheel versus the G25 I would also aim for this :). Especially since the DFP GT don´t have the pedals to keep it above water that is the main selling argument on the G25 to me :)
  7. nissan tuner

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    I find this a little bit interesting, Fanatec's current wheel's all come with the "xbox guide button" gap/mold. I wonder if this was done only to save costs on wheel construction or to leave a possibility to convert all wheels to the 360 in the future?

    That's a real shame. It would of been an instant hit.
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  8. Fanatec...

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    The Xbox 360 electronics are very expensive and we would also had to add license fees so it is not likely that we can make the same price for a multiplatform version.
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  9. jonboy1066


    Although it's just my opinion I do think that XBox owners would pay the little extra money for a quality wheel with good force feedback, especially with RACE Pro on the horizion as at the moment a decent wheel is what's missing from XBoxland, so I reckon making a 360 version of this wheel would be successful.

    Best to see how the sales of the PWTS goes first though to see what demand is like amongst 360 owners I suppose.
  10. nissan tuner

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    Thanks for the response!

    Any idea when you will announce the date for the Porsche 911 GT3 RS Wheel to be available for pre-order and what the discount will be?
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  11. bevo


    Why would they need to make another wheel for the 360? Their top of the line wheel (911 turbo s wheel) is for the 360. It also comes in 3 different price ranges to accommodate different levels of racers.

    Wonder what's gotten into fanatec, to start making all of these different models all of a sudden. It seems like every other week they announce a new wheel now. You would think that with the 911 turbos s, and the porcshe 911 carrera wheels they have everyone covered. I'm not complaining though, they can come out with all the wheels they want. It gives me something to look at on the internet everyday. I just wish they would surprise us, and start the production of the turbo s wheel sooner, april or may is a long wait, and I might drive my wife crazy by then talking to her about it.
  12. Another wheel, and this seems the best:

    Fanatec Porsche 911 GT3 RS Wheel







    · Big wheel rim diameter: 300 mm
    · Genuine alcantara leather on the wheel rim. 100% the same material what Porsche is using in the real 911 GT3 RS (Fanatec ship this leather from Germany to the factory in China)
    · Extra smooth and silent belt drive without mechanical dead zone
    · TUNING LED to adjust Force feedback strength and steering angle.
    · LED display shows telemetry data information from the game (speed, gear, shifting indicator, etc)
    · Two additional vibration motors in the wheel rim
    · 900° steering angle
    · 14 buttons on the wheel rim
    · Original reproduction of a 911 GT3 RS rim
    · Designed for PC (PS3 games work but there are no button symbols)
    · Clubsport shifter paddles (metal)
    · Clubsport pedals with:

    - Clutch and different meachanics for each pedal for more realism
    - ABS vibration on brake pedal
    - Contactless high precision sensors for gas and clutch
    - Adjustable load cell pressure sensor for brake
    - Adjustable spring strength
    - Screw fixation of pedal unit

    Technical differences from the 911 Turbo wheel:

    · On/off switch
    · No illuminated buttons
    · Wired data transfer on wheel and pedal
    · Possible upgrade with the 6+1 and secuential shifters

    Launch price: 289 USD/€
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  13. ^^^^^^^^^^^I like the looks of this one.Are pedals wired? I hope.......I just reread it. They are. Also is this available now?
  14. bevo


    I love all these new wheels, but I am starting to get aggravated. There is no way my wife will let me buy them all. I wish they would make the 911 turbo s wheel with that leather. I never thought that there would be a market for this many wheels to be released so close together.
    Wonder why the gt3 wheel is so much cheaper than the 360 wheel? I know a shifter can't make the price jump up 120$. Wonder how much a shifter for this one will be. I will be very upset if they release a higher quality shifter then is offered with the 360 wheel. I will be even more upset if it's not compatible across all the versions.
  15. All the parts and conections of this wheel are wired.

    Because it lose some features, as the wireless conections, the X360 compatibility, the backlight buttons, etc.

    In the Porsche Wheel forum Thomas told about the development of a high end shifter in one year for all the new wheels.

    But really Thomas could tell us more about this questions...
  16. Fanatec...

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    From the respoinse we got from the community we found that there are basically three types of user demands.

    1. Hardcore console racer
    They like to have
    • Multi platform compatibility to PS3, 360 and PC
    • Wireless connection to play in the living room
    • a full package without the need to buy anything else
    • Shifters for more realism
    This is why we made the 911 Turbo S wheel.
    To diversify it even more we made 3 editions so we cover a price range from 200 to 500 € depending on what features you like

    2. Hardcore PC racer
    Although the GT3 RS works fine with the PS3 and GT5 we designed this wheel for PC users in mind.
    • No need for wireless connection
    • good paddle shifters
    • perfect and sturdy pedals
    It is a reduction to what it takes to make you go fast

    3. The racing fan (not enthusiast) who is just looking for a decent wheel at an attractive price.
    the result was the Porsche 911 Carrera wheel.
    • must have clutch and 6+1 speed shifter
    • the big wheel rim, LED display, amount of buttons etc of the high end wheels
    • good quality but no need for ueberfetaures such as the belt drive, leather or wireless
    You can also tune this wheel a little bit but you get a good set right out of the box.

    Thats it for now. There are no more wheels in the pipeline and I hope we covered any taste and demand out there.

    Beside that, if you already have a G25 you can buy the clubsport pedals separatly or you just buy the wheel of 911 Turbo S Pure edition and use your G25 pedals with it.
    Anything is possible.
  17. Biggles


    I commend you for the many great options & flexibility you are offering. I hope you are successful with these products, but your timing with regard to the economy could have been better. :nervous:

    Everybody should have a dongle... :)
  18. Pretty much all covered then though it would have been nice for some wheel like the Frex FFB wheel as well. Can understand if that won´t happen though :)

    edit: Just broke down and decided to order one lol
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  19. ccxftw


    Where can i buy this wheel from? I've looked all over the Fanatec webstore and can't find it for sale. :(
  20. It´s up now
  21. nissan tuner

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    Am i reading this right? Only $169.95?? :drool:
  22. That is without hte pedals of course
  23. Clark

    England Armitage, Staffordshire

    I really wish the Xbox360 one was a GT3 RS wheel aswell.
  24. Kryz11


    Isint that wheel out for a while now? Lets see some RS footage in action, especailly new pedals.
  25. kikie

    Belgium Thuis

    I know what my next wheel will be. The 911 GT3 RS - clubsport - wheel with the 2 shifters. Mmmm, w00t!

  26. Kryz11


    Welcome to the club, I already purchased the RS, ClubSport and shifters. Now I will just have to wait for mid March release!
  27. kikie

    Belgium Thuis

    Perfect. So you are my (and GTP's) guinea pig.

    If you have it, test it, write a nice review put this review on GTP! Let us know what you think of it and I will always be greatfull for that. ;)

    Don't forget to PM me if you have it and tell me if you wrote a review, so I won't miss this review.

  28. grenadeshark


    Where would i go to buy this wheel with pedals and adapters to work on both x360 and ps3? You have me sold if you show me :0


    Any retail outlets in U.S. that have this?
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  29. Hotrails17

    United States 559

    I do not believe any retail stores have them but that is the right wheel. I want one to upgrade from my DFGT but $350 is out of my range for the moment :p and the fact of paying that much and waiting 2 months seems crazy
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