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    I think making that interchangable wouldnt be a good idea if you want to upgrade that much stick to pc consoles are created so you can play the latest games without upgrading
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    Not about me wanting to upgrade badly. Its about hardware unable to keep up with latest game. PS3 was released on year 2006, GT5 was released on late 2010. By the time GT5 was released, PS3 hardware is considered old.
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    While I do understand the benefit of this it really is just taking a console and turning it into a PC. Which is fine as long as every upgradable part is compatible every other upgradeable part as well as the OS. But really that's just PC gaming presented by Sony, it isn't a console anymore.
    There are two roads you can go with something like that though (PC gaming is one), the other is upgradable bits made by the console manufacturer. A la Sega 32x, Sega CD, among others. These things tend to not be cheap and based on that few people buy them. Because few people by them, few game devs support them.
    So yeah, while it would be cool to be able to pop more ram into the ps3 and a new graphics card and things like that, at some point pretty quickly it stops being a console. The other problem with this is the warranty, I know Sony is ok with throwing a new harddrive in, but I'm not so sure they would want everyone to be able to open it up and replace the processor or things like that.(Not to say I'd really mind if tehy did this since if they did a 10 year life cycle would be fine since essentially the only things obsolete by the end of the life cycle would be the board and chipset, maybe the processor due to the above warranty issue.)
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    GT6 should have 30 cars and not 16.
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    I dont know why you guys hates the shadows,my tv displays the best shadows in any racing game on gt5 i just turned the buggin noise reduction on and its damn awesome,im not lying,the smoke is perfect no pixelation,you know why im running in 720p
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    I would prefer to have all standard cars upgraded to premium. I hope that is what you meant versus get rid of standard cars.
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    Yea? Do you really want PD spending days/weeks on the '03 Honda Element? I would imagine they'd take the time to construct a car which had more importance to the auto world. Let's see the Diablo! :) Anyway, there are plenty of standards that deserve to be eliminated from the GT catalog, and I am sure they will :)

    However, there are MANY standards that do deserve premium attention. We all know who those are.
  8. Ravicale


    Wtf? GT5 has over 1000, if you remove duplicates its about 670 but thats still a lot. if you are talking about race mods that would be remedies if they instead implemented a livery editor and more bodykits.
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    I bet the ones you think deserve it are not the ones PD have in mind. And yes, I am fine with a honda element being premium. Also, as a fellow member of "We all" you would agree that the '99 Honda Insight deserves premium status eh? If not, just where do you get off having your own opinion?
  10. TrackpadUser


    He means the amount of cars on track at the same time.
  11. acidreach


    This is the solution.

    Play GT5 with your xmb set to 720p. This will force GT5 to natively render the game at 720p instead of the horizontaly upscaled 1280x1080 resolution which is twice the pixles of full 720p but not full 1920x1080p. Can you really tell a 'significant' difference?

    At the 1080p setting the game uses quincunx antialiasing which we all know is far from ideal as it is slightly blury. At the 720p setting the game uses 4xMSAA which we know is great but rersource hungry.

    I propose GT6 should render natively at 720p halving the pixel count and use a refined form of either FXAA or MLAA or combination of 2xMSAA and MLAA to reduce the hobible pixel crawl on all the long lines on screen. Use the processing power and bandwidth saved from rendering half the pixel count to lock the frame rate to 60fps, vertical sync lock so no screen tearing and up the transparency resolution to at least improve the horrid pixelated smoke and shadows (which are currently rendered at 16 times smaller than the full frame buffer!!!)

    The benefits gained would outweigh the lower res. GT5 is visually superior to its compettiors such as Forza 4 for more reasons than just higher resolution and this would not be a significant hit to its asthetics but rather an improvement.
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  12. avens


    16 or 22/24 cars in GT6 on PS4 is perfectly fine.

    If it is released for the PS3 I think fewer cars (8 or 12) and less resolution (720p, not scaling to get a fake 1080p) is the way to go.
    It simply should be breathtaking for a current gen console game no matter what marketing numbers say. A picture is worth a thousand words.

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  13. Zuku


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    And I give you Gran Turismo 4 released in 2005 only a year before PS3 and then there was FFXII and God of War 2 released in 2006 and 2007 respectively.

    All this far too late crap is an excuse just to have it on PS4 I'd rather have a complete game on PS3 then wait another 10 years for GT6 and Forza, NFS, and other racing series to have passed PD by.

    Which is what is happening now as arcade as other games may seem to people these racing series are passing PD by and in high fashion at least some have.

    EDIT: You know what I hate that feeling you get when you reply to someone's post only to realize you replied 10 months later lol.

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    This is why I keep saying that the only way they will resolve the issues with GT5 is to release GT6 on the PS4. GT5 was unfinished due to the restrictions of the PS3.
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    Better increasing the number of cars through hurting the graphics. My opinion....
  16. Foxiol


    Well is not a solution if you have in consideration that races are better when you have more cars on it racing at the same time.

    A good solution used in simulators as for example rFactor, is that you can choose for example to see only 8 cars in front of you and behind if you have a not so very good PC and you need to reduce the stress in your GPU.
    That is good for FPS for example and you can still have 64 IA´s together racing with you but you can´t even notice that you don´t have all the cars in front of you because you are worried from those cars in front of you and the ones behind you all the time...and while you are passing them the rest start to appear at the distance.

    In Nürburgring could be a good solution but of course if you are at the main straight looking at 8 cars while you have 45 in the same line into the horizon it takes away a little from the realism. BUT still you have those 45 cars on track with you...

    I don´t know what to expect about GT6 at the moment...i am busy trying to upgrade my PC and waiting for great PC simulators as Assetto Corsa, GTR3 (mostly) and waiting also for pCARS to include the physics (hopefully in the upcoming months) and rFactor 2 is moving forward update after update too.

    GT6 has other problems just to focus in the amount of cars or gain FPS by taking out even more things having in consideration what happened with GT5 of course. Better physics, better AI, better customization, better car list, better features and realistic engine sounds for the very first time...that´s what is driving me crazy about this game. If they can raise the number of cars at least for 20 i´m going to be very happy. But don´t take out more cars.
  17. Samus


    Nope. GT5 was unfinished due to bad man and time management from PD.
  18. Dude27


    graphics problems such as shadows will hopefully be resolved with the power of the PS4, what we need is ULTRA REALISTIC external sounds!
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    GT5 didn't run sixteen cars at once. On paper it did, but in reality it was twelve. There were few events in the game that actually had more than twelve.
  20. OHM_fusion


    If the solution to those problems was as simple as removing one or two cars from the track I'm sure PD would have thought of that. Not to mention that those problems are still present even with one car on track.
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    To make the graphics in GT6 acceptable Polyphony Digital needs to stop modelling sheep to the quality of premium cars.