Beater or Sleeper? FH3 Edition! Thanks for coming.

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Here's my time at the Tramline Sprint. I am 171 out of 71,196 putting me in the top 1%. I was feeling really good about that. especially since I'm doing it with a stock car, auto and on a controller amongst all those other players with their tuned cars and racing rigs. And then I saw this:

101st in the world in a B601. One point less and he's in a lower class. That's insane.

Anyway, for a car I can't even remember if I've ever driven before, I'm quite impressed. Any sliding or tire spin means the engine bogs down trying to drive out of corners (probably a function of my using an automatic). Keep the car smooth and it rewards you. This track has some interesting corners. Turns one and two are surprisingly important. Once I learned to take the first turn as a set up for getting through the second turn as fast as possible, I shaved two seconds off my time. The right off the boardwalk towards the carousel corner is tricky because the gates are set up much tighter than you would normally take the corner. In the carousel, I go as tight as possible, right up on the inside sidewalk and then power out as early as possible. The left onto the bridge can be taken at full throttle. Then the final left/right combo with a jump right at the braking zone is the final piece of the puzzle. Being conservative early will allow you to come out quite fast. Overdo it and you're going to lose valuable time.

I really like the paint on this car. The silver I didn't care for (I don't care for silver as a car color anyway), but the only other choice was black. Or so I thought. It's actually a very dark purple. I like it a lot. Verdict: sleeper.
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It's a shame I already buzzed out your time on that run. I think I ran a 2:38.
I was expecting it. I think I can get down to a 2:38 as well. I ran a 2:39.1xx yesterday but got tagged for brushing a wall, so it's within the realm of possibilities for me.

I went back, gave it another try. I wasn't able to beat your time, but at least I did improve on my time by 8/10ths of a second. Moved me up to 150th on the leader board.
Good job!

Heads up, I'm without an Xbox for the next two weeks. So unless someone requests a track, I will delegate the duty of choosing a route to @Vic Reign93 until I get my Xbox back.
I'll be running this one. I will post a time in a few hours
Good job!

Heads up, I'm without an Xbox for the next two weeks. So unless someone requests a track, I will delegate the duty of choosing a route to @Vic Reign93 until I get my Xbox back.

As soon as you get the winners pick, shoot me a PM and i'll look for a suitable track for it. :)
I don't even know why I try. I can't compete with you guys. I'm lucky that I got to the low 2:50s

Anyways. The car is a sleeper. It's rather fun to drive, handles well, and is reasonably quick. It's a new favorite.
@Ken you keep trying because you want to be at our level, am I correct?

Turn off your assists if you don't need them. Try Braking Only on the racing line and take corners with a bit of yellow/red on the line.

Edit: Darn, I need to post the announcement and wasted my good post.

Here it is, then.

So we're losing our turnout...Anyone have ideas to raise interest? Anything except telling me to quit snarking on people.

[Rankings not available due to thread owner being a lazy 🤬 but IIRC I barely won this week]

Now to our next Victim. Yes, it's finally time...

Congrats, @Vic Reign93!

Vic Reign93
So track choice AND car choice?
Oh joy. :P
Make it quick.

But instead of going down the sadistic route that I have a history of doing, I figured I'd go for an even more modest choice than the Infiniti.
I told you guys he was maso-Wait, what?

It's the...


It's the 1993 Renault Clio Williams!

Better get those tow trucks ready...

This week's event will be on the Rainforest Circuit in Yarra Valley!

Oh, one more thing.
It's got some sentimental value as it's as old as me.
And somehow, you've deteriorated much more than the cars have.

Have at it, everyone!
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Nice choice of car. I've been a Renault fan ever since I owned a Le Car (R5 in the rest of the world) back in the '80s, as well as an R12 when I lived in Turkey.
Sorry. I should have posted this a few days ago, but I've been so busy grinding to save money for the Ferrari Forzathon event next week, I haven't had much time for anything else.

Not a terribly fast time, but it's a fun car. I love hot hatches ever since the first VW GTI (still one of my dream cars.) There's something rather endearing about how hard this little Clio works.
Screenshot-Original (69).png

This be my laptime. I will post a bit of a review of the car later. Considering the fact that it's a dirt-cheap souped-up French econobox from the 90s, however, I'd say it's quite the sleeper, tho!
Things have gotten as slow as an Isetta in here. Let's carry on.

First things first, the time trial.

Congrats, @ClydeYellow!
ClydeYellow: 1:26.620
Populuxe Cowboy: 1:27.421

And now the car choice of the week.

Giddyup, @Cowboy!

I haven't been on Horizon 3 for a couple weeks, but thats not gonna stop me from choosing a car for ya guys! Knowing me, i'm gonna have to choose something that hasn't been done yet.
We've only looked at seven cars. Almost everything hasn't been done.

We need to do a truck!
Oh...truck. Er, I mean f:censored:.

That's why I choose.....


It's the 2013 Ford Shelby Raptor!

This week's time trial is at Water Ways Cross Country in Byron Bay!

In the words of cowboys, YEEEEEEEEEEEEE HAAAAAAAAW!

It took me a few tries to get a clean run. The Shelby Raptor has this feeling like it wants to be floaty, but is just barely being kept in check. The long wheelbase makes it nice and stable at the expense of some agility. It's a pretty straight forward desert sled. When in doubt, mash the gas pedal. I rate it neutral.
We only have one entry for this week's time trial.

Congrats, @Populuxe Cowboy!

Anyways, onto this week's car!

Presenting the car this week is the one, the only... @Overdrive003!

Well this is out of the blue!

This is just too easy. I'm not going to wisecrack on that comment. What are we using, Overdrive?

How about the...


It's the 2012 Lotus Exige!

This week's time trial is a Street Race. Surprise! It's First to the Beach!
Seems like a great race for the car! I'm away visiting family and don't have my Xbox with me right now, so I cannot participate :grumpy:.

Good luck to everyone else!

I was going to go on about how good the Exige is to drive, but then, of course it is. It's an Exige. A variant of the Elise, one of the greatest sports cars of the last quarter century. But when I boiled it down, I realized all I really needed to say was "Good car is good."
I apologize for the double post. I also apologize that I didn't get a chance to set a lap time for the Lotus.

On with this week's festivities, then!

Congrats, @Populuxe Cowboy on yet another crushing win!

And for this week's car picker,

Congrats, @PJTierney!

Yet another victory under your belt, yeah?

Oh neat :)

Let's try the...

GetPhoto (5).jpg

It's the 2011 BMW X5 M!

A face only a mother could love, no?

This week's time trial is back in the wild! It's the Redstone Strip Cross Country in the Outback!
First time participating, I think the idea behind this thread is awesome and I'm glad I found it.
I say sleeper for the X5. It has enough power not to be dull, will slide if provoked, but all in all it's fairly quick. It's my new go-to B class car.


Only in Forza can you be 51st best in the world and still be a big suck loser.

This is kind of a big pig to push around. Fortunately, this course seems to emphasize what BMW's flying brick is good at, and negate most of what it's bad at. Anywhere else, and it's just too heavy and poor handling to be anything more than a mommy-mobile status symbol. I'm calling it a beater.
Merry Christmas, everyone! I'm giving the thread a one week extension as a gift, and we will be doing two cars next week instead of one.

Have a good break!
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