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  1. With all the new information coming thick and fast, I’m finding it hard to keep track of what features are confirmed, what are rumours and if a feature is new or previously known.
    In an effort to gather all the information we know is confirmed for GT5, based on presentations from PD, advertised within official trailers and confirmation from official documents, I present the Master Feature List.

    Note: This is not a wish list.

    Disclaimer: Although every attempt to keep this list as accurate as possible, it may contain incorrect information thanks to the secretive nature of PD. I don't particular want to be everyones worst enemy if this is quoted in some blog, then turns out to be wrong!

    Sources :
    If stating something that is missing from the list, please provide a source is possible. I will update sources over the next few days.

    The only Official Cover.
    Note that a black car version of this cover was shown in the The Official Playstation Magazine.

    Release Date All we know is March 2010 for Japan. Nothing more specific, read this

    Licenced motorsports:
    - NASCAR
    - IRL
    - WRC
    - Super GT

    Unlicenced but included
    - Formula 1, as seen by Farrari F1 2007 race car in GT5P.
    - ALMS represented by a selection of Le Mans cars included in the game. Source

    Tracks : over 20 Locations, over 60 variations, The master list is here
    Cars : 950+ , The master list is here
    Cars : Special note that Hybrid and Electric cars will also be included.
    Cars : New to the series, McLaren, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bugatti and Tesla.
    Track Enviroments:
    - Variable Weather, yet to be confirmed if selectable or dynamic.
    - Day and Night racing on all tracks.
    - Moveable objects on the track (Best example is of the tyres in the Tokyo Demo.)
    - Racing flags (basic yellow flag discovered in GT5 time trial)

    Damage Model & Physics
    - New physics model for GT5
    - There will be 170 premium ‘race cars’ (Included in this is definately WRC)
    - Rollover (overturning of cars)
    - Interior damage on ‘Race Cars’,
    - Basic exterior damage on all non-premium cars
    - Exterior damage with parts falling off on ‘Race Cars’, ie Doors, Bumpers etc.
    - As with most motorsports games, damage can be disabled.
    - Mechanical damage on all cars. (Demo physics have shown cars being limited to 50 after serious damage
    - Tyre wear, temperature.
    - Real time telemetry. Source

    - The game will run at Full HD 1080p* at 60 frames per second.
    - GT5 will also be available in 3D, “as soon as 3D TVs become available on the market,” Source
    - All cars will have full interior modelled.
    - Each car is up to 500,000 polygons. Source


    - Single player
    - Split Screen 2 player

    GT Mode
    - World Map
    - My Garage
    - Car Dealer
    - Tuning Shop (interviews have included tuning of body parts, bumpers etc)
    - Car Wash / Oil Change
    - Championship Race
    - Licence Test

    Photo Mode : PD are working on producing up tp 20 Megapixel images. (Can't wait to make my first poster!)
    - Photo Drive (within circuits)
    - Photo Stage

    - Up to 16 players online
    - HD videos of replays can be uploaded to Youtube, recorded at 30 frames per second.
    - Open Lobby
    - Text / Voice chat
    - Private Room
    - Online Photo Album
    - Online Replay Album
    - "Car clubs and racing leagues" briefly confirmed but in no detail. Source

    Wheel compatibility
    - Logitech G25/G27, including G27 LED's
    - Logitech Drive Force GT
    - Logitech Driving Force Pro
    - Logitech Driving Force Ex
    - Logitech Driving Force
    - Fanatec 911 Turbo Wheel
    - Fanatec 911 Turbo S Wheel

    DLC We know nothing as of yet.

    Gran Turismo TV
    - Improved UI
    - Export of Video to the PSP
    - Progressive downloading

    - Head tracking using the Playstation Eye.
    - Multi-screen display setups
    - Importing of existing ‘garages’ from GTPSP and GT5P.
    - Museum - History of cars, similar to that of GT5P
    - Dolby Digital, & DTS, 5.1 / 7.1
    - Custom in-game music
    - Ability to load real life GPS data from select future Toyota's and race/view performance virtually on the same track in GT5. Source

    And now the rumours / speculation based on facts, again not a wishlist!

    - Track editor, as mentioned by Amar212
    - Teams/Clans etc, also hinted by Amar212 i believe. Also basic confirmation by Kaz in interview.
    - Two versions of the game, one premium and one standard. This is most likely to relate to DLC, such as additional tracks and cars.
    - Wind tunnel & Dyno as shown in teaser trailer, source
    - 3D as shown as a technical demo in CES 09 & CES 2010 Now confirmed!
    - Rewind, as quoted from Kaz with a very vague translation.
    - Livery editor as mentioned a long long time ago in presentation.
    - Live track weather, no idea where this came from initially but note that GT5P does mention weather conditions of tracks from around the world.
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  2. Strittan

    Strittan Premium

    "Full HD support (1080p)" Could be added to "Visual". :)
  3. Heath_1

    Heath_1 (Banned)

    Thanks for making this thread. Excellent. I'm always looking for a refference as to what we know so far but never been bothered to go through pages of news. Good one. Mods don't lock this thread its brilliant.

    I believe the cars are 500,000 Polygons from memory.
  4. Aristedis


    online race replay??
  5. Is that much different to 'uploading replays to youtube'? Thx.
  6. Seismica

    Seismica Premium

    United Kingdom
    I thought the models were 400k polygons?

    The chances are they will be downscaled (Whats the correct term?) So they will be more like 250-300k poly ingame.

    But they vary aswell i think.

    Apart from that, good work :) Will you be updating it with sources for the info when new things come along? (And for existing features that don't have sources)
  7. I will be updating sources, where needed. Might remove polygon count for the moment, until i see something official.
  8. Leadfoot53


    United States
    About the polygon count, I'm fairly sure it is actually 400,000... I heard it was 2 times more than prologue, which had 200,000
  9. Rivanov


    Top Gear TV was also included right?
  10. It was definately included in GTTV in prologue, but i haven't seen it mentioned anywere that it will make it into GT5. If you can find a source showing otherwise, i'd love to know.
  11. Seismica

    Seismica Premium

    United Kingdom

    I would say its a reliable source, but 400k ingame does seem a bit much, seeing as Forza 3 has 200-250k models and it only handles 8 onscreen, i doubt The ps3 is capable of quadruple the calculations (double the polys on each car, double the cars, 4x in total), unless the GT5 engine is something very special.
  12. j8mie


    Thank you for creating this thread. I was finding it very hard to find useful information like this of late.
  13. Strittan

    Strittan Premium

    How come Forza 3's cars has up to 250k polys, when GT5P's are far more detailed and claimed to have 200k?
  14. chriz92


    United Kingdom
    Cheers irnbrutwinturbo for a great thread
  15. Zimmerd


    Always happy to see a useful thread...
    Good work!
  16. Seismica

    Seismica Premium

    United Kingdom
    It's a mystery to me. Although i have no evidence to back up my figure of 200-250k, thats just from memory, and i could be quite wrong. I believe the models in Forza vary greatly, for example the Audi R8 and Bugatti Veyron were modelled for the interiors aswell, which is probably where the 250k comes from. But i bet most are a lot lower.
  17. Strittan

    Strittan Premium

    Still, the R8 in Forza 3 is just almost as detailed is the R8 in GT5P. Odd indeed.
  18. Stevisiov

    Stevisiov Premium

    United Kingdom
    All the series are currently exclusive. So yes you can add that in.
  19. Seismica

    Seismica Premium

    United Kingdom
    Could simply be that the model is ever so slightly inaccurate i suppose. And that the spoiler doesn't come up... etc.

    The main difference is the textures/effects/lighting on the cars (or use a 'wire-frame' mode), if you remove all those i bet the models would look the same.
  20. Are you sure, isn't WRC used by codemasters as well?
  21. Strittan

    Strittan Premium

    Yeah, you're probably right. The lighting and shadows is far better in GT5P.
  22. Seismica

    Seismica Premium

    United Kingdom
    I'm not sure any are exclusive... Does iRacing have a NASCAR license (I'm assuming it does)? WRC is not exclusive like you said, as for the others i have no idea.
  23. Not to be a grump, but if we could keep polygon chat to the other thread i'd be extremely greatful. :)

    Thanks for the info so far guys, and thanks for the good comments, appreciated.

    I'll have to look into this into more detail. It seems a little complex.
  24. drivatar


    A lot. It's encoded video vs data to be replayed with the game engine.

    Videos are large but can be watched by everyone, replays are small but you need the game to watch them and you can play around with the cameras, use them as ghosts...
  25. Stevisiov

    Stevisiov Premium

    United Kingdom
    As far as I'm aware, no.
  26. Thanks, i'll look into the whole exclusive in more detail.
  27. subsonic


    I think Indy is not exclusive cuz iRacing has Indy Cars
  28. paulpg87


    WRC is not exclusive cause black bean games announced "WRC 2010" for ps3, 360 and pc, scheduled for q4 of 2010. However we can consider it exclusive cause the WRC in Gt5 is WRC 2008.. and that is exclusive cause there wasn't a WRC08, the last one was wrc05 rally evolved.
  29. Stevisiov

    Stevisiov Premium

    United Kingdom
    I guess it comes down to consider exclusive as being, I though exclusivity was bought on a yearly bases for this sort of thing, the other series may be in another game, but for a different year of the series. I could be wrong though.
  30. cletus 669

    cletus 669

    Great work so far! :cheers: Does this deserve a stickie?
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