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    Welcome to the Budget Car Challenge Thread!

    Gt5anticip8r inspired me to create this challenge several months ago with the creation of the Hot Hatch series. This is the Budget Car Challenge thread, wherein every month, the GTPlanet community is invited to buy, modify, and drive cars they normally wouldn't in a series of challenges with ever-changing themes.

    I talked about it once on one of the Top Gear threads, and now I'd like to share my thoughts with you, here: this competition's main restriction is based on budget.

    Any GT5 player with about half a hundred grand or more to burn can take part. That budget, which I announce with every rules set, must be spent on both a car and modifications. Any car and any modifications are fine as long as the total cost adds up to that credit budget, and the only work that you may do on your car for "free" is maintenance work in GT Auto, especially if you buy a used car.

    Once you've made your parts purchases, you may not remove them until the current season is over.

    Remember, everyone, it's about being savvy as well as stylish and swift. Buy the best car you can or one of your favorites within the budget, but remember that cheaper cars will net one more tuning options. Stealth preorders which came for free and pre-race-prepared or pretuned cars (the Spoon vehicles, HPA Stage II, etc.), however, are not eligible.

    If you want to eliminate guesswork and lots of long, sleepless nights in the UCD, check out this site (thanks negative1 http://www.mygranturismo.net/ but remember that the prices in the UCD are subject to change. Be on the lookout for the best buys possible.

    The assists allowed are subject to change, but usually the only assist you may utilize is ABS set to 5 or below. Grip reduction must be set to Real, and mechanical damage shall be set to Light. Manual transmissions only, too: if you're having trouble getting the handle of a Manual tranny, here's the perfect place to muck about with it for fun and bragging rights.

    The objects change with every week, including time attacks, drift trials and the odd Photomode competition.

    To make sure everyone's playing on the same level field, I will ask all competitors to register their chosen car(s?) with me and a list of all modifications made. The total must, again, line up to the announced credits spent in total on the car and any modifications. Every season, if this goes on long enough, you may pick one car (and only one car) to compete in, so pick carefully!

    So how does that sound? Email me for anything at rrvcrinale@gmail.com or at suborbital@verizon.net and, please email me with your GTP username and your best times. If you are a late entry, you must also post your car entry, including its cost and a list of parts given to it. Don't be shy: join in!

    In order to send your times, take a picture of your best lap time and the car you used to put it down, then email it to me at the same email address I specified above.

    Good luck, and good driving!


    1st: acsr421: 42 pts (Season 1 champion)
    2nd: Cam: 32 pts
    3rd: VTiRoj: 25 pts
    4th: Boone_501: 19 pts
    5th: Crit: 18 pts
    5th: STiG39: 18 pts
    6th: McRoflSandwich: 17 pts
    7th: Zustic: 13 pts
    8th: Verbal: 12 pts
    9th: Saber 123316: 9 pts
    10th: Adrenaline: 6 pts
    11th: ChewYL: 4 pts
    11th: Rook-E-driver22: 4 pts
    12th: Off The Bit: 2 pts
    12th: Drazen_Frabros: 2 pts
    12th: Hamish: 2 pts
    12th: rousso82: 2 pts
    13th: Jason~Bourne: 1 pt

    March Keicar Month Leaderboard: (Complete)

    1st: acsr421: 37 pts (Season champion)
    2nd: egriffith45: 34 pts
    3rd: Off the Bit: 24 pts
    4th: McRoflSandwich: 17 pts
    5th: Keaner: 21 pts
    6th: VTiRoj: 15 pts
    7th: drew: 13 pts
    8th: chuyler1: 3 pts
    9th: clazman55: 2 pts

    April RWD Month Leaderboard:

    McRoflSandwich: 18 pts (Season Champion)
    VTiRoj: 17 pts
    Sylar: 11 pts
    egriffith45: 10 pts
    Off The Bit: 8 pts

    June Muscle Strain Leaderboard:

    CMvan46: 16 pts (Season Champion)
    VTiRoj: 15 pts
    McRoflSandwich: 14 pts
    Off the Bit: 12 pts

    July Le Tour De Grand Prix Leaderboard:

    McRoflSandwich: 32 pts (Champion)
    Off The Bit: 31 pts
    Onboy123: 30 pts
    Dheroan: 19 pts
    CMvan46: 10 pts
    zombiebuggin25: 4 pts
    Doncowleone (illegal entry, awaiting legal alternate entry): 0 pts

    August 300 Month Leaderboard:
    Slirb: 20 pts
    Onboy123: 16 pts
    Off The Bit: 14 pts

    October Shootout at the Ol' Saloon Leaderboard:

    McRoflSandwich: 23 pts
    VTiRoj: 18 pts
    JWalker: 17 pts
    Off The Bit: 16 pts
    Onboy123: 11 pts
    Slirb: 9 pts
    Pezzarinho17: 1 pts

    November BCC Diet

    MadMax86: 17 pts
    JWalker : 12 pts
    Off The Bit: 11 pts
    VTiRoj : 11 pts
    Slirb : 8 pts
    sixmo : 5 pts
    CtrlALtDelete : 3 pts

    Inaugural Season

    RULES: 50K to spend on any car

    ROUND ONE (01/16/11-01/23/11): Trial Mountain Forward, Dry

    RESULTS (from first to last):

    acsr421 ('05 Subaru Impreza Sedan WRX STi spec C): 1:30.689 +10 pts
    Saber 123316 ('10 Chevrolet Camaro SS): 1:31.493 +9 pts
    VTiRoj ('10 Chevrolet Camaro SS): 1:31.636 +8 pts
    Cam ('02 Caterham Seven Fireblade): 1:33.048 +7 pts
    Adrenaline ('94 Mitsubishi FTO GPX): 1:33.660 +6 pts
    McRoflSandwich ('93 Mazda RX-7 Type R (FD, J)): 1:34.424 +5 pts
    STiG39 ('07 Subaru Impreza WRX STi): 1:34.656 +4 pts
    Verbal ('97 Mitsubishi FTO GPX): 1:34.888 +3 pts
    Drazen_Fabros ('02 Nissan Fairlady Z Version ST (Z33)): 1:34.976 +2 pts
    Jason~Bourne ('10 Chevrolet Camaro SS): 1:35.073 +1 pt
    Zustic ('97 Mazda RX-7 Type RS-R (FD)): 1:35.076
    Nick ('99 Mitsubishi FTO GP Version R): 1:35.547
    Off The Bit ('10 Chevrolet Camaro SS): 1:35.786
    ZoenVisje ('00 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI GSR T.M.): 1:38.284
    Chew YL ('97 Toyota MR2 G-Limited): 1:38.446
    James Doolan ('94 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution III GSR): 1:39.125
    Guillaume Rosseau ('76 VW Golf GTI Mk I): 1:42:830
    Hamish Williams ('97 Honda Civic Type R (EK)): 1:46.731
    Axle ('10 Chevrolet Camaro SS):
    James Mackenzie ('99 Nisan Silvia Spec-R S15):
    Jan ('07 Peugeot 207 GTI):
    joovut ('96 Mitsubishi Lancer IV Evo GSR):

    Founder's Car Time: 1:56.103
    Founder's Car Challenge Winner: Hamish (+1 bonus point)

    ROUND TWO (01/23/11 - 01/31/11): Cape Ring Periphery Foreward, Dry

    RESULTS (from first to last):

    +11 pts: acsr421: 1:37.471
    +9 pts: Cam: 1:39.362
    +8 pts: VTiRoj: 1:40:086
    +7 pts: boone_501 ('97 Mazda RX-7 RSR FD): 1:40.159
    +6 pts: Crit ('00 Mitsubishi Evo VI TME): 1:40.959
    +5 pts: McRoflSandwich: 1:41.934
    +4 pts: Verbal: 1:42.297
    +3 pts: Zustic: 1:42:374
    +2 pts: WheelbaseBelize: 1:43:769
    +1 pts: Off The Bit: 1:44.029
    Rook-e-driver22: 1:47.897
    Guillaume Rousseau: 1:53.570
    catsfather: 2:04.429

    All drivers posted have eligible cars. I'm not going to post the car types and names over and over and over again, but I will say this: competition is closer than I would have pegged it to be, and even the Camaros' power couldn't hold off the Subaru. All-wheel drive and the robust mill of the Impreza may be keys to this car's success...I'll see where I can level the playing field in track choice next, though.

    No Founder's Car time this time since this week was a difficult one for me. I couldn't post a time like I hoped.

    ROUND THREE (02/01/11-02/07/11): Suzuka Forward, Wet

    RESULTS (from first to last):

    +11 pts: Crit: 2:24.439
    +9 pts: acsr421: 2:25.100
    +8 pts: STiG39: 2:26.560
    +7 pts: classifieds: 2:26.754
    +6 pts: Zustic: 2:33.754
    +5 pts: Boone_501: 2:36.252
    +4 pts: Rook-E-driver22: 2:36.460
    +3 pts: Verbal: 2:38.646
    +2 pts: McRoflSandwich: 2:46.971
    +1 pt: VTiRoj: 2:50.984
    Off The Bit: 3:03.408
    rousso82: 03:05.107

    Founder's Time: 3:11.486
    Founder's Challenge Winner: rousso82 (+1 pt)

    ROUND FOUR (02/06/11-02/14/11): Cote D'Azur Forward, Dry

    RESULTS (from first to last):

    +11 pts: acsr421: 1:41.573
    +9 pts: Cam: 1:42.887
    +8 pts: VTiRoj: 1:43.854
    +7 pts: Boone_501: 1:43.906
    +6 pts: STiG39: 1:44.277
    +5 pts: McRoflSandwich: 1:44.644
    +4 pts: Zustic: 1:46.126
    +3 pts: Verbal: 1:46.278
    +2 pts: Off The Bit: 1:47.413
    +1 pt: Crit: 1:48.855
    Rook-E-Driver22: 1:49.984
    rousso82: 1:55.489
    Hamish: 2:00.999

    No Founder's Time because I have retired the old Founder's Car.

    1ST SEASON CHAMPION (JAN-FEB): acsr421 (2005 Subaru Impreza WRX STi spec C)


    RULES: 25k Cr budget, keicars only. All assists off including ABS, grip set to real

    ROUND ONE: Tokyo R246 Forward, Dry (03/01/11-03/09/11)

    acsr421 (1997 Daihatsu Move SR-XX 2WD): 2:10.974: +10 pts
    egriffith45 (1997 Suzuki Alto Works Suzuki Sport Limited): 2:12.917 +8 pts
    Off the Bit (1997 Suzuki Alto Works RS-Z): 2:15.737 +7 pts
    drew (1997 Suzuki Alto Works RS-Z): 2:15.840 +6 pts
    McRoflSandwich (1995 Suzuki Cappuchino EA21R): 2:17.467 +5 pts
    Keaner (1989 Mitsubishi Minica Dangan ZZ): 2:18.025 +4 pts
    chuyler1 (1997 Suzuki Alto Works RS-Z): 2:18.350 +3 pts
    VTiRoj (2007 Suzuki Cervo SR): 2:24.834 +2 pts
    clazman55 (1993 Honda Beat Version Z): 2:27.002 + 1 pt

    Founder's Jackpot (Closest time to 2:38.893): clazman55 (+1 pt)

    ROUND TWO: Clubman Stage Route 5 Forward, Dry (03/09/11-03/14/11)

    acsr421: 1:05.811 +10 pts
    egriffith45: 1:06.701 +8 pts
    drew: 1:08.112 +7 pts
    Off the Bit: 1:08.323 +6 pts
    McRoflSandwich: 1:09.207 +5pts
    Keaner: 1:09.540 + 4 pts
    VTIRoj: 1:13.133 + 3 pts

    No Founder's Jackpot. I was sick and couldn't concentrate.

    ROUND THREE: Daytona Road Course Forward, Dry (03/14/11-03/21/11)

    acsr421: 2:25.254 +10 pts
    egriffith: 2:26.324 +8 pts
    McRoflSandwich: 2:30.548 +6 pts
    Keaner: 2:32.981 +5 pts
    Off The Bit: 2:36.102 +4pts
    VTiRoj: 2:39.805 +3 pts

    Founder's Jackpot (Closest time to 2:46 dead): VTiRoj (+2 pts to make up for a lack of a Jackpot last week)

    ROUND FOUR: Circuit De La Sarthe 2009, No Chicanes Wet (03/21/11-03/28/11)

    egriffith45: 5:59.725 +10 pts
    Keaner: 6:07.089 +8 pts
    acsr421: 6:12.090 +7 pts
    Off the Bit: 6:14.232 +6 pts
    VTiRoj: 6:21.689 + 5 pts

    Keicar Month Champion: acsr421


    RULES: 40k CR, rear-wheel-drive cars only. Dirt and Snow tires are now free. ABS set to 1 is allowed, everything else should be off, manual transmission only

    ROUND ONE: Autumn Ring Mini, Forward, Dry (04/04/11-04/11/11)

    McRoflSandwich (1997 Toyota Supra RZ): 40.411 +3 pts
    Off The Bit (2003 Nissan 350Z): 41.017 + 2 pts
    VTiRoj (2000 Mazda RX-7 Type RS (FD)): 43.449 + 1 pt
    egriffith45 (1996 Mazda RX-7 Type RZ): 39.024 + 1 pt (Off-record: submitted after deadline)

    ROUND TWO: High Speed Ring, Reverse, Dry (04/11/11-04/18/11)

    McRoflSandwich: 1:11.450 (+5 pts), 169 MPH (+3 pts) +8 net pts
    egriffith45: 1:12.583 (+4 pts), 161 MPH (+2 pts) +6 net pts (+1 jackpot)
    Sylar: 1:15.106 (+2 pts), 170 MPH (+4 pts) +6 net pts
    VTiRoj: 1:15.149 (+1 pt), 171 MPH (+5 pts) +6 net pts (+1 jackpot)
    Off The Bit: 1:14.502 (+3 pts), 158 MPH (+1 pts) +4 net pts

    Founder's Results: 1:19.552, 161 MPH

    Time Jackpot: VTiRoj (+1 pt)

    Speed Jackpot: egriffith45 (+1 pt)

    ROUND THREE: Chamonix Forward (04/18/11-04/25/11)

    VTiRoj: 3:29.299 (+5 pts)
    McRoflSandwich: 3:34.766 (+4 pts)
    Sylar: 3:40.795 (+3 pts)
    egriffith45: 3:43.022 (+2 pts)
    Off The Bit: 3:45.657 (+1 pt)

    Founder's Jackpot (closest to 3:57.002): Off The Bit (+1 pt)

    ROUND FOUR: Trial Mountain Forward, Sectors (05/17/11-05/23/11)

    VTiRoj: 7916 (+4 pts)
    McRoflSandwich: 7457 (+3 pts)
    Sylar: 6275 (+2 pts)
    Off the Bit: 2296 (+1 pt)

    Founder's Jackpot (closest to 3826): Off The Bit (+1 pt)

    SEASON CHAMPION: McRoflSandwich


    RULES: 60K in credits to buy and modify an American muscle car. Usual transmission and assist rules apply

    ROUND ONE: Indianapolis Oval Forward, Dry (05/30/11-06/06/11)

    McRoflSandwich (2010 Chevrolet Camaro SS): 55.639 (+4 pts), 177 MPH (+4 pts)
    CMvan46 (2010 Chevrolet Camaro SS): 56.995 (+3 pts), 174 MPH (+2 pts)
    Off the Bit (2000 Chevrolet Camaro SS): 58.462 (+2 pts), 176 MPH (+3 pts)
    VTiRoj (2008 Dodge Challenger SRT-8): 1:00.373 (+1 pt), 170 MPH (+1 pt)

    Founder's Jackpot: 1:03.656, 165 MPH

    Jackpot winner: VTiRoj

    ROUND TWO: Eiger Nordwand K Trail Forward, Dry (06/06/11-06/13/11)

    CMvan: 4:25.042 (+3 pts)
    VTiRoj: 4:26.293 (+2 pts)
    Off the Bit: 4:51.237 (+1 pt)

    Founder's Jackpot Winner (closest to 4:56.033): Off the Bit (+1 pt)

    ROUND THREE: Special Stage Route 7 Drift Trial, Sectors (06/13/11-06/17/11)

    VTiRoj: 4171 (+3 pts)
    CMvan: 2545 (+2 pts)
    Off the Bit: 1266 (+1 pt)

    Founder's Jackpot Winner (closest to 1875): Off the Bit

    ROUND FOUR: London Reverse, Dry (06/17/11-06/24/11)

    McRoflSandwich: 53.897 (+4 pts)
    CMman46: 58.229 (+3 Pts)
    Off The Bit: 58.874 (+2 Pts)
    VTiRoj: 59.874 (+1 Pt)

    No Founder's Jackpot due to vacation

    EXTRA ROUND: Photomode Challenge (06/06/11-06/18/11)

    VTiRoj: 10 Votes (+4 Pts)
    CMvan46: 7 Votes (+3 Pts)
    McRoflSandwich: 2 Votes (+2 Pts)
    Off The Bit: 1 Vote (+1 Pt)

    Founder's Jackpot (car I liked the most): VTiRoj (+1 Pt)


    JULY SEASON: Le Tour De Grand Prix

    RULES: 65K CR total to spend on a car from Europe. Up to 45K can be spent on finding any automobile from Europe, and the change +20K more to modify it

    ROUND ONE: Rome Forward, Dry (07/01/11-07/07/11)

    McRoflSandwich (2001 Renault Clio Sport V6): 1:14.957 (+8 pts)
    Onboy123 (2001 Audi RS4): 1:15.910 (+7 pts)
    CMvan46 (1991 TVR V8S): 1.17.685 (+6 pts)
    Dheroan (2003 Volkswagen Golf IV R32): 1:18.391 (+5 pts)
    zombiebuggin25 (2006 Ford Focus ST): 1:18.867 (+4 pts)
    Off The Bit (2003 Volkswagen Golf IV R32): 1:18.954 (+3 pts) (+2 jackpot)
    Doncowleone (Audi S4, year unspecified, legality of car pending): 1:21.??? (exact time unspecified) (0 pts) (time not recognized; failed to make car that qualifies)

    Founder's Jackpot (closest time to 1:27.856): Off The Bit (officially)

    ROUND TWO: Toscana Rally Forward, Change Time (07/07/11-07/17/11)

    Dhorean: 1:51.850 +8 pts
    Off The Bit: 1:54.366 +7 pts
    Onboy123: 1:55.754 +6 pts
    McRoflSandwich: 1:57.432 +5 pts
    CMvan46: 1:58.745 +4 pts

    No Founder's Jackpot: the BMW Z4 can't drive off-road!

    ROUND THREE: Special Stage Route 5, Reverse (07/17/11-07/24/11)

    McRoflSandwich: 1:29.339 (+8 pts)
    Onboy123: 1:33.932 (+7 pts)
    Dhorean: 1:34.402 (+6 pts)
    Off The Bit: 1:36.286 (+5 pts) (+4 Jackpot)

    Founder's Time: 1:42.784

    FINAL ROUND: Cote D'Azur, Forward, Dry (07/23/11-07-30-11)

    Special Rule: Post both lap time and fastest tunnel speed

    McRoflSandwich: 1:43.605 (+8 pts), 121 MPH (+4 pts)
    Onboy123: 1:47.003 (+7 pts), 115 MPH (+3 pts)
    Off The Bit: 1:49.184 (+6 pts) (+1 jackpot), 105 MPH (+2 pts) (+1 jackpot)

    Founder's Numbers: 2:02.343, 97 MPH


    RULES: 35K in credits to buy any car and get it up/down to 300 HP with as few mods as possible, then 10K for any other modification. Usual transmission and assist rules apply

    ROUND ONE: Daytona Speedway Forward, Dry

    RULES: Best time + top speed, scores are individual

    Slirb (2003 Nissan 350Z): 0:53.881, (+3 pts) (+1 pts) 170 MPH (+3 pts) (+2 pts)
    Onboy123 (1996 Subaru Impreza Sedan STI Ver. III): 0:55.977 (+2 pts), 162 MPH (+2 pts) (+2 pts) (+1 pt)
    Off The Bit (1996 Subaru Impreza Sedan STI Ver. III): 0:56.001 (+1 pts), 162 MPH (+2 pts) (+2 pts) (+1 pt)

    Founder's Numbers: 0:54.925, 166 MPH

    ROUND TWO: Eiger Nordwand W Trail Reverse

    Rules: Best time

    Slirb: 1:12.129 (+3 pts)
    Off The Bit: 1:12.216 (+2 pts)
    Onboy123: 1:13.075 (+1 pt) (+1 pt jackpot)

    Founder's Time: 1:19.294

    ROUND THREE: Laguna Seca Forward

    Rules: Best time, Photomode picture of your car turning through the Corkscrew

    Onboy123: 1:38.596 (+3 pts)
    Slirb: 1:40.097 (+2 pts)
    Off The Bit: 1:40.806 (+1 pt) (+1 pt jackpot)

    Founder's Time: 1:51.047

    EXTRA: Photomode Competition

    Rules: Use Photomode to take a picture of your car rounding Laguna Seca's famous Corkscrew. Winner decided by most votes, votes do not equal points

    Onboy123: 1st (+3 pts)
    Slirb: 1st (+3 pts)
    Off The Bit: 2nd (+2 pts)

    FINAL: Nurburgring Nordschleife Forward (Incomplete, Onboy123's time pending)

    Rules: Best time

    Slirb: 7:54.228 (+3 pts)
    Onboy123: 8:00.876 (+2 pts)
    Off the Bit: 8:17.540 (+1 pt)


    RULES: Up to 35K CR to spend on a saloon car/sedan (four doors, three-box body). Change and 15K extra to spend on modifications

    ROUND 1: Top Gear Test Track, Forward (10/01/11 - 10/08/11)

    Rules: Best time, Founder's Jackpot for whoever's car most resembles the Founder's Car

    McRoflSandwich: 1:13.128 (+5 pts)


    Mistubishi Lancer Evo VI RS T.M '00 - 19,989 Cr
    Sports Soft Tyres - 8,000 Cr
    Sports Exhaust - 1,500 Cr
    Sports Catalytic Converter - 500 Cr
    Racing Air Filter - 450 Cr
    Sports ECU - 1,000 Cr
    Engine Stage 1 - 2,500 Cr
    Weight Reduction Stage 1 - 5,000 Cr
    Low RPM Turbo - 4,500 Cr
    Rear Wing - 1,000 Cr
    Sports Suspension - 3,000 Cr
    Sports Intake Manifold - 2,500 Cr

    TOTAL - 49,939 Cr

    VTiRoj: 1:13.439 (+4 pts)


    30,539 - Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII MR GSR '04
    Color - Honda Lime Green Metallic
    15,000 - Racing hard tyres
    2,500 - Engine stage 1
    1,000 - Sports ECU
    500 - Sports cat
    450 - Racing air filter

    TOTAL - 49,989

    Onboy123: 1:13.805 (+3 pts)


    Mitsubishi Evolution VIII MR GSR- 25,389
    Color - Maziora Andromedall
    RH tyres- 15,000
    ECU- 1000
    Engine Stage 1- 2,500
    Sports cats- 500
    racing air filter- 450

    TOTAL - 44,839

    JWalker: 1:14.444 (awesome time) (+2 pts)


    Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VIII GSR '03 - 31265cr.
    +15000 Racing Hard tires
    +2500 Engine Stage 1
    +450 Racing air filter
    +500 Catalytic converter

    TOTAL - 49715

    Pezzarinho17: 1:14.778 (+1 pt)


    Mitsubishi Evo VIII MR GSR '04 - 30,226
    Color - Cool Silver Metallic
    Racing Hard Tyres - 15,000
    Sports ECU - 1,000
    Sports Exhaust - 1,000
    Sports Catlytic Converter - 500
    Racing Air Filter - 450
    Sports Flywheel - 650

    TOTAL - 48,826

    Slirb: 1:16.611 (+1 pt)


    Holden Commodore SS '04 - 33,982
    Color - Chrome Orange
    Height-Adjustable Sports Kit - 4,500
    Sports Soft Tires - 8,000
    Catalytic Converter Sports - 500
    Racing Air Filter - 450
    Engine Stage 1 - 2,500

    TOTAL - 49,932

    Off The Bit: 1:16.697 (+1 pt) (+2 Founder's Jackpot)


    Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VI RS '99 - 18,041
    Color - Passionate Pink
    Mid-Range Turbo - 10,000
    Sports Soft Tyres - 8,000
    Sports ECU - 1,000
    Engine Tuning Stage 1 - 2,500
    Weight Reduction Stage 1 - 5,000
    Racing Air Filter - 450
    Sports Exhaust - 1,500
    Sports Intake Manifold - 2,500
    Catalytic Conv. Sports - 500

    TOTAL - 49,491

    ROUND 2: Chamonix West (10/10/11 - 10/15/11)

    Rules: Best lap time and highest speed, Founder's Jackpot focuses on both

    McRoflSandwich: 2:12.060 (+5 pts), 140 MPH (+5 pts)
    JWalker: 2:13.197 (+4 pts), 135 MPH (+3 pts)
    VTiRoj: 2:14.086 (+3 pts), 135 MPH (+3 pts)
    Onboy123: 2:17.993 (+2 pts), 136 MPH (+4 pts)
    Slirb: 2:20.093 (+1 pt), 132 MPH (+2 pts)
    Off The Bit: 2:25.502 (+1 pt) (+2 pts Jackpot), 132 MPH (+2 pts) (+2 pts Jackpot)
    Pezzarinho17: Time and speed pending

    Founder's Time: 2:28.860
    Founder's Speed: 130 MPH

    ROUND 3: London Reverse (10/17/2011 - 10/23/2011)

    Rules: Best lap time, Founder's Jackpot to whoever most closely matches the Founder's time

    VTiRoj: 0:53.983 (+5 pts)
    JWalker: 0:54.613 (+4 pts)
    McRoflSandwich: 0:54.871 (+3 pts)
    Onboy123: 0.55.212 (+2 pts)
    Slirb: 0:56.570 (+1 pt)
    Off The Bit: 0:57.505 (+1 pt) (+2 pts)

    Founder's Time: 1:04.565

    Jackpot Winner: Off The Bit

    FINAL ROUND: Autumn Ring, Forward

    Rules: Full lap Drift Trial

    McRoflSandwich: 16469 (+5 pts)
    Slirb: 15985 (+4 pts)
    VTiRoj: 15007 (+3 pts)
    JWalker: 14434 (+2 pts)
    Off The Bit: 6887 (+1 pt) (+2 pts jackpot)

    Founder's Score: 6126

    Jackpot Winner: Off The Bit


    RULES: 17500 CR total to spend. 12500 CR max on car, change + remaining 5000 spent on parts. Standard driving rules (manual transmission only, TC at 1 max, ABS at 1 max, Realistic grip reduction, no mech damage)

    ROUND 1: Cape Ring North

    Rules: Lap time + highest speed in corkscrew/loop corner

    MadMax86 (1989 Nissan Skyline GTS-t Type M (R32)): 1:47.116 (+6 pts), 101 MPH (+6 pts)
    Off The Bit (1992 Honda Civic SiR-II): 1:48.228 (+5 pts), 100 MPH (+5 pts)
    JWalker (1997 Mitsubishi FTO GP Version R): 1:48.845 (+4 pts), 97 MPH (+4 pts)
    VTiRoj (1996 Honda Prelude SiR): 1:51.702 (+3 pts), 99 MPH (+3 pts) (+2 jackpot)
    Slirb (1985 Mazda RX-7 GT-Limited (FC)): 1:51.950 (+2 pts) (+2 jackpot), 96 MPH (+2 pts)
    sixmo (1979 Honda Civic 1500 3-Door CX): 1:57.366 (+1 pt), 94 MPH (+1 pt)
    CtrlALtDelete (1991 Nissan Silvia K's (S13)): 2:00.119 (+1 pt), 96 MPH (+1 pt)

    ROUND 2: Madrid Mini Reverse

    Rules: Lap time with 200 kg ballast in the back

    MadMax86: 1:00.386 (+5 pts)
    JWalker: 1:01.597 (+4 pts)
    VTiRoj: 1:02.414 (+3 pts)
    Slirb: 1:02.757 (+2 pts)
    CtrlAltDelete: 1:03.393 (+1 pt)
    Off The Bit: 1:04.601 (+1 pt)
    Sixmo: 1:10.219 (+1 pt) (+2 pts Jackpot)
    Last edited: Nov 19, 2011
  2. caliwator


    sounds interesting.. i will look up a nice car
  3. Airrider


    Alright, an update: I've decided on our track.

    Entries are still open and I will start accepting times and car entries from the 16th to the 23rd!
  4. I'm game. Picked out the car and am working on my tuning options. I'll shoot you an email once I'm finalized.
  5. neema_t

    United Kingdom United Kingdom

    This sounds good, I've forgotten how much my March G# cost, though...
  6. ac3h01e


    I'm so in, Trial Mountain is my favorite track man. My only question is how do we register the times?
  7. Airrider


    Ah, that's right!

    I've edited the first post to include directions.

    Again, for anything, please email me so any discussion in this thread is about the weekly competition and not necessarily just questions.
  8. Airrider


    Thank you.

    Another edit has been made to give people this important tool.
  9. Sounds like fun, I'm thinking the 3000gt's and RX7's are gonna be front-runners. Any tire restrictions?
    Last edited: Jan 12, 2011
  10. Airrider


    Hmm. Your tire restrictions are whatever's left of your 50,000 cr budget after you purchased your car. Stealth preorders and pretuned cars (the Spoon vehicles, HPA Stage II, etc.) are not eligible.

    Miatas? Nah, they're cool.

    As I stated in my first post, "Any car and any modifications are fine as long as the total cost adds up to 50,000 CR. The only service that you may do to your car for "free" is an oil change if it is purchased from the UCD."
  11. baio


    Sounds interesting and fun! :D Looking for a good car right now :)
  12. freedomweasel


    Great idea! So we pick one car and build it up for use over the whole season? No changing cars each week? Can we change the mods? Like swap a turbo for better tires or something?

    Either way, I'll have to think of a good car to use!
  13. Airrider


    Seasons won't go on too long. I think each season will be monthly starting from February on.

    Every two weeks you'll be allowed to swap your pats, and every month you'll be able to change cars.
  14. elrousso

    Canada Rivière-du-Loup, QC

    I'm thinking about another problem that may arise : prize cars...

    The cars won as prizes have no actual "cost" to the user, so it would be possible to spend the whole 50K in modifications, how do the challenge rules deal with that ?
  15. Airrider


    Prize cars are also prohibited.
  16. freedomweasel


    Can't we just look up the cost of the car and take that out of the budget? For example, according to the car list the BMW 2002 is 31,000 to buy so I could just take that out and spend the rest of the money on mods.
  17. badger_mk2


    all performance mods and race soft tires (turbo 3) should be 141,500 APPROX. Remember this does not incl. any weight/tranny/suspension upgrades.
  18. Airrider


    ...ah. Good point.

    Alright then. As long as it's not a pre-race-prepared car.
  19. Jmac279

    Canada Canada

    I'd think Evos and STis would also be competitive ...

    I wish my Nissan Silvia 240RS (S110) '83 didn't cost so much ... I might participate w/ an S13, S14, or S15 ...
  20. Dance Commander

    United Kingdom Farnborough, UK

    This sounds like good fun, I'm in. Need to choose a car first though :)
  21. VTiRoj

    United Kingdom Barrow in Furness

    Ah, I love these budget limited contests. Me, Leo and a few others used to do TG themed GT4 contests on another forum. Fun times. Count me in. :D
  22. elrousso

    Canada Rivière-du-Loup, QC

    Registration sent !
  23. Supermelon

    Canada Hong Kong

    Shouldn't there be a tire restriction of some sort?

    Personally I think even if somebody gets a faster car, it would be hard for them to beat a slower car with much better tires.
    Right now what I think will happen is everybody just getting the cheapest yet cost efficient to mod car in the UCD then getting some Racing soft tires.
  24. Crit


    I could see that, except that we'll run different tracks throughout the season. Long, fast tracks will have that race-tired Suzuki sucking wind!
  25. Airrider


    Exactly. Courses are the real mitigating factor here. Do not expect one set to be the killer mod. You may be at Tsukuba and making hay with such a modification and that's all well and good...but what happens if I send you all to The Indy oval next time?
  26. Looking at the list there are few cheap cars, like the ALTEZZA Touring Car which does cost only 35k or so and probably comes with racing tires of some sort and is light, powerful and has adjustable suspensions and gearboxes...

    Maybe leave racing cars out totally?
  27. hmmm, 76' golf? 8444cr.
  28. TimberW

    Australia Perth, Australi

    Yes, I agree, it should be left for road cars only.
  29. GTP_Richard


    Sweet man... i had an idea like this but with just stock cars. Count me in on this! Now, just need to find a car.
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