CARS - The features that set it apart

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Sorry if this has been answered before but does anybody know if any GTR'S will be in the final build.
I haven't seen any videos or anything related to gtrs...:confused:
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Took a look at the FAQ on the official PCARS site today, I saw the following.

"Does the game use the Xbox One's impulse triggers?
Yes! Great for feeling the rumble strips underneath your wheels ;-)"

"Does the game use the DUALSHOCK®4 controller in any cool way?
You'll hear your Pit Engineer talking directly to you through the integrated speaker :-)"

Adding both to the list.
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Being able to spectate other drivers and watch telemetry at the same time.
Is this for career/solo as well or just multiplayer?

Either way, unless its for career I doubt Ill add it to the list considering Forza has already had this feature.
Well I never really though of pCARS so I decided to finally check it out and see what all the fuss was about starting with some trailers.

The trailers were absolutely stunning!! The graphics, attention to detail and realism was phenomenal! I wasn't 100% convinced until I read the OP of this thread and read into the game details and that was the thing that sealed the deal for me. I love the concept of the career mode where you start at the bottom and work your way up the ladder just like you would in real life. Definitely going to buy it.
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Updated, thanks guys! feel free to post in more if you feel it makes the game special from others! :cheers:
The uniqueness of each individual car is to me most important. In GT once a car is fully upgraded it feels pretty much like any other car of similar class and really loses any individuality, but the game tends to require that to happen for success to be had. Perhaps more so in GT5 than 6. And not having to drive like an Aggressive Idiot (the true meaning of GT6 AI?) in order to win an event I find particularly appealing, hopefully there will be some aspect of PC that encourages 'proper' driving skills along the lines of the GTP OLR.
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Agreed, I believe the quote was 'aiming for 32', but final confirmation would have to wait until alpha-stage work had been competed.
Even 24 is impressive for a console with these graphics. My old q9450 and even some i5 cpus had problems in Assetto corsa with more than 16 cars.
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To my knowledge consoles are on p2p connections, no way you could reliably do that consistently, unless you know someone with amazing internet to host all the big races
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Well SMS has a choice to use the X1 Azure servers as all game can use them for free. I think SMS would be blind if they at least didn't use this FREE option.