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Hi. Great work. Did I hear you are doing the Reynard 2KQ
Yes we are doing both the Reynard 2kQ and the Reynard 01Q variants. The first pack should be coming out soon. Final testing and model changes.





It might be a transparency issue with the white lines.
One further thought: tried toggling Fake Shadows FX on and off?
I testet with cps, without csp (vanilla), with fake shadows, changing values in 3dsimed... i cant fix that haha, i need help because in vr its awful this effect.
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@Raphael87 @Mikke73 try adding this to the end of the Zolder config
DESCRIPTION= shadows cast on white lines
MATERIALS= whitelines

It'll change the white line properties from alpha blend to alpha test and turn off transparency.
Seems to do the job.

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You were right and I was wrong - it was a transparency issue. Thank you!

You were right and I was wrong - it was a transparency issue. Thank you!

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You should be able to use that config on other tracks that have the same problem, just grab the correct material name for the white lines using object inspector. It's 'whitelines' at Zolder, but I'm not sure whether we kept that same naming convention on other RT tracks.
I think the latest csp has something weird and unpredictable going on with season adjustments, at least for me. Could that be it?
It could be. I wish I would have grabbed a screenshot or made a little video to better explain it because it's hard to describe. All I know is grass in the areas directly in front of me are very bright, but off in the distance begin to look normal again. It was really noticeable on the long final straight at Nords. For now i'm just going to use the older Pure and CSP combo I was using because everything looked great. Eventually when a few more updates for both are released, i'll try again and see if it's been fixed. Thanks for responding.
I testet with cps, without csp (vanilla), with fake shadows, changing values in 3dsimed... i cant fix that haha, i need help because in vr its awful this effect.
tried @Masscot code for Most and it fixes it there (just change MATERIALS):

DESCRIPTION= shadows cast on white lines
Works perfectly for me. I have Pure selected as Weather style under Weather FX settings, and from the Drive page Weather menu I've selected Controllers -> Pure Static.
With these settings I never have to touch Pure Planner.

I've never seen a "Direct to Pure" option, so I don't know what that is.
I gave this a test after a clean Pure install, and same thing. Road and air temperatures are wrong - identical and 5C lower than they should be with the Pure Controller selected in static. No change in temperature after sitting in the pits for 10 minutes. So exactly the same as setting Dynamic Pure in the Weather menu - something is likely hanging or bugged.

Changed the controller back to Default with static Clear weather, and everything works again - my 25C target temp works right from the jump, and road temp is correctly 9-12C higher in sunny conditions.

I will likely ditch Pure weather for now - I need the Road/Ambient temp split to work, both in AI weekends and the events I host.

Thanks for the help, anyway.
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all tracks will be publicly released once past beta stage. the new csp has caused an issue with some of the trees on some tracks. i've spoken to @shi before i started.

the plan is to release all the tracks in one go once of an acceptable standard so i can return to cars.

if any actual track modders wish to help speed up the process any help would be much appreciated.

just for the record the previous post clearly states:

View attachment 1307753
Right, but in my book putting someone else's track behind a paywall temporarily is STILL putting it behind a paywall...
Can you point out which ones ?
I just checked all our tracks (hope I didn't forget one) and apart from Most and Zolder, none shows the issue...
Suzuka has the problem over the "suzukagroove", same fix works fine, tomorrow i'll see the rest of the tracks again, but i remember 4-5 with this problem in differents situations.


Another is Mont Tremblant
Before and after fix (material "skids")

finally i checked some tracks today, the last is my favourite, Oulton Park (material dirtrunoff1)


With Varjo Aero you see all clearly
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Chrysler LMP (Dallara) and Dallara SP1 Doran ALMS For Assetto Corsa.

download link:

Other Lemans Prototypes Download link:


Group: RMS

Members that worked on the mod: Peugeot905,Kamil Cader,Neil1971,Mach-77,Marneusboss,sab001

Screenshots by AndyGTR and Kamil Cader
The Chrysler version of this car has a bit of a glitch where the body disappears and only the driver is visible in the replays, the Doran does not have this issue.
To celebrate the "50 years of the Brazilian Grand Prix"...

start by adjusting the cars for a better "BoP" and better "AI" adjustment.Starting from the 1972 non-championship event.
Many cars did not participate in the race, such as the Tyrrell, McLaren, and Ferrari team (but when researching, they were registered), so I decided to adapt the skins from the Argentine GP.

The cars that officially didn't get the starting times (in this case a Surtees and a BRM), I decided to put them in the "3-lap quick race" together with two Ferraris.Driving with Brazilian drivers:
E. Fittipaldi / Lotus-Ford ( I had problems with the video )
L.P. Bueno / March-Ford
C. Pace / March Williams-Ford
W. Fittipaldi Jr / Brabham-Ford (in the race version)

Luiz Pereira Bueno / March

José Carlos Pace / March Williams

Wilson Fittipaldi Jr / Brabham

I managed to recover the video of the Lotus 72D (which I adapted from the original).As you can see, I moved the spoiler back as it was on the 1972 early season version.

Emerson Fittipaldi / Lotus
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And in "Part Deux" of problems with these new builds, does anyone know why the New UI is not displaying pit stop strategies? Just noticed this - was working before the release of the latest public CSP 0.2.0.

Tried fiddling with the pit stop options in CM, no luck. New UI is completely blank. Happens on 3 cars I tried - this URD Radical, the Kunos Mercedes AMG GT3, and the Mad Formula Team MFT2. All have the same behavior. It's not the car.

New UI and Old UI pics below.

I've been lucky with my lack of bugs from CSP over the past year or two. I guess this is the law of averages coming back round.

Screenshot (62).png

Screenshot (61).png
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I'm getting a "cannot open the file as archive" message, though the previous file opened just fine...
I have updated the link. Sorry must have been a compression issue of the earlier rar file. can you extract it now?
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Good afternoon.

After many tests and improvements to the textures (when possible), by our mate "MrHunt" there are several models from Team Matra, most of them "imported" just the main body (models from the Absolute Le Mans Mod GTR2).


The Matra 620 (1966) version would need to be improved (either by the authors themselves, who are always improving; or someone else).
Included in the pack (to make things easier), is the MS 630 model (which I downloaded), which was improved (I don't remember the name now, I exchanged some ideas with him, he improved, in addition to this Matra model, two versions of the Ferrari 206 Dino, which I'm still testing, and also making adjustments to create a version of the 365p2 (1966).

Includes the model of our mate "MrHunt" for those who don't have it yet (other skins and just search).
I mentioned to him that the car's sound was spectacular (but I didn't change the models) that I had already converted (maybe I will do it later). Some models have a better "symphony" in the noise of the V12, it remains to be adapted later.

I had to adapt the "shorttail" model from Brands Hatch, as it didn't exist anywhere else. There is still room to improve the models, as many of them I don't know how to adjust the "headlights", instrument panel, etc...

All models tested, working, and with a "BoP" compared to other cars of the time and with Le Mans race times (within acceptable) as it is complicated to adjust everything (as there are many variables.

Most of the tests were done with setup (basic), gear ratio (the longest), fuel (about 1/3 of the tank).

One lap when leaving the pits, and the next (taking time), most of the time with "slower cars" ahead.
Some cars (mainly the Le Mans skins), there are 2 versions (one for each driver), so if you have a favorite driver in a certain race, for example (Beltoise/Jarier), both versions are already ready (with the helmets of each one).

Below are some prints of some skins and most versions. That's it for now. Let's have fun. Soon I hope to pass on the other models (to compose the grids). Good fun everyone!!

EQUIPE MATRA ( 1966 - 1974 )


For those who downloaded the "Equipe Matra" pack, I don't know why, the "folder", "UI" of the ( MATRA MS680 '74 ) was missing.
Follow the file link to download.
There seems to be a problem with the light in this mod.
Am I the only one experiencing this symptom?


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After reinstalling the PC, I don't have the new ingame UI anymore, and I don't remember how to change it.
Can you refresh my memory ?
open up ...\extension\config\gui.ini and change the line here to 1 instead of 0.


if you remove the ;; hidden section it will also appear in CM but remember, with each new CSP you need to do it again. I will ask Ilja to implement it for good.

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