**COMPLETED** SNAIL-Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge: Season 1 Champion: Rob BrownFinished 

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Event #8 at Mount Panorama

Congratulations to @GCimprezaFTW for the overall win by tiebreaker at Mount Panorama for Event #8 of the Snail-Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge Series. :cheers:. Great job and great racing in your first event of the series.

Mount Panorama seems to have scared away some of our regulars last night resulting in a smaller than normal field with 11 cars starting. What we lacked in field, we more than made up for in great racing and intense battles. The Platinum drivers made quite an impact last night, with 4 Platinum drivers finishing the night in the top 6 positions. Great job fellas:cheers:. What impressed the most, however, was the race craft exhibited in such close quarters with no lack of passing attempts and some amazing passing executions. @nmcp1 had a highlight worthy outside pass in turn 2 on myself (II-NOVA-II), out braking, holding the speed on the outside, and closing the door to finish it off before the tight sections. That was just one of many examples of some great racing by both drivers and the trust that has built up among one another to make those attempts possible. Also, I wanted to give some honorable mention to those drivers, especially @TEX36, that found themselves in a spin or off track...great job to all of you on your awareness and sportsmanship to minimize your impact on other drivers when landing in a vulnerable position. Hats off to you guys as well. I will try to run and capture some highlights from the replays over the next week or so to post here in the thread. While challenging, this event presented some awesome and exhaustive racing...so much so that I was drained after that event. Few times I can remember have I been that mentally spent after racing.

The Scoresheets have been completed and are shown below in the spoiler along with the link for the live scoresheet with archived data

Here are some Race Photos captured from both races:

Now for the business side of the series. We had 2 primary drivers who were NO REPORT/NO SHOW, and 1 driver who confirmed to race and was a NO SHOW with no notice before race time.
Given all our reserve drivers, except @GCimprezaFTW seem to not be interested in racing full time as a primary driver, I will be demoting the driver (@DesertPenguin) with the least amount of season race night entries to Reserve status. @GCimprezaFTW, I will be sending you a pm with the No. 18 ACI Motorsports livery you will use as a primary driver for the remainder of the season.

@basswerks1 and @gulfvet67 will retain their primary status with a reply of their intentions, unless a Reserve driver steps up to claim a primary spot before hand.

Thank you to @Phlano099, @Fudman420, and @FREEREVN for communicating their status even though they were unable to make it, and to all those that confirmed and made it on the grid. Appreciate it fellas.

Lastly, our next event on the schedule is: Event #9 at Suzuka Circuit on Friday, March 20th, 2020, 9pm est

Drivers are welcome to confirm their status for this event at any time, and the Event Details Post and formal Confirmation Reminder Post will be out be out in the coming weeks.

See everyone on the grid at Suzuka.
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All good man, sorry I was out and my phone had died. I can barely make these races anyway so I'll show when I can. There's always a missing driver here or there.
I figured, and appreciate the understanding. I was trying to find the most fair way to do this since the Reserve drivers want to remain as such...this is the best scenario I could see was fair. Stay close, as I would like to have you on the grid again when you can make it. :cheers:
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Thanks for the racing, gents. The pictures are fantastic! Making me tired all over again just scrolling through. That was an excellent race from all. Also taking this post as a confirmation for the next race, and an acceptance of the primary driver spot! Super excited to keep running with you guys. This is the racing I've been looking for for quite some time.
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Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge

Event #9, Friday
March 20th, 2020
at Suzuka Circuit

Race Event Settings and Details

Track: Suzuka Circuit
Time of Day: 15:45
Conditions: Afternoon/Fine Weather
Race1 Laps: (20 laps/40+min), Fastest First
Race 2 Laps: (20 laps/40+min), Reverse Grid

'16 Porsche 911 GT3 RS
Tuning Permitted

Target lap time spread: mid 2:04's to 2:06's

Linked for Reference
SNAIL- Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge Qualifying Procedure

-Above are all the Event #9 details for anyone who would like to get an early jump on some practice/lapping sessions.
-Confirmation to Attend Post/Reminder will be posted to the thread on Monday, March 9th. Please look in on this thread and reply here or via psn.
(Any Drivers who wish to confirm attendance early may do so at any time).
Reminder: Reserve driver priority is based on date and time availability was confirmed.

See some of you for the other scheduled Friday night Cup events, and the rest if you on Race night.
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Early heads up @llNovall, I will not be here for the race on the 20th.

I will be at 100 Acre Wood Rally in Missouri. If I am lucky I might be able to get some good pictures while working start of a few of the stages.
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Early heads up @llNovall, I will not be here for the race on the 20th.

I will be at 100 Acre Wood Rally in Missouri. If I am lucky I might be able to get some good pictures while working start of a few of the stages.
Sounds awesome, and looking forward to seeing the footage. Thanks for the early heads up.:cheers:
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As 1st available Reserve for this event, you are now guaranteed a spot on the grid at Suzuka. Details will be sent in the March Reserve driver Newsfeed.
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Practice room up for a bit.

0475 4145 2260 7609 7604


Thanks for hanging out for a bit @TEX36 👍

Managed a 2:03.4xx after switching to Priano's tune and BB of +5. Going to be a fun night of racing at Suzuka!
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I have reviewed the Series Details and would like to compete in the Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge-presented by Snail. I would prefer to be assigned to a race team and issued a car livery and number by the Series Director.
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I have reviewed the Series Details and would like to compete in the Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge-presented by Snail. I would prefer to be assigned to a race team and issued a car livery and number by the Series Director.
It is yours. I'm at work right now, but I'll send all the info and details later tonight or tomorrow. Glad have you for this series as well.
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FREEREVN has retired from the series. Since no Reserve drivers have shown interest in a primary spot and DesertPenguin is ineligible to accept a primary spot until another event is raced, the open primary grid spot has been accepted by our series newest entry:
@Kevin Barrett /GreenStickyBuds

He will be racing for TOPPRACING in the No. 42 car. Welcome to the series.:cheers:
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Season Event #9
at Suzuka Circuit
Friday, March 20th, 2020

at 9:00pm est
Confirmation Reminder Post
To all Drivers tagged in this post, please confirm your status by posting here in the thread or via PSN message that you "will" or "will not" be racing by 5pm Friday (race night) to secure your grid spot and/or to adhere to the absentee policy.
Below are links for easy reference for policies, procedures, and series information for anyone who needs them.

Confirmation and Absentee Policy

Reserve Driver Process and Information

Qualifying Procedure

1st/Main Porsche Cup Challenge Post-All.necessary info is here

A reminder to the Reserve Drivers: open/available grid spot priority on race night is given to the Reserve drivers who confirm their attendance first. Whether you confirmed early, or after the Confirmation Reminder Post is posted, your confirmation of availability date and time will be referenced for priority on race night.

Anyone with a 👍 has been confirmed and noted to be present on Friday March 20th. Everyone else, please confirm, here in the thread or via PSN message, that you "will" or "will not" make it no later than 5pm est Friday March 20th. *Please reply either way*

Looking forward to our next race at:

Suzuka Circuit (Event Details
<<(Link has all Race Night Information to set up for practice.) See you all on track.:cheers:

👍= will be present
(X)= notified of absence
(?)= Questionable

Primary Drivers List
👍 @llNovall
👍 @Rob Brown
👍 @TEX36
👍 @GTP_Guido
👍 @USERID_77a23
👍 @nmcp1
👍 @Fudman420
👍 @CPT_RowdyGiff
👍 @Phlano099
👍 @gulfvet67
(X) @Moby45
(X) @TomMang_68
👍 @Roman_GT23
👍 @GCimprezaFTW
👍 @Kevin Barrett
👍 @DesertPenguin

👍 @Bologna_Duc (1st Reserve)
👍 @Noob01_lmdead 2nd Reserve

(X) @basswerks1 Retired from series

For our remaining race events of the series, we will be using a set lap count in place of the timed races. 2 recent events seemed to have cut drivers a lap short of the race leaders rather than letting drivers on the lead lap race to the finish line. Lap count will be set to go past 40 minutes per race. 1st post and lobby settings have been amended to reflect the change.
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