BMW 8 Series Return

Discussion in 'Auto News' started by lxmmy, May 11, 2017.

  1. lxmmy

    United Kingdom UK

    Villa d’Este concours show will host the premiere of the 8 Series Coupe Concept.
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  2. Let me know when they make the hatchback SUV version.
  3. CTznOfTime

    France SoCal

    I am excited for this car, even if i cannot afford it, but BMW needs to go back to its 80/90s roots.

    The 6 series coupe was discontiued this past week, but soon will be replaced by the BMW/Toy Supra twin ....


    Burn ! Lol
  4. McLaren

    United States Texas

    They gotta build the 4-door and then the 2-door again, first.
  5. MedigoFlame

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    There's just one major problem I see with this new 8-Series. Pop up headlights that will never come back. :(
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  6. GTboyz


    Ho boy.
  7. Omnis

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    That silhouette looks sweet. Hopefully it's not just a Lexus LC rebadge. :lol:
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  8. aarror

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    A 2018 launch means the timing lines up nicely for this to be the base model for BMW's new GTE car. I'm excited, I just wish pop-up headlights were still a thing :lol:
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  9. Tyger

    United Kingdom UK

    First interesting new BMW since the, umm, 8 Series.
  10. SlipZtrEm

    Canada Toronto

    I hope it's missing the B-pillars again. Though I'm not sure if that'd be too much of a compromise for a car with motorsport intentions.
  11. AudiMan2011

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    Japan Idol Hell

    Here's hoping they actually make an M8 this time, even if it has to have the twin turbo V8 and not a V12 like the old M8 prototype.
  12. hardvibes

    Italy Rome, Italy

    Looks delicious
  13. kikie

    Belgium Thuis

    BMW iM8.

  14. GTboyz


    Heardthe most ridiculous rumor about this car. The only M8 was stored in the BMW specialstorage, filled with poison gas lmao
  15. MatskiMonk

    United Kingdom Not so Great Britain

    B-Pillars can clearly be seen on photos of the test cars, though I'd expect the Villa d'este concept to be pillarless.


    That is a ridiculous rumour, but I'm sure it will stem from a comment made a long time ago from a BMW representative that stated the car was stored in "Giftschrank", I expect this has more to do with his/the company's attitude to the car at the time, than it was to do with suggesting they pumped poison gas into the storage area.


    Oh well,

    Just in case anyone actually cares, the model line-up based on "leaked" info so far is expected to include:

    BMW 840d xDrive Convertible (G14)
    BMW 840i Convertible (G14)
    BMW 840i xDrive Convertible (G14)
    BMW 850i xDrive Convertible (G14)
    BMW 840d xDrive Coupe (G15)
    BMW 840i Coupe (G15)
    BMW 840i xDrive Coupe (G15)
    BMW 850i xDrive Coupe (G15)

    BMW 8xx Gran Coupe (G16)

    M8 Coupe (F92)
    M8 Convertible (F91)
    M8 Gran Coupe (F93)

    Other models possible based on Trademarked names are M850 and 860.

    Info from Teo Martin Motorsport and BMW Team Studie suggest that 2018 will see a factory only GTE car, 2019 will see the GT3 possibly phased in for teams to replace their M6's, and in 2020 the M8 GT3 will replace the M6 GT3 fully.
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  16. This is possibly the least meaningful use of that image on the history of the internet.
  17. MatskiMonk

    United Kingdom Not so Great Britain

    Well, since I quoted you and Mclaren, I had originally decided just to go with a Picard/Riker double facepalm (because there's two posts to facepalm... geddit ?!?! :D ) - but then I read your post again, and I thought to myself... No, Tommy Lee Jones's expression much more accurately sums up my own response to tired old nonsensical attempts at dry cynicism... so I decided to go with that instead. Sorry if that sentiment didn't shine through in my post.
  18. SlipZtrEm

    Canada Toronto

    And, conveniently, Jones' expression works just as well for people who take any level of criticism of a huge international company personally.
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  19. "Overly sensitive BMW fan takes exception to joke to the extent of calling it out instead of ignoring it. Immediately justifies joke by showing leaked model range."
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  20. McLaren

    United States Texas

    It's a joke, relax.

    My family had an 8 Series when I was little, so I am genuinely excited to see the name return.
  21. MatskiMonk

    United Kingdom Not so Great Britain

    It would be justified if there was a "hatchback SUV" version of the 8 series in the leaked model range... which there isn't... it might be justified if they then developed a different two door version of the Gran Coupe, which according to the leaked model range, they haven't.. so your "joke" is not immediately justified at all. It might be justifiable if BMW had ever made a "hatchback SUV" out of a 2 door Coupe before, but they haven't. It might be justifiable if BMW had ever made a Coupe based on a Saloon, that itself was based on a Coupe... but they haven't. It was a poor attempt at a joke, and I believe Mr Jones' furrowed brow conveyed that adequately.

    It's not any level of criticism I have a problem with, it's the level where people make up reasons to criticise it. I'm also not taking it personally... one reaction image that I feel accurately summed up my feelings was used in an attempt to turn the not-so-useful comments into something mildly more useful, and perhaps informative, for what is a GTP front page news thread.

    Anyway with that in mind, they're not new, but perhaps relevant, these shots may offer an idea of what the production car will look like...


    MUH5501 is apparently registered to Garching in Munich, which potentially makes that an M8 - though having heard it first hand on the same day as the soon to be revealed F90 M5, I'm not convinced.
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  22. Naveek Darkroom

    Canada Coquitlam, BC

    I hope so. At the least I expect an M860i with the same V12 as the M760i (Unless they do a full on M8), and an Alpina B8. Regardless, I'm sure the car will get a turbo V8. And it seems that with the 8 Series coming back the 6 coupe is dead and will apparently become what the 5 GT is now. Which is a shame. I just thought the Gran Coupe looked cool. Maybe BMW will make an 8 Series Gran Coupe though. Clearly the 8 Series is effectively a replacement for the 6.

    They're gonna make a three row X7 so I fully expect an X8 and an 8 Series Gran Coupe.
  23. "Overly sensitive BMW fan claims to not take joke personally. Writes essay whining about explaining why joke isn't funny."

    Wow, you're so noble.

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  24. MatskiMonk

    United Kingdom Not so Great Britain

    I'm comfortable with my contribution to this topic, including my 5 and one half line "essay". The more you write, the less you add... so... in the words of Mr Tommy Lee Jones... "I don't care" :D
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  25. Tyger

    United Kingdom UK

    You're OK, an old raised-eyebrow meme is OK in context and doesn't really warrant snide, personal, childish responses, also regardless of any favouritism (how dare you!) thanks for the info and pics, I'm not a big BMW fan, at least not the direction they have taken for the last 20 years+, but this is piquing my interest, for what it's worth =)
  26. You forgot "sarcastic."
  27. Craze63AMG

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    Is Gran Coupe their way of saying "Not a wagon/SUV...but a Wagon/SUV"?
  28. RandomCarGuy17

    United States Maryland

    Why does BMW make Gran Coupe models anyway? I mean, they had the odd numbered BMWs for sedans and the even numbered for the coupe versions. So, then they make a 4-door version of a coupe when they already had a 4-door version? It doesn't make sense to me.
  29. SecretAgentZero

    United States Somewhere

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  30. ProjectWHaT

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    Gran Coupe is the sedan version of a coupe.
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