B-Spec Easy Credits!

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    Thanks for the answer and help :-)

    I found out that the 24 Minutes Le mans gives 307.000 Credit with my Rocket 07. I prefer this car as it should have a very low repair cost.

    Its actually not to bad. I wich there was a similar way to gain credits in GT Sport.
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    If your looking for something extra to do on gt6 come check out my Challenge hub thread, my signature is the link to the thread. Go though posts 1-5
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    I run the same event with a detuned Tomahawk S. (24min of Nurb)

    Set it to "push the pace" and forget it. 27min later restart. I've done this to the point the engine and chassis are both degraded and taken big pp loss. I just turn up the power limiter and never fix it or change oil so the car is always 650pp ;) this is how I've been farming my cash
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