DIRT 5 Update 3.00 Adds New Free Content and Energy Pack DLC, Arrives February 22

seems to broke a few things in this update on Xbox One X for me, changing camera view makes the camera zoom out far from the car a few seconds and manual focus distance in photo mode seems to be broken for me.

But I notice that rally cars can now race on Stampede and Landrush events, don't remember that was allowed at launch and not sure when they change it.
Loving dirt 5 series X really having fun with it, amplified edition and I bought the two extra cars the Porsche and DD raptor. I have dirt rally 2.0 for the more hardcore experience and dirt 5 when I want some good ole fun plus the adventure parks are awesome to building etc. Also it has older dirt vibes too.
Version 3.01 downloading. Another 3.4GB on PS4 standard.

Must be said, I had no issues with v 3.00. In fact the frame rate was sorted right out.

Do not do photos so cannot comment if that is better or worse.

Still loving the game.