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I can't get gold in cones licenses novice and junior. Is there any trick? Because I 'm going on full power, don't brake and I can't reach the time they ask.


Rather ride my FJR
Cones licenses.... cones licenses.....

Are you talking about the slaloms?

Those are tough, because you have to find a perfect rhythm, as close to the cones as you can get. Leave too much clearance and it takes too long. Another thing is turning in on time. If you change direction as you pass the cone, it's too late - you should already be leaning into that turn. Your direction change happens as you cross the center line.

In the early ones, you don't have to lean so far. Stay up as much as possible, and on the first 2 or 3 cones there is a brief period you can stay perfectly straight, aimed for the next turn-in. With the bike as upright as possible for as long as possible, it accelerates better.

Also, tuck. Lowers your CG, making the bike more agile, and at the top end, where you're up over 80 and 90 MPH, it reduces drag as well.
Try and minimise the movment of the bike from left to right, and also keep a good constant throttle. I found that to help.

And the racing tuck thing, that works too

For some reason, changing the riding form to Bike Lean for just these tests helped me. I usually ride with a slightly modified body lean style.