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Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 5' started by W3HS, Apr 24, 2012.

  1. W3HS

    Thailand Thailand

    I don't know if many GTers out there use the Arcade Mode feature very much. Some find it a bit boring or limited for choice. I say "not so".

    It's well known that on-line rooms have the same settings available as Arcade Mode in regards to elements like damage, grip reduction and what not, but sometimes it's not easy finding a room where a good race can be found. Let's face it, we've all been there; nights trawling the lobbies for a decent battle without so much as a sausage in sight.

    A-Spec offers a wealth of races, but in my opinion they're often too short and don't include necessary elements like damage, adequate competition and pit stops.

    Here I'll post (probably every night) my race format for others to try and hopefully you'll post something new for me to try.

    These races will only really work with no aids (usually ABS for faster cars), fuel and tyre wear on, track edge grip set to real and damage on heavy. I'm a fan of adding my weight to a car so you might like to try it yourself to add further competition. ;)

    Let us know about your set up like this, but please, no full race reports, just a simple race format like below:

    The game changer

    The purpose of this thread, I hope, is to discover more car/ track combinations for anyone to try out and enjoy.

    If you have any combinations of your own which have proved to yield great racing then please do post them for me and others to try.
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  2. seanneedscar


    i always thought arcade mode was for people who couldnt play online
  3. W3HS

    Thailand Thailand

    Nope. Arcade Mode is a hidden Gem that is often overlooked. I just this minute finished a race which came down to a few seconds at the line over 10 minutes of laps.
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  4. Azura

    Canada Ontario

    I had a really close race surprisingly on Route X. Used the arcade F40 for 10 laps. Some of the AI started dropping back so I though "eh, I'll drop back too and then I'll draft back to the lead since the AI aren't much trouble." Big mistake, I couldn't catch up to the small groups drafting each other. But after a few laps of bump drafting and pitting, on the last corner, little fuel left, the lead AI ran out if fuel and I passed. Just before the finish I too ran out of fuel. It was a great race.
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  5. Stradivis

    Brazil São Paulo

    The premisse of arcade should be incorporated in the career mode, with money prizes according to your PP in comparison with opponents.

    As it is now, every now and then I go into seasonals to get some cash, so I can buy new cars, tune, etc.

    Maybe they could make a box into career called "events" for this, in the same way as arcade, but with access to all you garage, not just the favourites.
  6. Jaywalker


    And I always thought that elitsm is a crutch for people who have inferiority issues with themselves in real life.
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  7. Foxiol

    Spain Tarragona,Spain

    I play in Arcade mode and had very good and fun races at there. Now i am using rally cars to make laps (i love the physics in gravel with my G27, In Toscana at 21:00hs) and some races on snow and i am having great experiences in driving. We all know that the AI is bad but the rally simulation in this game is just great.

    And i have to add that there is no game (i have all Dirt games, WRC and some more) now that gives a pretty good and realistic rally experience as GT5 is giving to me.

    Of course there is no game/simulator as Richard Burns Rally but i think if PD push a little bit more into this it can be one of the best experiences so far.

    I need more rally, hillclimb and point to point roads in the next game. GT5 wanted to have tons of different disciplines but "failed" with the overall content to each one.
    I am talking about specific tracks for each like only 2 specific tracks for NASCAR (2 ovals + Race X) , 3 rally stages with 10 variations but not specific point to point and hillclimb which is important and will give more use to Rally cars and the Susuki Escudo (despite the point to point races in the special events).

    And one guy above said that "Arcade is for people that don´t have internet"...well no my friend, i don´t play so much online because it is hard to find good lobbies in this case for my taste. (you can say "make your own" maybe) I want and like to race in equal conditions and using cars with default settings most of the time (not tuned = exploit physics) or just using cup cars such as Polo cup car or VW Bettle cup cars, DTM´s, etc and again not tuned so everybody can play in "equal" conditions and have a fare race/competition.

    I made a lobby one time and play only with a guy with the same car (M3 tuned as the real GTS with same specifications for both, sharing info) and we finished that race (2 laps at Nordschleife) with only 0,100 secs difference. He was behind me all the race stuck to my back. And he had a great time as much as me despite the final result. The experience count more than the result itself to me.
  8. breakbeatfreak


    i like arcarde races too (with ki aggresivity at 10 in options menu)
  9. :lol::lol::lol::lol: This statement is incredibly ambiguous, but i agree with the rest.

    Arcade poses a challenge only in that the cars that you are pitted against are much faster than yours, rather than the drivers themselves being better. In cases like SuperGT or NASCAR, its rather easy to get a win because youre all on the same playing field.

    Before i got online fulltime, i used Arcade mode to get a good challenge, but these days i find it more satisfying to find a few friends to do some racing, or driving, or whatever, as opposed to searching for 15\16 player lobbies with 10 punters in every bunch.

    So my tip, make friends with like-minded drivers.


    Please try Gran Turismo Rally Advanced, take any WRC car, stock (with your tarmac,gravel,snow setups of course) and Gold them with SM tires rather than the RS the competition uses. Challenge.

    The co-driver however....yeeesh.
  10. Foxiol

    Spain Tarragona,Spain

    Okay, I´ll try that. Too much time since i gold that event. haha. :tup:
    And yes the co lameeeee!!:yuck:
  11. W3HS

    Thailand Thailand

    I like this idea very much and have been thinking the same thing for ages.

    Somewhat true what you say. The NASCAR and Super GTs are on a level field which make racing them not very challenging unless all aids are off and proper race rules for over taking are observed, which by most folks, they aren't.
  12. research

    United States Ohio

    I use arcade mode more than a-spec by a ratio of 30/1. But sometimes, goofy stuff happens.
    *Grab a high powered supercar and you may end up racing against 15 white citroenGT's. :ouch:

    *Try some rain at a track where it's available, and the A.I. will likely not get the memo and need to pit after a SLOW lap 1 to equip rain tires, ruining the entire event. I avoid using weather in arcade mode now, and that's a bit disappointing.

    *Many races still end up as "chase the rabbit" experiences- with one opponent pulling away from everyone else by 2 miles leaving you to run a lonely time trial chasing him down (a tragic, long-time gran turismo staple that needs to be figured out and eliminated, post haste). I usually go through some trial-and-error with detuning or changing tires to create a race where I can battle with the pack for the duration of the race and finish somewhere in the top 10- as I have no interest in the lonely time-trial just to get to P1.

    The best races are to be found in arcade (as opposed to a-spec), it just takes a little work to get a good one. Event Creator, anyone?

  13. Morgoth_666


    For all its faults, Arcade is by far the best way to play offline, on Pro level with Aggression at 10. A-Spec and Seasonals are just to make money for cars, only the endurance events are remotely entertaining as sharing a track with the AI in those modes is torture. The Arcade AI is still slow since they drive the GT AI way - bad lines and poor technique, but they are miles better than A-Spec and don't park for you/into you.

    Online has obvious advantages, but Arcade lets you do the sorts of things that can be tough to organize online, without the various other annoyances of online.

    It can be a little tricky to get a good race, but with some fiddling with power limiter/ballast/tires it can be done for most cars. The biggest issue is that the field still always has 1 or maybe 2 rabbit cars. You can set up a brilliant race with many close competitors if you don't mind fighting for third, but if you want to win you'll usually still just have one opponent for the whole race.

    Weak slipstream might be nice too.
  14. Morgoth_666


    Sorry to double post, I'm on PS3 at the moment so can't make long posts.
    I haven't done much with weather in Arcade so I don't know, but shouldn't you be able to force them to start on rain tires by loading the event with them already equipped on your car? Obviously you are talking about using race tires which I may never have used with weather in Arcade, I often race on Comforts which shouldn't have that issue, and I usually start dry.
  15. W3HS

    Thailand Thailand

    The weather can be set to change so the race doesn't have to start wet for it to be a wet race and rain tyres to be needed.

    If it starts dry and you and the AI are running SH, for example, you'll all need to pit around the same time once the rain sets in and the track gets wet.
  16. gorsad

    India Pune

    Must try this some time. Sounds like a lot of fun, hope to get some in tomorrow.
  17. research

    United States Ohio

    Nope. I wish. I've done many experiments to try and find out if I can manipulate the A.I.'s tires. Sadly, we cannot. Changing your car to grippier tires actually changes the CARS that the A.I. shows up with in the race! Try it- start an arcade race using a sports car like a stock NSX, equip with Sports Hards and take note of the cars that you get matched against. Now exit, do the same race, same car, but equip with Sports Soft and look what happens. You will now be facing much faster cars.

    I can't figure out their formula for choosing the A.I. tires at all. Most of the time (in the above scenario with a normal sports car) they will have sports hard. Sometimes, though, I have seen the entire field of opponents have all sorts of different tires, from comfort soft- racing hards. ALL in the same race!

    If an Event Creator ever shows up in a future update, I truly hope we have the option to choose each individual opponents' tires- as this will give us a concise way of creating an even field of racecars, and at the same time, a way of masking the atrocious A.I. racing skills.

    When you have tuned your car to be as fast as them on the straights, you can just give them Racing tires while your car rides on Sports or Comfort tires and you may just be in for a fight! Key word, "may". :nervous:


    United States Nor*Cal

    Ooooooooooohhh. :lol:
  19. TripleCCC716

    United States Dalton, Georgia

    For some reason I really enjoy NASCAR at Route X. It may be that if you mess up once you lose the race lol.
  20. another_jakhole


    Yuuup. This will help people who don't find the AI to be a challenge.

    And the ability to choose the cars, of course.

    :lol: That's insane.

    Me too. :tup:
  21. Furinkazen


    I noticed that now if you pick a NASCAR from your garage, you race AI NASCAR's. That didn;t happen before.
  22. Trux

    United Kingdom England

    OP has nailed it. I only picked up a copy of GT5 because of the ability to race what I want when I want.
    On Line can be good if I find like minded people that want to race similar to me i.e full damage no aids and longer races where passing doesn't have to be achieved before T1.

    A Spec is good but in same make races the AI are too slow.

    I often use Arcade mode for longer races around 1 hour long.
    However I do wish I could specify which opposition I race against and have the ability to choose stating fuel loads and tyres for all cars.
    It's decent but I wish for the customisability of a PC sim.
  23. HKS racer


    OP I quote even the punctuation. Now that I learned driving with ABS off and full damage it's even more intriguing.

    Also don't understimate one make races. I know AI it's weaker but with ABS off you can take an RM car, downgrade a bit, use confort tyres and have a sort of Cup Car. Mitsubishi RM is great for Tourism racing.
  24. JDMKING13

    United States Edison NJ

    Another racer seeing the the plague ABS in GT5. ABS off is the way to go :tup: Makes GT5 feel like a new game. I need racers like yourself to help me with my league please let me know if you ever have free time.
  25. HKS racer


    I would love to online racing in a decent manner problem is GT5 online code sucks, too many bugs and lag. With ABS off, lag can be a big problem.
  26. HuskyGT

    United States Utah

    I only play Arcade now. It's been the last resort for having fun in GT5... I race in the 24H Nurburgring with weather and timechange. Setting the time to 2am, pregression to 10, 5 laps and weather to 25% is probably the best experience that any car game can give you.

    I just wish they gave you the option to choose your oponents. Sometimes is either you being too fast for them, or them being too fast for you. My cars aren't modified more than just a couple of low HP upgrades. So I really don't know what parameter does the game use to set the grid.

    I think it doesn't matter now since I haven't touched the game in a week now...

    I have to agree with the ABS thing, though it kind of feels wrong to have... let's say... a BMW M5 or a Nissan Fairlady Z34 with ABS off, as it feels completely incorrect to have a '68 Camaro or a TVR Tuscan with ABS on... Although I have no problems driving with ABS off (alot of fun, by the way), I see it as an obligation for some cars to have on. Others like old cars and race cars have it off all the time.

    As for any other assist, I totally disaprove the use of them. Anyone is free to choose how they drive, though. This is just how I feel about it.
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  27. another_jakhole


    I do that plenty of times.

    Same here. I don't like tuning most cars due to the great difference between the sound of a stock and tuned car. I'd like to run laps around Fiat's or Beetle's in a fast car too, since I do solo runs more than I use Seasonal Events. I'm never grinding.
  28. Drevenger

    Canada Canada

    What I like about arcade is the fact you can use PS eye.

    Also try an exotic cars (DB9, 599 or XFR) race in toscana or created track. Not knowing the track adds to the challenge.

    I like going for a time trial in a premium cockpit without any display too.
  29. W3HS

    Thailand Thailand

    It seems that most of you guys have realised that by making a race competitive by taking away ABS, adding damage, limiting tyres and perhaps adding a ballast (I use my weight as a ballast) a race can be some serious fun in Arcade Mode.

    Last night I did 18 laps of Laguna using the tuner cars on SH and had a blast. Didn't win, although I tried, but that wasn't the point. :)
  30. another_jakhole


    I can't believe I haven't done that.

    I think I forgot about that, because people have been and are curious if the weight of the driver and the fuel are taken into account. I wonder if it could ever be figured out. :grumpy:
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