Are you addicted to Drive Club?

Discussion in 'Driveclub' started by torque99, Mar 23, 2015.

  1. Speedster911


    I know this is off topic, but how do you like the sounds in AC? Just the engine/exhaust sounds from different views.

    Horizon 3 is mehh, 2 is actually quite a lot of fun and deeper/more engaging once you get into it. With FM6, you'll need to really take your time and get into it. There's a lot to do, though I prefer FM5 due to more nuanced physics, more attention to car and track detail and those intoxicating car sounds.

    Oh, anything's far better than GT6 I think. It looks like the trend hasn't changed much, going by the GTP vids.
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  2. torque99


    You guys did have external setting on, not interior sounds on (muffled for realistic interior)..personally I have always thought the audio and engine sounds on DC to be top notch, clear and precise -they had tons of microphones on the cars for realism i remember hearing (I usually play with headphones and a decent set up) compared to many other games. Maybe on the videos you watch the settings were not right?

    p.s @bloodsugar6 I also did the same and brought xbone and agree with Forza, I do really like them all right back to the original 1-4, (especially photomodes and the Cars and landscapes used) but there is something missing having played many race games these last few years with the 'addiction' side of things on Forza even with all that landscape and cars and races to do, I just can't put my finger on it.

    p.p.s Don't forget the Super Bike sounds DLC , they are awesome and very realistic on the more powerful Bikes.
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    To be fair, you did throw yourself at the game and drove almost obsessively throughout ;) I think nostalgia will kick in at some point during the next three months and you'll re-download.
  4. Dan

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    Let's not forget the thousand-plus photos he took, mostly of the McLaren P1. :sly:
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  5. doblocruiser


    I bought an XBOX ONE with FH3 and I sold it last week. A great game but simply not enough to keep the XBOX ONE for. The cancellation of Scalebound gave the final push I needed. I invested in my PS4. Upgraded my HDD and bought an external HDD for finally making a proper backup. Played Driveclub the whole afternoon and took over a 100 pics. This game has so much replayability and I am very happy to have it on my PS4 :D I will need to share its time with a few other but that should be allowed :D
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  6. Speedster911


    Perhaps the sound was heavily compressed, but vid quality was topnotch. I understand how vids on YouTube often don't do justice to the actual sound in a game.

    Well, as for Forza, it seems to be losing its spark, eh? They will really reallyyy have to pull some tricks out of their hat in FM7. Look how people's interests wanted just a few months after getting H3 (official forums).

    FH3 is probably not the best game to enjoy the X-One with if you're getting it just for racing games. Horizon 2, FM5 and 6 are the key players. There's also CARS and AC which are certainly worth a shot, but those two can be had on the PS4.. probably better versions, from what I imagine.
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  7. BreakerOhio


    Everytime i play Driveclub I'm having fun. Solo or online. The game is really good to play with a ffb wheel. But with GTS it feels like a chore, it feels like grinding and work. Driveclub just works better for the enjoyment of driving and racing. The online system is pretty good for finding events quickly.
  8. skydragon49


    I’ve moved to GTS. Playing GT since day one, almost everyday.

    But I gotta confess that here and there I feel like downloading DC again and giving it another go with its extensive campaign.

    *bgm music plays on* :cool: how fast you wanna go
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  9. SestoScudo


    Well i mostly play PC2 and Gt Sport. At times I play Driveclub.

    I return at times to it because it reminds me of 90's NFS, Test Drive and PGR all rolled into one to make Driveclub. Driveclub is an awesome game when I take a break from the usual sim games.

    Beautiful track racing in natural landscapes along with the most beautiful dynamic weather ever made how cool is that.
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