Cranwick memorial run Friday April 12th 2100 GMT

We lost a member way to early and while we can't do anything for him anymore we would like to run something in his honour.

So we want to run a Cranwick memorial in a car he loved and enjoyed very much, the Honda RA272, starting out on Brands Hatch GP and then continue to other venues.

Starting time is April 12th at 2100 GMT (not BST)

We ask that you make a donation to the British Heart Foundation if you can, we can't help Cranwick ( @Cherryturbo ) anymore but we can try and help others in the same situation.

The race will begin with a formation lap for Cranwick and then we ask you all to race hard and fair after this as that's how he would have wanted us to do.

Settings for the lobby is Sports soft, tyres X1 and fuel X1, light boost.

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I’m sorry I wasn’t there brother can we run another one or make this an annual thing!!
We run tonight. Making it annual is absolutely a possibility.
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🤣🤣🤣 I totally posted that past midnight my time, was not even paying attention! If it’s 5 pm east coast time I’ll be there if I can. Gotta check my schedule, I’m pretty sure I’m free tonight for this and DRWF!!

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