Boundary Layer's Drift Videos - New Vid Added Feb 2nd, 2006

Discussion in 'GT4 Drifting Videos' started by Boundary Layer, Mar 9, 2005.

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    This is exactly how I would say it. Being primarily an AWD drifter myself, I think the key to AWD drifting is picking the perfect drift line.
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    They are just labeled as 240SX's... All of the S chassis cars in the game have one of three versions of the 2.0 Litre All Alluminum DOHC 16 valve SR20DET engine... Also, none of the S chassis cars in GT4 were actually offered in america, as they are in the game (trim levels, body styles, body panels, etc...)

    Their never was a 240SX "Type X" in the states, and the S14's never had the aero kit available as a trim level...

    It's a little frustrating... I would love to have the option of driving a "real 240sx", as well as "Silvia's"... Or, at least keep the vehicles names accurate to their real life counterparts...

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    yeah me 2 seeing as i live in the states i only have a low chance but id love to get a 180sx and convert it into a sileighty thats like my dream car ...but it is so distant since i live in the states :( :( :( but o well and all those vids are very good b\l :tup:
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    Hey Boundary Layer, your drifts are amazing. They look so smooth and effortless. I can only dream of a day that I will be that good. I am getting better. I also wanted to ask you for some advice on something, I know this might be wrong since it might be somewhere else. I have tried to search it but couldn't find anything, I didn't know how to word it. Anyway, what I wanted to aske you is when I watch you drift, you start the drift and the whole way through you have oppostie lock on the wheels. When I start my drifts, if I put too much opposite lock on I just turn out of the drift. Do you know what my problem is? Hope you can help me. You seem like a very knowledgeable person, especially with Drifting in GT4. Hope to hear from you, or anyone else who can help.