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(Edit : You might have to click on the Watch on Youtube coz it doesn't seem to play on here - maybe because it contains copyright material?? although it has free use)

Recently released and updated Pikes Peak mod by Gabenhood. My personal favourite hill climb that has been a bit rubbish on AC until now. I happened to notice a run I did was 2 tenths slower than Seb Loeb's record breaking run in 2013 in the Peugeot 208 T16 so I thought it would be simple to do a split screen to see how accurate the latest mod version is against the official footage.

(ps - it wasn't simple and SL gets a bigger running start but has to dodge a spectator on the track so I calls it even)

Gabenhood can be found on YouTube here

There's both a tarmac and dirt version in his mod.
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