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    I wish the CLK-GTR had the wing option to make it look like this. The car just looks better this way IMO.

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    I've actually been waiting for someone to say something along these lines for a while. While I won't go as far as to say TDU is better than Horizon (I feel they both excel and have weaknesses in their own regards), there were some aspects of the first TDU I felt were stronger than Horizon. For starters, Oahu was much bigger then the small section of Colorado portrayed in Horizon. I'll admit, Horizon's area was much more detailed and unique than TDU's Hawaii which looked very same all over at times (in part I think the six-year gap between the games might have something to do with this) but I think the sheer size of the Oahu island more than made up for this. To put this into perspective, one race that goes around the island is over 100 miles in length, the longest race in Horizon is a fraction of that.

    However, probably the strongest feature IMO was how single and multiplayer online was seamless, the in-game world of Oahu served as a hub for players to enter single player events, enter multi-player events or just cruise around with friends or random people. In contrast, Horizon has a clear line between single and multiplayer, using the traditional matchmaking and lobby systems. I feel this is inferior to what they did in TDU, especially when you look at how free roam was totally intergrated into the game where as in Horizon it is a seperate mode capped at eight players with no traffic and only a handful of challenges to do. In TDU, you could enter actual races via free roam, Horizon's dedicated free roam mode seems awfully dull given how it was implemented.

    I also appreciated how basic police was implemented in the game, meaning it existed and wasn't over the top NFS-style with EMP equiped cop cars or helicopters that launched missiles (those features have been in NFS games at one time). It kind of seemed odd for me for Horizon to market itself as a quasi-sim yet have crazy drivers reak havoc on local traffic and property, plus having the Forza radio stations subtly endorse illegal street racing without the presence of police.