Beater or Sleeper? GT6 Car of the Week Thread


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Cars within one second at Goodwood (so far):

Amuse/Opera Performance GRAN TURISMO 350Z RS: 0:52.648
Aston Martin DB9 Coupe '06: 0:52.823
Audi RS 6 Avant '08: 0:52.839
Blitz DUNLOP ER34 SKYLINE '07: 0:52.967
Amuse S2000 R1 '04: 0:53.028
Lexus IS F '07: 0:53.070
BMW Z8 15th Anniversary Edition '01: 0:53.220
Aston Martin Vanquish '04: 0:53.230
Blitz ER34 D1 SPEC '04: 0:53.334
Callaway C12 '03: 0:53.425
Cadillac CTS-V Coupe '11: 0:53.442
Maserati GranTurismo S '08: 0:53.571
Audi RS 6 '02: 0:53.691
BMW Z8 '01: 0:53.701
Autobacs Garaiya '02: 0:53.763
Tesla Model S Signature Performance 15th Anniversary Edition '12: 0:53.871
Subaru Impreza Sport Wagon WRX STi Version VI '99: 0:53.915
Amuse S2000 Street Version '04: 0:53.945
Audi RS 6 Avant '02: 0:53.972
Audi RS 4 '01: 0:54.269
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Between the tuner market and the Fast & Furious franchise, the Skyline has firmly cemented itself in pop culture. It's easy to see how the turbo inline-6 and AWD platform managed to garner fans. This Nissan is a car that cannot be labeled either Beater or Sleeper, given how good it performs and how well it's recognized. That said though, at the end of the day the car didn't really endear itself to me. I absolutely respect the blistering performance that GT-Rs are capable of, but it just seems too clinical and robotic, with all the fancy wizardry technology stepping in to correct you when you throw too many G forces at this weighty machine. It's a bit like beating a Tekken game on Easy Mode, sure you technically "won", but where's the sense of accomplishment and achievement?

If I had to buy an AWD Japanese performance car tomorrow, it would be a different car that references "The 'Ring": The Subaru S206 NBR Challenge Package. While it gives up some power to the Nissan, its light weight contributes heavily to what I felt was an overall stronger and more eager handling experience. While the Skyline constantly nannied over my every move, the S206 was content to let me explore the edges of its grip and capability.

Onward to the lone Maserati in the game, and it was no challenge to come up with a theme for this week's entry. I've designed my car as a tribute to the back-to-back Indianapolis 500 winning Maserati 8CTF that I got to see for myself earlier this month. Chicago gangster and union boss Umbrella Mike's "Boyle Special" claimed victory at the Brickyard in 1939 and '40 with Wilbur Shaw at the wheel in one of the most iconic cars to ever compete in the 500.

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A lovely tribute indeed, @JackRyanWMU , never would think that a Chicago gangster could cut it in the Brickyard... And no, the use of the expression "cut" does not imply actual gangster tactics such as body cutting, unless hired muscle was allowed to cut tires before the race. :sly: :lol:

Kind of interesting that you'd say that considering it has 47/53 F-R weight distribution... ;)


Hmm, my memory betrayed my vision of the Masa. Well spotted, and thanks for clarifying, but the point still stands; the Gran Turismo is a little bit too chubby for its own good...

^That poor Caterham. It can't even outperform a Callaway C12.

We learned that the hard way, when the Fireblade was driven as a COTW contender last year. When your stock setup is hopeless given what the car should be able to do, you are bound to lose to unlikely rivals...
I won't argue that point, it's heavy, but it's fast according to this guy...

;) Cheers

Well, Mr. Walsh's Maserati is a tad bit slower than our Maserati, judging by the lyrics (cannot listen to song as I'm in the middle of an university class), but it is a pretty nifty feat for a heavyweight. And I must be careful with my weight argument, as I do love the RS6 Avant and that's far from being a cruiserweight. But the RS can drop the weight shtick when it wants to, and blitz unsuspecting sports cars with a V10 engine... So who knows, maybe I'm 50% right and 50% wrong, right? :sly:


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First impressions of the GranTurismo S...
It's definately heavy. You won't win any drag races, so don't even bother. However it's very stable. Perhaps its weight gives it stability? Considering it's an FR V8 with 430ish bhp on sports tyres, I can drive the wheels off it without TCS or ASM, and yet have no fear of spinning into a blaze of tyre smoke. It's quite amazing, actually.. I'm liking it, looking forward to the races tomorrow!


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So, the Maserati GranTurismo S...
I gotta say, when I was raving about it's stability earlier, I had been running at the High Speed Ring. A fast, wide, and flowing track. At the live races, however, this car was quite a let down for me. It understeers. Badly. Especially at tight tracks like Monaco. And before you go saying I should turn off the TCS and ASM, I was running with 1 TCS and no ASM the whole evening. It's simply far too heavy to be competitive. For the same kind of money, you can get a Ford GT, which would smoke the Maserati. Obviously, all it's problems can be fixed with tuning, especially the weight (Stage 3 weight reduction would take the weight from 1800kgs to 1300kgs roughly), but without tuning it's just a visually appealing cruise ship.
I realise some will absolutely love this car, please understand this is only my two cents worth, I personally didn't find it all that amazing. It's a beater for me. 👎

However, after the races, I started driving some of the other cars in my garage, and now I believe I know what I'd choose for COTW if/when I get to choose... ;)
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Before I start this double review, I need to clear something up that bugged me about this weeks racing at Silverstone.

To those who weren't there, the rain poured down in the latter part of that race and everyone was spinning out and forced to slow down,

Except me. :D

Now before someone says I'm just blowing my own trumpet here, I was just as confused as MC and Y were. MC thought there was some BS happening and Y thought I was on Wet tyres.

Then I noticed I was on CS tyres (courtesy of the AGS rule) and everyone was on SH tyres and I mentioned that on Google+, Baron then told me that in wet weather conditions CS tyres were faster than SH tyres which was worth a look at to see how much of difference there actually was.

So I took the Gran Turismo back to Silverstone, cranked the track wetness up to 100% to see in a worst case scenario how big of a difference there was.

Grip level was set to Real, No SRF to help me either. ;)


And that people was the difference between CS and SH tyres, 25 seconds. :eek:

I could stop much later on the CS tyres, I could turn better, get traction quicker and the car was more predictable as well.

SH tyres by comparison were useless, I had to stop earlier and could still run very wide, the car would want to spin up the tyres in 3rd and when the back of the car let go it was more sudden as well.

So in an ironic twist of fate, the very rule that levels the playing field plus the aggressive rain turned my traction disadvantage into a HUGE advantage. :P

Now that's been settled, lets start the show. :lol:

JDM Dreams

The R34 GTR is that car that many lust after and until 2024, won't be legal to import into the USA, ( 1999 is the first model year of the R34 GTR) hooray for the Grey Imports law. :rolleyes:

But thanks to games like Gran Turismo, It can be still experienced like it should be. ;)

Now we know the whole story about the Horsepower limit on Japanese cars at the time so I won't bother talking about it much, but the rule made the manufacturers refine their cars everywhere else, weight, suspension, active differentials and so on.

Now that meant that even though the GTR was a lot heavier than its rivals at just under 1600kg, it handled it's weight very well with only some minor understeer at the limit.

The engine is the cars strongest point, potent from the factory and responds well to modifications with max power in the mid 900's.

But stock for stock, it's weight really handicaps it, my pick for Sleeper of the year last year, the 00' Subaru WRX Wagon is 130kg lighter and that's a wagon. :P

That's not to say the R34 is terrible, it's a good car which desveres it's legendary reputation, but if I had to pick between more power or less weight, I'll be more inclined to go with less weight which means the Evo, Impreza and NSX will be great JDM choices.

But the R34 is no Beater, Neutral definitely, but no Beater. :)

Gran Tursimo Inception, Directed by Vic Reigns :sly:

Where's Xzibit when you need him? :D

Driving the Maserati Gran Turismo S in a game called Gran Turismo is just plain asking for it for that joke to be made and on the subject of jokes, the Maserati's stock engine sound. :crazy:

It's got no bass to go with its V8 soundtrack and instead sounds like the Ferrari F430 which just isn't true.

Another complaint I have to bring up is the gearbox, it's ratios are very long and we rarely got out of 4th to use 5th and we never used 6th gear.

The engine makes good power, but the gears plus a kerb weight of just under 1800kg hamper it's agility and acceleration.

It's not completely terrible in cornering to be fair and wet weather shenanigans aside, handles it's weight quite well, it's no ballet dancer, but it doesn't fall flat on its face like the Vectra. :)

It's a Beater by all accounts, But it's a damn good looking one at that. :drool:

Verdict: Beater 👎:ouch:

And one last thing, @Ridox2JZGTE posted a tune for the R34 here awhile back which put it close to its real life Tsukuba lap time of 1:04.57.

I used the Base differential settings, Suspension set up and the 350hp spec engine and went after it.

Controller steering sensitivity was maxed and I ran with only ABS 1 and Brake Balance at 5F/10R.


I went on to apply those settings with a Nismo Z tune spec engine of around 500hp, quite fun to drive actually. :D
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Here it is: The 2008 Maserati Gran Turismo S.

And straight away there is a big problem with what you‘re looking at. Let me explain what it is.

The Gran Turismo S is no doubt a sexy, sporty thing to look at. Italian design, naturally aspirated V8 at the front sending 434 hp to the wheels at the back. Sounds like a petrol head‘s dream coupe indeed. However, there are a couple of drawbacks to the Gran Turismo: It weighs 1780 kg, and feels like driving 1780 kg on the track. Which is not very quick at all...

But that is not the problem I was getting at. The Maserati‘s biggest flaw in that picture is, without a doubt, it‘s location. It‘s a race track! and this is not a race car! It was designed without any intention of setting faster lap times than... well, anything really. Its purpose can easily be retrieved from its name: Gran Turismo. It was designed to be the most elegant and enjoyable machine to just... drive. And if you ask me, Maserati have done a damn good job!

So yes, the only thing about this car that might catch you by surprise is how slow it actually is. It is therefore, clearly a Beater.

Review out of the way; I have spare time on my hands, nowhere to go, and the perfect machine to get me there.

Ahhhh. That‘s more like it
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Gran Tursimo Inception, Directed by Vic Reigns :sly:

Driving the Maserati Gran Turismo S in a game called Gran Turismo is just plain asking for it for that joke to be made and on the subject of jokes, the Maserati's stock engine sound. :crazy:

It's got no bass to go with its V8 soundtrack and instead sounds like the Ferrari F430 which just isn't true.

Another complaint I have to bring up is the gearbox, it's ratios are very long and we rarely got out of 4th to use 5th and we never used 6th gear :D

©Vic Reign93 has aptly described points of the Maserati that helped me choose it this week, and also the connection to GT6. If the Maserati weighed 500 lbs less, had a 6" shorter wheelbase, and a closer gearbox, well it might be a Ferrari. If GT6 had good AI, better sounds, no penalty system, and servers that actually worked, then it might be GT4 v. 2.0.

Two Gran Turismos that leave you wondering what they could have been.:dunce: Not the worst, but closer to beater than sleeper.


Insightful, but bollocks.
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But if our glorious leader goes offline, what will all of us COTWizens do?

The same thing we do every night, Pinky... TRY TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD!

Flawless grand tourer. One of my favourite cars in GT alongside Jaguar XKR.

Congratulations b_u_r_z_a! You've been selected to choose next week's car! I hope it's something that will let us honor a recently deceased cultural icon, or at least something capable of delivering kicks on the famous Route 66.

Wow! As I'm more into classic and historic cars I would like to see peoples opinion on...


It's everyone's favorite safety flaw feature, the 1963 Chevrolet Corvette Coupe (C2) with the infamous split window!!! What better way to celebrate the accomplishments and mourn the loss of Prince than with our very own Little Red Corvette?!

Great idea with the tribute. Looking forward to reading some of the reviews and also giving my general opinion on the car.

But hang on to your Raspberry Berets, kids, because that's not all! This week has a Bob Bondurant Bonus!​


We'll also be using the 1963 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 (C2) Race Car (actual car not shown above, I know)! That's right, not one, but TWO Corvettes this week! You know, because racecar!

But wait, Brad, how is that going to work with our weekly "Playing With TTs!" events? Surely we can't do both at the same time, right? Glad I've got your attention.

This week's event will feature TWO time trials at the Willow Springs International Raceway! The Coupe will be thrown around on the Streets of Willow, while the Race Car will thrash about on Big Willow!

So what are you waiting for? Let's get crazy! Let's go nuts!