[Archive] Forza Horizon 5 Series 13: Horizon 10-Year Anniversary

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Adding a fan favorite radio station of classic songs could be fun. FH1 had tons of 2012 dubstep and BOM BOM BOM.

FH4 had Sunrise by Fred V & Grafix that’s amazing and isn’t even on the official soundtrack.
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Is anyone else still having problems running FH5 on the XSX? I upgraded consoles 6 months ago and despite several reinstalls, cache/save game data erasures and factory resets, FH5 still crashes my console every time it reaches the main menu. I'm a long time fan and I would love to play these updates!
No doubt T10 will have a few nice surprises.
That's the one. Sorry! But don't T10 own PG?
Technically no. Both are owned by Microsoft Game studios and Forza Horizon was a collaboration between PG and T10. Although they were only acquired by MSG 6 or so years after FH1, they've only developed the Horizon series as an Xbox/PC exclusive. They're also developing Fable which will be their first non Forza project.
This is going to be awesome, while I'm hoping Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown is going to be great as well!
Hope so, Horizon formula is getting stale. Need some new ideas
This ain't gonna be pretty... :lol:

BTW I hope I can do the same Street Scene sixteen times to unlock the Midnight Battles and that it works with EZ win EventLabs. Yes, I'm a lazy bastard.
The first YouTube commenter I read after the video was mad because PG didn't remaster all the previous maps and include them in the game for free, lol.
That seems to be a general expectation I read everywhere.
The midnight battles look fun. One of the best parts of FH3. Shame there isn't any actual new cars up for grabs there but the ones chosen certainly fit the theme.

I don't think Horizon Mixtape has enough songs to properly capture the beautiful music from previous titles, sadly.

The car selection is super disappointing. The 599XX is literally already in the game but it's the faster version. Same for the Agera. The Speedster is meh but I'm glad to see the One-77 back, that's one of my all time favorites.

Overall the update is mixed. The midnight battles are an awesome feature, but the cars are super disappointing and the music is mixed. I guess we'll see when the series comes. At least no Chinese EV knockoffs this series.
The first YouTube commenter I read after the video was mad because PG didn't remaster all the previous maps and include them in the game for free, lol.
That person is a fool to even think that is possible, and for free? They must be a troll? If anything, they should tell EA to do that. Remember when EA remastered two (or three?) cities and formed them into one world for an f2p game called NFS World? They're asking the wrong company. Lol!
Really enjoying this season so far. The story has some challenging times to beat, unless you want to cheat and cut the corners lol. The first race is the hardest, but it is doable.
I love the retro-new intro!! EDIT: Got my old consoles and I removed the dust and I bought Horizon 1 2 and 3 4*-4.5* reviewed CDs! In a few days they're arriving so I can play what I missed!! Gonna be a true delight. I listened to some Skrillex and Porter Robinson from FH1 and hoo boy did I have some good vibes!!
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