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Any sources on that Dravonic?

EDIT- I would definitely ask to get this Stickied, It will be very useful.
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Sorry for random post. meaningless but I'm looking forward to seeing Museum in GT5.
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Any sources on that Dravonic?

EDIT- I would definitely ask to get this Stickied, It will be very useful.

You mean on it being reveled next month? No, it's just a guess. I think it makes sense for them to reveal it about a month before the release. Increase the hype and everything.


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So all we know about car number at this point is around 1,000+?
The official number of cars is 950+ as seen in multiple official PD releases


It may be common knowledge, but Maybe you should note the inclusion of first time manufacturers McLaren, Ferrari, and Lamborghini?

I wont believe weather and day/night until I see it or PD confirms it. They may indeed be saving it as a surprise once you boot it.

A picture of night racing was in one of the OPM scans shown earlier this month I think. It was a Mercedes-Benz SLS.

EDIT: yes here it is: http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y102/Digital-Nitrate/Games/PS3/GT5/100_7232-1.jpg at the top of the page
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Yeah, that's the 1st and 2nd corner of the Route 5 tracks we've had since GT1.
Hello, has anybody heard info on the race events available in GT mode; Yamamuchi has said (I think), that they are considering condensing the unlocking of cars, which I think would have an impact on the events.

The gamespot vid shown classes of cars; (I expect there will be more, like sports, and maybe stock (Kei cars, superminis etc...)

-Concept Class (Lilac)
-Tuned Class (Orange)
-GT Racing Car Class (Red)
-Supercar Class (Yellow)
-Rally Touring Class (Blue)

I presume this means stock cars will get a grading (in addition to PP) like Arcade mode in GT2. Also, (presumably), only the GT Racing and Rally Touring cars will be getting the full damage.

However, all of this, (and the effort put into the menu screen) makes me think that the GT mode events may be more influenced by this class system, which in a way worries me. (For example, we may see events like, Sports Car Class, Intermediate, replacing other events like Clubman Cup, etc...)

Of course, until we see the full game no-one knows, but thats my opinion of it.
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I don't like unlocking cars, i prefer all cars unlocked unless they are special models and are gifted, like is you have the S7, you perform certain tasks in races( like high speed, or having a good time through a section of a course) will unlock the S7TT for purchase. Something with meaning, not just droll you know.

Also premium damage is for full race cars i believe, like the Super GT cars, Nascar, WRC and any purpose built race car as these are not normal street cars and are not for general public consumption. I dislike damage anyway, I prefer my car to look spiffy from start to finish.

I do hope that PD intends to have more DLC, 1000 is never enough, more obscure vehicles can be added. Any word on whether Grindelwald and Red Rock Valley will be making the cut? I miss those course from GT2 especially Red Rock, what a sexy course.


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Would be cool if they incorporate some Top Gear challenges (time trial for example) in the game.

I'm sure we'll make up our own challenges anyway. Like buy a 2nd hand American car for under $10,000 and do a lap of such n such a time on whatever track. I know people done that with GT4 on here. 👍
...bump... can we please sticky this? I find it very helpful as do many others I'm sure and it was starting to slip into the 2nd page of threads.
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So all we know about car number at this point is around 1,000+?

I thought the guy from sony in the interview showing us GT5 demo at CES (in the news section Part 1) said "we have a little over 1000 cars" is that official?

Thanks for using my info however, and it does mean weather will change during a race, whether it is live or not I am unsure atm, as for telemetry I don't understand it myself, it has something to do with G-Forces and you need to try to get them as close as possible to a semi-circle, to get the car running as smooth as possible. Either That or it shows you tyre wear and temperature on screen and your fuel gauge.

Thanks for putting this up, it will help many people find what they are looking for.


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I thought the guy from sony in the interview showing us GT5 demo at CES (in the news section Part 1) said "we have a little over 1000 cars" is that official?

I cant watch videos at the moment so I've seen none of the CES videos recently uploaded, due to me being an idiot and going over my 15 gb download limit. :lol:

So I may be a bit behind on the info until the 14th when I can watch the CES videos and catch up :)


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That's a lot sooner than i realised. It'll be interesting to see what PD have got to show.

I'm hoping more than CES, I think GT5 is meant to be at the the show according to Jordan's news article on 4th Jan
This thread: Rally Tracks appears to have confirmed that Rally Cars will have stickers on them showing the track they are racing on.

This alludes to a few things, including a livery editor, but better than that, if there is a livery editor it may be possible to have stickers that change with other things in the game, such as the track location, or perhaps a livery with the drivers name and number and team as we've seen Kaz's presentations showing it will be possible to create teams in GT5.
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I prepared this list. check it out. over 65 tracks means almost 70.

Kazunori said all gt4 tracks will be include in Gran turismo 5.

GT4 tracks with layouts

1-Circuit de la Sarthe I (chicanes) | 8.48 Miles | 112.4 Feet
2-Circuit de la Sarthe II (no chicanes) | 8.44 Miles | 112.4 Feet
3-Fuji Speedway 90's | 2.73 Miles | 125.0 Feet
4-Fuji Speedway 80's | 2.68 Miles | 125.0 Feet
5-Fuji Speedway 2005 | 2.84 Miles | 121.4 Feet
6-Fuji Speedway 2005 GT | 2.81 Miles | 121.4 Feet
7-Infineon Raceway - Sports Car Course | 2.52 Miles | 163.4 Feet
8-Infineon Raceway - Stock Car Course | 2.00 Miles | 163.4 Feet
9-Laguna Seca Raceway| 2.24 Miles | 180.4 Feet
10-Nurburgring Nordschleife | 12.94 Miles | 984.2 Feet
11-Suzuka Circuit | 3.61 Miles | 131.2 Feet
12-Suzuka Circuit East Course | 1.39 Miles | 110.2 Feet
13-Suzuka Circuit West Course | 2.16 Miles | 46.6 Feet
14-Twin Ring Motegi - Road Course | 2.98 Miles | 99.7 Feet
15-Twin Ring Motegi - East Short Course | 2.13 Miles | 99.7 Feet
16-Twin Ring Motegi - West Short Course | .93 Miles | 10.2 Feet
17-Twin Ring Motegi - Super Speedway | 1.5 Miles | 9.8 Feet
18-Tsukuba Circuit | 1.27 Miles | 17.4 Feet

19-Cathedral Rocks Trail I | 2.19 Miles | 114.8 Feet
20-Cathedral Rocks Trail II | 1.20 Miles | 103.3 Feet
21-Chamonix | 2 Miles | 196.8 Feet
22-Grand Canyon | 2.2 Miles | 191.6 Feet
23-Ice Arena | .64 Miles | 0 Feet
24-Swiss Alps | 2.05 Miles | 183.1 Feet
25-Tahiti Maze | 2.24 Miles | 181.4 Feet
26-Apricot Hill Raceway | 2.40 Miles | 83.7 Feet
27-Autumn Ring | 1.83 Miles | 98.4 Feet
28-Autumn_Ring_Mini | 0.80 Miles | 53.1 Feet
29-Deep Forest Raceway | 2.24 Miles | 148.3 Feet
30-El Capitan | 2.97 Miles | 206.7 Feet
31-Grand Valley East Section | 1.86 Miles | 57.1 Feet
32-Grand Valley Speedway | 3.07 Miles | 67.3 Feet
33-High-speed Ring | 2.49 Miles | 27.9 Feet
34-Midfield Raceway | 2.21 Miles | 182.1 Feet
35-Trial Mountain Circuit | 2.47 Miles | 166.7 Feet
36-Citta di Aria
37-Clubman Stage Route 5 | 1.53 Miles | 48.2 Feet
38-Costa di Amalfi
39-Côte d'Azur
40-George V Paris
41-Hong Kong
42-New York
43-Opera Paris
44-Seattle Circuit
45-Seoul Central
46-Tokyo Route 246
47-Special Stage Route 5 | 2.35 Miles | 69.6 Feet
48-Test Course
50-Beginner Course

Not racing track ones

51-Las Vegas Drag Strip(+)
52-Test Course(+)

New ones-

54-Eiger Nordwand
55-Rome cırcuıt
56-Madrid Circuit
57-London short course
58-Daytona Speedway Oval
59-Daytona Road Course
60-Indianapolis Course
61-Top gear Test Track
62-Rally of Toscana

Still Unconfirmed tracks and layouts

63-Spa Francoshamps
64-Monza circuit
65-Silverstone Circuit
66-Shangai Grand prix

Rest tracks will be surprise
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