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  1. Does anybody have a good tune to use on the speedway? I'm currently struggling with the last race in the NASCAR series. No matter what tweaks I make or which racing line I take, I seem to lose a lot of speed in the turns. I know that in real life, stock cars have different suspension settings on the right and left sides of the car as they're only making left turns. Would this help in-game?
  2. Cory Gillmore

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    If you finish that race in anything other than 12th, you're doing good compared to most people. My best is 3rd even though I did get gold in the expert special events. The key is to stay in 2nd all the way until the last second. I was never able to hold the lead for more than a half a lap. But I could jump into 1st almost anytime I wanted. Just couldn't stay there. That race is just too frustrating for me to really give it another go and try to get 1st. Good luck.
  3. Sail IC


    Change the ABS=0. Make also sure that all the TC etc off.

    I had the same problem, read about this tip, then no problems. It seems like if you have ABS=1, the leaves som traction control in there which rubs you performance in the corners under full throttle.
  4. Ripper_Rabbit


    I'm actually very good at NASCAR, since I'm a huge NASCAR fan. The secret is to make very gentle movements in the turns and always draft. There really Isn't a correct Daytona set up, unless you work on your gear ratios.


    I disagree , there are suspension set ups out there, I've raced people and they have tuned there suspension so they can keep the speed over 200 mph around corners with no draft, bascially set the camber front and rear to at least 3 (maybe more just a guide) , that way your still keeping 90% of your top speed , I can keep 200 mph around the corner with no draft with camber at 3/3 and that is way faster then the A.I. Oh and no ABS is a must.
  6. enilm


    I'm going to try this when I get home tonight. Hopefully it works.
  7. Cory Gillmore

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    Maybe I'll give it a go again when I get home with the latest imnformation in this thread. It can be some of the best fun to be had in the game. It can also be the most maddening experience in all of video gaming...
  8. Tagger


    Actually getting wrecked by the AI after running 100 laps at Daytona when you had the lead or were fighting for the lead is slightly more frustrating. But yes. This can be a frustrating challenge.
  9. jeremy_craig

    United States raleigh/nc/us

    100 laps, for what race?
  10. Chopes


    Anyone else care to share a setup? :p
  11. I took the lead in turn 3 lap 1, never got passed again. Gotta learn to block like they do
  12. DaveTheStalker

    United States Michigan

    The ABS isn't the problem, it's ASM. If you set ABS at 0, you'll have to turn off ASM from the RA menu on the track.
  13. That's easier said than done when they ram into you from behind and instantly put you into the wall.
  14. does anyone have a full tune yet?
  15. Chopes


    apparently no one is willing to share lol
  16. mrfusion99


    There is no need for a tune, or changing any of the settings. You really have to draft your ass off, took me 4 goes to realize you cant take your foot off the gas, and you do have to hug the top wall in order to get the draft off the car in front of you, after that first corner its easy sailing. Also there is a glitch in it that running on the grass doesnt make you spin out, which in any normal game it would. Im also using the controller, not a wheel
  17. Gowens


    I keep getting spun out near the end. I actually almost got an easy gold though. I was in the lead for nearly every lap (and in the top 3 for the ones in between) but I got greedy on the very last turn (I was trying to get a cars length against some AI prick who was barking on the doorstep). Stay on the inside the whole time and it eliminates them being able to wreck you.


    long gear ratio , camber 3/3 , low ride height and stiff suspension , inside lane
  19. set gearing right /soft tires/ inside on the corners arc in wide open you can stay in ft of AI cars
  20. MrGrado

    Australia Perth

    aero 40 50
    MPH 242
    Diff 15 15 15
    height +8mm +8mm
    springs13.0 10.0
    front shocks 6 6
    rear shocks 5 5
    roll 3 3
    camber -3.5 -2.0
    toe 0.10 0.30
    brakes 6 4

    Great all round NASCAR tune. Especially good for B spec Grand valley and Laguna Seca. If you want to tweak for Daytona: min aero, shocks all set to 4, front toe 0, ride +9mm and +5mm, camber -2.7 -2.7.
  21. Love4Heineken


    all suspension and downforce settings to normal, medium or soft racing tires, transmission set for 242 top speed, and jsut make sure that abs is off. i am using this setting in the a-spec extreme NASCAR race and i can go around the corners of daytona at 202-207 mph with no draft.
  22. Eirikr_Raudi


    Sorry for being late with this, but here is the settings that I got from another thread in these forums...NOTE: the settings are formatted like this --> **Tuning Option** -- Value for Front/Value for Rear it goes...

    First, Get into your NASCAR of choice, and go buy the Chassis Stiffing Bars for the car. It is a one time purchase (and the only purchase aside from oil that you can make for these cars). NOTE, this feature CANNOT be turned off, but is worth the money when driving the car. NEXT...go tune the beast...

    In Suspension:
    Ride Height -- +15/+15
    Spring Rate -- 18.5/18.5
    Dampers (Ext.) -- 8/4
    Dampers (Comp.) -- 8/4
    Sway Bars -- 4/4

    Camber -- 3.0/3.0
    Toe -- 0.0/0.20


    In Drivetrain>Limited Slip Differential:
    Initial Torque -- 60
    Acceleration Sensitivity -- 60
    Braking Sensitivity --15


    In Body/Chassis:
    Downforce -- 20/40 NOTE: This is the minimum setting for Downforce on the me when I say it, "You will notice a wobbly handling, but it is well worth it to learn how to control your car at this setting....and I use the regular old controller to race and am fairly good at it"


    In Driving Options (the "tuning knob" in the Racing/Event Lobby)
    Turn off ALL, and yes, I do absolutely mean ALL Driving Enhancements

    Tires -- Racing Soft
    ABS -- Set to Zero


    I hope these settings work for you like they worked for me...happy racing, and hope to see you out on the track...BTW, my username and Play Station 3 ID are the same...
  23. brybo86


    Ok these settings allow me to take daytona corners at 206... THANK YOU!
  24. Let me get this right. You guys are RAISING the ride height?
  25. jmeGT5

    United Kingdom Essex, UK

    Yeah thanks for the setup, won all the races bar Grand Valley. Bob drifts around EVERY corner, no matter how cool/hot he is. Im on the right rubber. We was 2nd gaining to 1st but no he decided to powerslide into the barrier and loose everything. C*******NT!
  26. veyron1001


    Stiff suspension lowers top speed. You want the car as soft as possible without bottoming out and being unstable in the corners. This is how you carry the speed.
  27. Eirikr_Raudi


    Yes, the reason...Daytona is a VERY bumpy ANY standard. OK, maybe not quite as bumpy as say, Nurburgring, but you get the point. And what you want is to allow for as much travel of the wheels as possible. That is why I raise the ride height. But, I also compensate for that by stiffening up the spring rate to keep the car from bottoming out in the turns....

    I helped one person online today use these exact settings...he drives with the G25 wheel...he said he noticed how much more solid his wheel was after the new set up...he said it was nothing to try to turn the car now, as opposed to having nearly full wheel lock around turns...

    It is something to get used to, but if I can use those settings with a REGULAR can use them with a wheel and spank that arse!!
  28. Eric W

    United States Massachusetts

    This is a great setup for Daytona, I can easily keep up with the pack and even lead a lot of the race but I'm having and extremely difficult time holding my line with the 6 axis controller and always end up wrecking within 3 or 4 laps.
  29. Eirikr_Raudi


    Eric, I would definitely say that it requires some practice with this setup...especially for a wheel...

    for me, I was laid up for an extended period of time due to a torn ACL...and all I could do was sit there on the, I started to race Nurb in my Formula GT in GT4....and that's all I did for about 6 sucked, yes....BUT, i was able to get my times way down and learned how to be "feather light" on the joy sticks...maybe that's why I don't have so much trouble with does take some practice, I cannot stress it enough.

    To everyone, please understand that these settings are what allowed me to not only stay up with the pack, but to stay ahead of them. I was able to take the lead out of turn 2 on the back straight, and never lost my place for the rest of the race. You can always tweak the base that is provided, and see it your tweaks help you...have fun, and happy racing :)
  30. Eric W

    United States Massachusetts

    Thanks, I've had tons of practice playing GT using a controller. I really had no trouble catching and passing the field but my only issue is with using the 6-axis and not being able to hold my line resulting in me ramming into the other cars in turn taking myself out of the race. I've been using the controller for GT since the beginning and I don't remember having this much trouble with it. It could be that the physics in the game are that much better or I'm just getting that much older or it just plain old Daytona. I've really had no other issue using the 6-axis on any other track.

    Using a wheel would be ideal but I'm still aways off from setting up a racing seat and wheel. I would love to though.
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