Celebrate 70 Years of Abarth With the Giant-Killing 1000TC Berlinetta

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    It always makes me happy to see classic race cars still getting track use. That crazy little thing must be a handful and a half to drive near its limits though, hopefully whoever buys it doesn't panic easily.


    Power & Glory Mod for GTR 2. This car and the Racetrack in (was it) Sweden !? Forgot the name of it but wow what a combination. Drove it with basic wheels all the way up to DD wheels and the only thing i can seay is, holly ****.

    If you have GTR 2 and if you were living under the rock, download Power & Glory Mod Right Now.
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    Back in the 60s, touring car racing was multi-class. The Abarth dominated its class but its not true that V-8s didn't stand a chance - they weren't racing against it - but they were quicker.
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    The 1000TC is definitely truly a car with go-kart like handling. Those bad boys are quick!
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    Mr Wright is correct - The Abarth 1000 TC was very successful in the under 1 litre class, winning Division 1 of the ETCC in 1965, 66, 67 and 69. In 1965 Division 3 was won by Jacky Icx - Ford Mustang and Division 2 by Sir John Whitmore - Ford Lotus Cortina. In following years Division 3 was generally dominated by BMW with Alfa Romeo taking Division 2.

    The Abarth wasn't successful in the BSCC (BTCC) partly because of frequent rule / capacity changes, but when the lower capacity limit for Class A was 1 litre it was generally the Mini or occasionally the Ford Anglia which won the class.

    The Abarth was a great car and deserves to be in any game with classic content ideally with Minis, Anglias and Hillman Imps.

    There is a great section in the book by 1960's F1 driver Innes Ireland "All Arms and Elbows" in which he describes the immense pleasure he had from driving an Abarth 1000 TC in a three hour race at Lake Garda in Italy - he says 7,000 revs in top equated with 130mph, but the rev limit was 6,400 and Snr. Abarth was a fierce man who had rules for everything. "It was really quite a lot of fun, the circuit wound through the town, by the lake, up a mountain and was generally most interesting."

    Sounds like we need the car and the track!
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    Beautiful little things. I covered the Abarth 124 on my blog (see link in my profile if you like) and spent some time talking about what the spirit of Carlo Abarth was all about. It's great that the brand has always stood for bringing race thrills to the common man; probably something which Fiat don't do enough of these days, but then again it's hard to convey to customers with Instagram attention spans the deep history of the brand.

    I've always wanted to try one of the original Abarths; they modded a whole load of different cars and each of them had something quirky and fun about them. And that famous noise...